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Weaving Reality, Legend, And Fiction

JCR Paulino Author Interview

The Swords of Blood and Gold follows a deep-sea diver that is the prime suspect in a series of murders committed by a supernatural killer, and he must find a way to stop it. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I wanted to write a story weaving reality, legend, and fiction, and I was waiting for an interesting character with an unusual livelihood.

Then I met Jon Sherman (in my mind) shortly after learning about the Merchant Royal, a 17-century English merchant ship lost at sea in 1641. The ship sank carrying 100,000 pounds of gold, 400 bars of Mexican silver, and nearly 500,000 pieces of eight and other coins. Nothing known to men has ever sunk carrying more wealth. I was hooked instantly, and everything flowed naturally from there.

Since Jon was a deep-sea treasure hunter, he needed to find something lost at sea, and I needed to give him a live-or-death reason for it. I was fascinated by the story, and the first draft just poured out of me.

What kind of research did you do for this novel to ensure you captured the essence of the stories theme?

I dived headfirst into deep-sea treasure hunting, and that was a lot of fun. I figured this subject would be new to some readers, and the challenge was to present this world in detail without making it didactic.

I also studied Chinese history and legends to intertwine reality and fiction. I did have an advantage here since my awesome wife is Taiwanese, and we’ve been married for twenty years.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Good question. Some readers will notice that the book’s themes are centered around the villain, Jun Tao.

The story exposes love versus justice, the relationship between understanding and forgiving, and the yearning for redemption. Each reader will have a different experience with the book, and some will unearth more profound layers of meaning from its pages.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The Crystal Canvas. It follows Jon Sherman (the main character from The Swords of Blood and Gold) on a new adventure, racing against time, supernatural forces, and ancient relics. I’m hoping to release it in December 2022.

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Deep-sea treasure hunter is the splashy job description on his LinkedIn page. Pretentious or not, Jon Sherman and his Deep Blue Marine Exploration crew are the best in the business. But a nasty disagreement with his boss suddenly leaves Jon without a job.

When his ex-teammates salvage five chests from the bottom of the ocean, a supernatural killer wielding a mysterious weapon murders the entire crew, and Jon becomes the prime suspect. Overnight, detectives are after him while a masked murderer goes on a rampage, trying to kill Jon and everyone he cares about.

Jon teams up with the daughter of his late boss, and they tumble down a path that uncovers centuries-old secrets and the nature of the killer’s deadly weapon.

To fight back, Jon must employ his treasure-hunting skills to locate the only blade capable of challenging the mighty adversary. But will that be enough to survive a deadly journey riddled with supernatural forces, unexpected romance, and surprising self-discovery?

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A charismatic cast and peppered with edge-of-your-seat action scenes” — Lisa Howard
This book will leave you thinking about its contents for days” — Amber Lilyquist

The Swords of Blood and Gold

When Jon Sherman, who is part of the Deep Blue Marine Exploration Crew, has a disagreement with his boss he finds himself left without a job. Jon’s teammates find five chests at the bottom of the ocean that prompts a supernatural killer to murders the entire crew. Jon becomes the prime suspect and he must team up with his boss’s daughter to find and defeat this supernatural killer and prove his innocence.

Author JCR Paulino has created an exciting story with likable characters which make this a book that is hard to put down. The characters are well developed and I enjoyed the evolution of their characters. I was always interested in seeing how the characters would react to certain situations. Natalie’s character is a pleasant addition to the story because she is smart, sharp and a no-nonsense type of woman. She is a stand out character for me personally, but in this ensemble story it’s easy to find characters you’ll relate to.

This is a riveting adventure story, as well as a paranormal thriller, and you can really tell that the author has done his research when it comes to deep-sea diving and treasure hunting. The details are what really make this story feel real, even with the supernatural elements the gritty details keep this story grounded.

The author’s writing is sharp and effortlessly keeps this suspenseful novel moving forward. I had a hard time finding a place to put the book down, especially when Jon and Natalie embark on their deep-sea adventure. As the story progresses we get to see Jon and Natalie’s relationship blossom into something that is heartwarming and sweet.

A story like this has an inherent sense of adventure, but the author is able to draw you into a world that feels like that sense of adventure is just a foundation for a more compelling character driven story; which makes me think ‘what if Michal Crichton had written an India Jones book’?

While this is a fast-paced thriller I enjoyed the emotional moments in the story because I felt like that is what gave this story heart, where otherwise it would have just been an action adventure novel. Couple this with vivid scenes that immerse readers in the story and you have a book that will keep you consistently entertained and guessing; I was constantly wondering if Jon was going to be able to win, or at least what the cost would be?

The Swords of Blood and Gold is an enthralling novel with an entertaining mix of action and romance. If you’re a fan of paranormal thrillers with a deep sense of adventure than you will certainly want to embark on this deep-sea expedition.

Pages: 308 | ASIN : B09YN3SJ9V

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