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He Charged Alone

He Charged Alone by John R. Strasburg is an expository, comprehensive, and captivating biography. It documents the pains, joy, struggles, and triumphs of World War I Medal of Honor Recipient, Private First Class Frank Gaffney, who wrote his name on the sand of time after his heroic performance during World War I. Whether you are a student or teacher of history, an entrepreneur, or whatever field you may belong to, you will find He Charged Alone an exceptionally helpful and insightful read. This fascinating book becomes extraordinarily helpful for everyone as it documents a significant period in the history of the world.

Though the book is written about seven decades after the demise of its hero, who is flaunted as the “second bravest man of the war,” Strasburg utilizes copious materials and resources to write an objective account of the life of Frank Gaffney. This is not the product of hasty research, and the reader can expect to get a detailed narration of Frank Gaffney’s life and struggles.

He Charged Alone is not a military biography that weighs down the reader in its military content alone. Instead, it is a page-turner that makes use of detailed narration to keep the reader hooked until they suddenly arrive on the last page. In addition, carefully chosen pictures enhance his life story, making it more engaging.

This book does not only recount the experiences of Private First Class Frank Gaffney during World War I, but it also gives insights into what occurred during the war and what it means for anyone to be involved in such a war. He Charged Alone by John R. Strasburg is an eye-opening biography that will show you how you can also employ grit to win whatever you set your mind to in life.

Pages: 249 | ISBN : 1387855921

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Delaware Before the Railroads

Dave Tabler writes about beautiful Delaware, getting the reader to picture the place, its people, and the changes that have been gradually happening over the years. Where did Delaware get its name? The author writes that everything began with a storm at Cape Henlopen and a Virginia navigator who had lost his way. The author superbly describes the State, making one wish they could visit. The natural resources, landmarks, vegetation, and striking landscape are some of the most stunning features in Delaware. Not forgetting about the beautiful people of Delaware, their welcoming nature, and how cordial they are.

The pictures taken by the author are simply out of this world. The author has a great eye. The images alone make this book worth reading. Every picture of a building, vegetation, people, historical site, and everything Delaware offers is skillfully taken. Every photograph of the reconstruction and historical locations is accompanied by polished notes that give more meaning to the pictures. History enthusiasts will love the arrangement of the book as the author starts with the early days of the Swedish settlers, to the U.S. independence before moving to modern times. The chronological arrangement makes reading easy and better when following the tales and images.

The richness of Delaware is covered in every page of Delaware Before the Railroads: A Diamond among the States. The anecdotes and notes are some of the best elements in Dave Tabler’s writing. How the author humanizes, every tale is remarkable. Dave Tabler’s writing gives the reader a feeling of nostalgia about Delaware, even if they are not from the State. As a reader, you will feel inspired by the moving words and fall in love with the state’s history. Delaware will have a special place in the hearts of all readers thanks to Dave Tabler’s book.

The general feeling after reading this book is contentment. Delaware Before the Railroads: A Diamond among the States is a great coffee table book filled with rich history and refined content. You can never get enough of the spectacular pictures. The captions and full context given by the author are commendable. I recommend this educational book to readers who love history, photography, and the art of preserving memories.

Pages: 100 | ASIN : B0BHKQTX11

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A Light In The Wilderness

A Light in the Wilderness by James Snyder is a well-researched book on Florida’s appealing history. The author provides the reader with interesting information about the construction of the Jupiter lighthouse in South Florida in 1860. It became a center point for hunters, surveyors, Civil War blockade runners, Union gunboats, and pioneer farmers.

For generations, Florida was completely occupied by wilderness and wildlife until the Jupiter lighthouse attracted families to Florida, and now the coast is home to millions of families. Snyder also provides the history of Florida, from slavery to the building of the railroad, to the Civil War and many more historical moments. Vintage maps, letters, and rare photos are also used to describe the ancient story of how Florida survived the civil war.

Snyder has written a book that is not a big topic, and hard to find a book on the history of Florida being built from the ground up. However, the author has done his research, which shows in his book detailed accounts, maps, and images of historical figures that inhabited Florida. I enjoyed that the author started from the beginning when Southeast Florida was just wilderness and no one occupied the land, allowing the reader to get a complete picture of what Florida was many years ago.

If you are not one that is keen on history, this may be one book that is a little difficult to get through because it is factual, and it is similar to watching a documentary on the History Channel. For example, it was interesting to read that Florida was an integral part of the Navy, capturing over 100 Confederate ships. Interesting facts like this make this book a worthy and appealing read. The Jupiter Lighthouse brought diverse people together and served the local community.

A Light in the Wilderness is an engaging read that will have readers appreciating the history of Florida and how it became a prosperous state today. I highly recommend this book to history buffs and those who want something new to learn.

Pages: 309 | ASIN : B00CSV5QJE

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Sea Pay 

Sea Pay by Bob Dorgan is a rollicking tale of an enlisted sailor making the most of his time in the United States Navy during the late 70s and early 80s. The straightforward, autobiographical story follows Dorgan through his early years at Valley Forge Military Academy and then onto his Navy career stationed aboard the aircraft carrier the USS Midway. While bending some rules (and breaking others), Dorgan goes into great detail about his day-to-day duties and the wild adventures he and his fellow sailors went on during their precious time off-duty.

Sea Pay is an interesting read. Dorgan’s attention to detail is quite remarkable. As an electrician working in the E Division of the ship’s engineering department, the author’s duties amounted to more than mere grunt work. His descriptions of the internal workings of the Midway really paint quite a picture. I could imagine working in the bowels of a steam-powered aircraft carrier and just how exciting (or miserable) that could be.

As he familiarizes himself with his duties and the rest of his crew, Dorgan does get up to some unsavory practices to increase his “sea pay.” I’m not sure how many boy scouts would approve of his other enterprises. While Sea Pay is a nice slice of enlisted life, it does run aground on the technical side of things.

Bob Dorgan’s writing style is extremely literal. Almost every detail is specifically told, but little is shown. There’s a kind of emotional detachment. For example, after an entire chapter describing “wild” liberty in Thailand, he rather nonchalantly ends the chapter with, “We were sorry to hear that several of our shipmates did not make it back to the ship alive, victims of the big H—heroin. They were gone but not forgotten.” It’s a jarring end, and there is little to no reflection by the author.

Sea Pay is a fascinating depiction of Navy life from that particular time told from the viewpoint of someone that was living it. This true story account will give readers an inside look at life on an aircraft carrier.

Pages: 356 | ASIN : B0B23CJ8S7

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On a Fallen Wave

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The book On a Fallen Wave by Benjamin Anderson is a collection of short poems distributed in sections dedicated to different regions of the United States of America, which include a series of poems named after their main cities and towns. In four to five brief verses, Anderson captures what he feels are key elements that describe each place. With an emphasis on landscapes for many of the poems, readers are treated to views of the mountains in Colorado to the California seaside and the forces of nature that preponderate in each region, and the sentiments that are evoked by them.

Benjamin Anderson’s poetry style is similar to the acclaimed author Rupi Kaur, known for her short poems on being a woman in present-day society. While Anderson’s object of interest is mainly nature – and, to a lesser extent, human relations – in this piece of literature, the similarity in syntax is noteworthy.

The Colorado and California parts in On a Fallen Leave are also worthy of mention. The Colorado section truly captures the beauty of the state’s national parks and mountain ranges that attract tourists worldwide. The part dedicated to California is rightfully the longest one, encompassing all the different geographical features, nature, and cityscapes alike: marvelous ocean views at the coast, arid desert areas, and poems on public-favorite national parks such as the Big Sur and Yosemite. Perhaps the only notable downside to this anthology is that not all American states and regions are covered, which might leave the reader wondering how the author would approach the natural beauties of their own state.

On a Fallen Leave is a beautifully written and well-thought-out collection of poetry that will take the reader on a tour of the United States to visit some of the most notable locations and some hidden gems that may not be publicized. Using poetry to take readers on this adventure is whimsical and captivating.

Pages: 86 | ISBN : 1736901931

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We the Presidents

In We the Presidents author Ronald Gruner has comprehensively written about more than a dozen American presidents, covering every significant aspect of their presidency and the impact they had in the United States and the world at large. The author did not just talk about the former presidents’ policies and politics, but he also touches on their personal lives, ideologies, and the roles they played. I love that the author wrote about both popular presidents and those whose history is not widely known.

Author Ronald Gruner is a great teacher of history, as he takes the reader through significant events chronologically, explaining how one event affected the next. Reading this book will make you appreciate democracy and get you interested in America as a nation and its significance to world superpowers. This fascinating book is easy to follow as the author uses simple language. You will come across complex jargon, but Ronald Gruner defines and further breaks down new vocabulary and words that are not familiar to the average reader. From presidents Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nixon, Reagan, Obama, and Donald Trump, Ronald Gruner has everything you need to know about these once powerful men and how they shaped the nation and global politics while they were in power.

Reading about the seventeen presidents was a fascinating experience, as the author also included fun facts and bits of their personalities that are not known by many. Ronald Gruner is objective. The author is rational and non-biased. His reasoning is clear, and one can only help but admire how Ronald Gruner views issues. After reading this book, you realize how hectic it can be to be the Commander In Chief of a nation. I appreciate the author, for he, without bias, highlighted both the wins and failures of the presidents. The discussions on the status quo and current global affairs were eye-opening. The author writes about different crises in the world, the war on terror, democracy, the military, NATO, and much more. I especially enjoyed the arrangement of chapters where each chapter covers an individual president because I thought this helped the reading.

We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century is an overview biography of the last seventeen presidents of the United States of America, and their accomplishments and failures. Without focusing on political parties the author gives readers a non-biased but intriguing overview of American history.

Pages: 628 | ASIN : B09NLG54RV

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