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On a Fallen Wave

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The book On a Fallen Wave by Benjamin Anderson is a collection of short poems distributed in sections dedicated to different regions of the United States of America, which include a series of poems named after their main cities and towns. In four to five brief verses, Anderson captures what he feels are key elements that describe each place. With an emphasis on landscapes for many of the poems, readers are treated to views of the mountains in Colorado to the California seaside and the forces of nature that preponderate in each region, and the sentiments that are evoked by them.

Benjamin Anderson’s poetry style is similar to the acclaimed author Rupi Kaur, known for her short poems on being a woman in present-day society. While Anderson’s object of interest is mainly nature – and, to a lesser extent, human relations – in this piece of literature, the similarity in syntax is noteworthy.

The Colorado and California parts in On a Fallen Leave are also worthy of mention. The Colorado section truly captures the beauty of the state’s national parks and mountain ranges that attract tourists worldwide. The part dedicated to California is rightfully the longest one, encompassing all the different geographical features, nature, and cityscapes alike: marvelous ocean views at the coast, arid desert areas, and poems on public-favorite national parks such as the Big Sur and Yosemite. Perhaps the only notable downside to this anthology is that not all American states and regions are covered, which might leave the reader wondering how the author would approach the natural beauties of their own state.

On a Fallen Leave is a beautifully written and well-thought-out collection of poetry that will take the reader on a tour of the United States to visit some of the most notable locations and some hidden gems that may not be publicized. Using poetry to take readers on this adventure is whimsical and captivating.

Pages: 86 | ISBN : 1736901931

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We the Presidents

In We the Presidents author Ronald Gruner has comprehensively written about more than a dozen American presidents, covering every significant aspect of their presidency and the impact they had in the United States and the world at large. The author did not just talk about the former presidents’ policies and politics, but he also touches on their personal lives, ideologies, and the roles they played. I love that the author wrote about both popular presidents and those whose history is not widely known.

Author Ronald Gruner is a great teacher of history, as he takes the reader through significant events chronologically, explaining how one event affected the next. Reading this book will make you appreciate democracy and get you interested in America as a nation and its significance to world superpowers. This fascinating book is easy to follow as the author uses simple language. You will come across complex jargon, but Ronald Gruner defines and further breaks down new vocabulary and words that are not familiar to the average reader. From presidents Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nixon, Reagan, Obama, and Donald Trump, Ronald Gruner has everything you need to know about these once powerful men and how they shaped the nation and global politics while they were in power.

Reading about the seventeen presidents was a fascinating experience, as the author also included fun facts and bits of their personalities that are not known by many. Ronald Gruner is objective. The author is rational and non-biased. His reasoning is clear, and one can only help but admire how Ronald Gruner views issues. After reading this book, you realize how hectic it can be to be the Commander In Chief of a nation. I appreciate the author, for he, without bias, highlighted both the wins and failures of the presidents. The discussions on the status quo and current global affairs were eye-opening. The author writes about different crises in the world, the war on terror, democracy, the military, NATO, and much more. I especially enjoyed the arrangement of chapters where each chapter covers an individual president because I thought this helped the reading.

We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century is an overview biography of the last seventeen presidents of the United States of America, and their accomplishments and failures. Without focusing on political parties the author gives readers a non-biased but intriguing overview of American history.

Pages: 628 | ASIN : B09NLG54RV

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