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Opposite Of A Stereotypical Hero

Simon Carr Author Interview

Khaos Has Come follows an eclectic group of people who have taken on the responsibility to stop Khaos from taking over the Earth and causing destruction. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

The inspiration for the main story centres around Rick Tonail who is a character I created a long time ago when I was just a boy. Rick is a stereotypical hero, perfect looks, perfect body, perfect hair, the full experience. I wanted to give Rick a sort of Avengers assemble or Justice league type set-up, but I wanted to make all the other heroes the complete opposite of a stereotypical hero in the way that they look and behave also their age, the Blockers are all middle-aged apart from Green who is a moody goth. All imperfect with lots of flaws, I wanted people to relate to them more than just wanting to be like them also if they did want to be like them, well, its not that hard.

What was your favorite character to write for and why? Was there a scene you felt captured the character’s essence?

Difficult to answer that, my favourite to write for in this book was Villager number three because he had such a pivotal roll. I feel a strong affection for Villager number three and I think everyone who has read Noobs also has that affection so that’s why he is in most of the more serious plot lines that tied the story together, and why he had a slightly tougher time of things. The part I loved writing the most was when Khaos caught up to Villager number three who refused to run away from him so that he could finish building a world for everyone to escape into. There was a reference to Noobs in what Villager number three said at that meeting and what friends mean to somebody with autism that was very out of character with the rest of the book and serious, but it summed up Villager number three brilliantly, for me anyway.

When you first sat down to write this story, did you know where you were going, or did the twists come as you were writing?

I knew how I wanted it to end, but other than that I found out what was happening at the same time as the reader does. There was honestly a few times when I reeled back from my computer muttering, “well, I never saw that coming!”

Will there be book 21 in the Apocalypse Blockers series? If so can you tell readers what to expect and when will it be available?

Possibly, I was not going to write any more as the Blockers storyline is done. I’ve written another book since, and I’m working on something else right now, but I have been playing around with the idea of doing something in the future centering around Max Pain and the crew of the Olive. If that comes to pass it wont be for a while yet, possibly 2024

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There was always one point, one moment in all of reality where everything that was will fight for everything that might be.
It’s this point; well, several points but all happening at the same time, well not the same time.
It’s super complicated, some question whether it really happened at all, or will happen, don’t listen to those people they just don’t understand super complicated stuff.

Khaos Has Come

Fast-paced events, swift yet meandering dialogue, and hilarious wit combine with a convoluted yet wonderfully wacky plot in Simon Carr’s Khaos Has Come. The next book in the Apocalypse Blockers series, this science-fiction book can be read independently without feeling too lost—the nature of the plot and the dialogue ensures that.

The entertaining book is reminiscent of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Terry Pratchett’s universe-building. Rick Toenail, leader of a small group of people known as the Apocalypse Blockers, and his team are desperate to stop Khaos from taking over Earth in all its versions and simulations. To do this, they must stop Khaos from crossing over from the realm of information into the material realm. The team comprises various characters (two priests, a Goth girl, a vampire, a blob, and a seventeenth-century English scientist, to name a few). It picks up several others along the way, not restricted to humans (Evil Mouse, the kangaroo being one such). The directness of the writing, along with the sometimes deliberate repetitions and humorous stating-of-the-obvious, certainly puts the reader in mind of Adams’ writing, and the side-splitting laughter on account of the Pratchett-esque wit of subtlety and ribaldry makes this book utterly gripping.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Khaos Has Come. The characters were well-drawn, the dialogue was rambling and delightful, and it juxtaposed nicely with the fast-moving plot. I also especially liked how the author breaks the fourth wall and makes known his feigned exasperation with readers who pick up the nineteenth book in a series and expect to understand all references. I’d most definitely go back to read the previous nineteen books!

Khaos Has Come is a rousing dark humor science fiction novel that will have readers laughing and also asking, “what just happened here” as the characters take them on a journey they will not forget. This addition to the Apocalypse Blocker series is sure to keep readers of the series coming back for more.

Pages: 403 | ASIN : B0BJC6H589

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I Used Kaos

Simon carr
Simon Carr Author Interview

Apocalypse Blockers follows an odd group of unlikely heroes that take on a mission to prevent the apocalypse. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Apocalypse Blockers is a culmination of several different books of mine, each character has their own book in which they already stopped an apocalypse, all very different books and different genre’s, they all have very long back story’s that are not linked, I used Kaos as a way to link them and bring them all together in one place, I don’t think you need to read the other books first but the idea being they will be better after you have read Apocalypse Blockers or Apocalypse Blockers will be better after you have read them.

I enjoyed the creativity imbued in your characters. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wanted to move the characters on a bit, I did not just want to throw them all together without any of them changing or growing, this would be the last time I work with any of them so I wanted to leave them all in a good place, the Running theams with Rick Tonail in every book he has been in was that he needed to stop doing everything alone and get some freinds, Bob and Karen found eachother and a new dynamic was born for them two, the good father’s and Green had their own issues that they worked through and Larry and Max finnaly got to stop being in a post- apocalyptic zombie apocalypse.

This seemed like a fun book to write. What was the funnest scene for you to write?

For me the scene were Bob and Rick first meet fathers O’Malley and O’Riley who were coaching at the over 80s wrestling championships was the funniest thing to write.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am working on my first young adults book at the moment called, Noobs, it’s a story about two friends caught in the afterlife when a meteor takes out the kabab shop they were in, the Grim reaper makes a deal with them that they can go back if they retrieve ten keys from inside different video games, it should be finished by June.

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The fate of every living thing in the multiverse that’s has ever existed or is going to exist rests in the hands of a band of, well, weirdos if I am honest but they are our only hope.Our reality and every possible reality are under attack from an evil force called Khaos that has sent apocalypse after apocalypse at every reality around the planet earth.Not every version of earth fell, a mighty few stopped the apocalypse sent by Khaos, these few are all that stand in the way of Khaos, these warriors, these heroes, these apocalypse Blockers!

Apocalypse Blockers

Apocalypse Blockers by [Simon carr]

Apocalypse Blockers by Simon Carr is a fun, short story about the end of the world. It is not as serious as it may first sound. In the book we follow a number of different characters that could be described as weird and strange. Each of the characters comes from a different dimension, they are right away forced to unite and join forces to avoid and block the end of everything that ever existed, to be known as the apocalypse of the multiverse.

The book serves as a parody of superhero stories and fantasy adventures. The characters presented are funny and are constantly making the most nonsensical claims possible, all of it adding up to an entertaining, comic-relief type of story. There are gods, priests, vampires, wizards, werewolves and even zombies. Different realities in the multiverse are visited by our group of main characters, in an attempt to block and stop an impending apocalypse in each of them, thus eventually receiving the name of “apocalypse blockers”.

The best part of this book is its creativity and blatant hilariousness that will leave readers laughing. There are many jokes and silly phrases throughout this unconventional story that truly makes it stand out. There are no rules followed nor limits to the way in which the world presented operates, a technique that allows the author to enjoy complete liberty through which he displays ridiculous, yet funny situations. However enjoyable the novel is, I found myself lost in some sections as I found it hard to follows some scene to scene transitions as there was some rather large leaps without reorienting the reader.

Apocalypse Blockers is a book that was written with the idea of fun in mind, its main purpose being to entertain its readers. Each character is unique and humorous in their own way. The humor presented throughout the entirety of the story made for a lighthearted read that included a number of witty remarks. I appreciate how uniquely different this story is from anything that I have read, it is an interesting approach that I would like to see more of in the future.

Apocalypse Blockers is an exciting science fiction adventure story that tells a hilariously wry superhero story that is consistently entertaining and witty.

Pages: 238 | ASIN: B08W81Z68G

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