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Slay the Dragon

Slay The Dragon by William McGinnis is a compelling thriller novel with complex storylines with action and adventure. Readers will be invested in the story from the opening pages. This action-filled novel portrays the pure brutality and intensity of life in the espionage world. With political agendas, civil turmoil, and an all-knowing agency watching everyone all the time, the future of the U.S. as we know it is at risk. Adam Weldon and his friend BC attempt to unravel what is happening and stumble upon more than they bargained for. While searching for a murderer, they risk becoming the next victims.

McGinnis’s writing is well-paced and has a nice rhythm to it. The story is quick but consistently keeps the reader engaged with a steady buildup of intrigue and action that all comes to a head in the riveting climax of the story. The characters really come alive due to detailed characterization and well defined personalities that make them interesting if not authentic. For readers that get confused by all the characters, the book includes a contents section for all of the characters and who they are. This makes it easier for readers to keep track of all the characters in this page-turning novel.

The author is able to create unique characters using free-flowing dialogue in a story that is constantly moving. Because this story has a quick pace it is important that we always know who is speaking and the author is able to keep readers fully aware of who is saying what in conversations that are both believable and succinct.

Slay The Dragon is a riveting thriller novel that will appeal to readers looking for a suspenseful spy story. This unpredictable mystery novel will engulf the reader in its complex exploration of geopolitical predicaments while providing them with a unique storyline that will keep them engaged from the first to the last page.

Pages: 268 | ASIN : B09PMPH7FN

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An Adam Weldon Thriller

William McGinnis
William McGinnis Author Interview

Cyclops Conspiracy follows an Ex-Navy SEAL, an FBI sharpshooter, and an Interpol drone expert that join forces to stop a terrorist plot. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

In the course of skippering a sailboat through the Greek islands, it struck me: What a great setting for a what I love to read and write—a thriller novel!

The set up of three people on a sailboat fighting terrorists lends itself to an extra layer of conflict. Not only must the trio battle terrorists, they also struggle—in various ways—against one another. The more tension—provided it is skillfully wrought—the more riveted readers are to the edge of their seats.

It also struck me that such a story could provide not only a thoroughly fun read, but also intriguing explorations of Greek geography and culture, sailing and sailboats, Islamist extremism, and the drama of modern male-female relations—which often aren’t easy!

Adam Weldon was a very entertaining character. What were some driving ideals behind his character’s development?

In Adam Weldon, I strive to create a little bit of an everyman figure all of us can care about and root for. Humble, competent, resourceful, curious but skeptical, and definitely on the side of good, Adam has been described as “endearingly gruff.” An ex-Navy SEAL, he gets hurt and slammed, but keeps getting back up. A little bit bigger than life, but not too much bigger, he’s strong, quick, tough, and deadly when necessary, but not invulnerable.

His willingness to doggedly pursue objectives and help friends in need inevitably gets him into tight scrapes—and puts him at the edge of death. But so far he has squeaked through—sometimes by the thinest of margins.

In each novel, it’s not so much that he searches out evil conspiracies, but more that they find him. And being who he is, he—and lately his shaman sharpshooter girlfriend Tripnee—throw themselves into the challenge with everything they’ve got.

Different aspects of Adam—and Tripnee—reveal themselves from book to book, and both are indeed evolving. One of the most winning things about them is their willingness to do whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to overcome evil and make the world right.

By virtue of his very nature, Adam’s world is full of possibilities, and even when beaten down, he soon finds a way to become upbeat. He’s someone I like and care about. He’s a good guy I’m happy to hang out with through many an adventure.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The overarching theme is the importance of defending Western civilization—hence the dedication: “To Western Civilization.” This theme is implicit in the novel’s primary struggle: preventing anti-Western, Islamist terrorists from destroying Europe and America. In the course of the story, in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways, both the pros and cons of Western civilization are contrasted with the culture and behavior of the terrorists. Despite its imperfections, Western civilization comes out way ahead.

A theme sometimes overlooked is that of celebrating strong women. Two of the three main characters, after all, are women— Tripnee and Sophia. Although these two clash in ways both superficial and profound, by the end both are revealed to be extraordinarily strong and determined people. Also, Roxanna the terrorist is an exceptionally strong character.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Slay the Dragon, the fourth novel in the Adam Weldon series, is nearly complete and will be released by October. (By the way, each book in the series stands alone and the books can be read in any order.) Here is a back-cover blurb for Slay the Dragon:

“China’s relentless strategy of all-out unrestricted warfare—with the willing participation of bought-and-paid-for US elites—is bringing America to its knees. Can an ex-Navy SEAL, a tech-genius Chinese dissident, an Oakland cop, and a Silicon Valley billionaire save American democracy and put China on a better path? To find out, plunge headlong into this rousing, upbeat, rip-roaring Adam Weldon thriller.”

“Want to understand what is going on right now between China and America? A murder investigation exposes systemic deception, crime, election rigging, information dominance, mass manipulation, corruption and outright theft at the highest levels of China and the United States. This gripping, thoroughly researched novel reveals—as sometimes only fiction can—the raw, excruciating truth behind today’s headlines.”

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Nuclear bombs are being smuggled in suitcases by Islamist terrorists on under-the-radar sailboats through the Greek Islands on their way to multiple key targets in Europe and America.
Can ex-Navy SEAL Adam Weldon and his girlfriend, an FBI sharpshooter, join forces with a mesmerizing Interpol drone expert to stop the planned destruction?
Set in the Greek Islands and Washington DC, this taut thriller delivers twists and surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last page.
Adam Weldon is a slam dunk for lovers of Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Ian Fleming’s James Bond, and Mark Greaney’s the Grey Man.
Be sure to get Gold Bay: An Adam Weldon Thriller if it’s not already on your shelf and follow author William McGinnis on Amazon to be notified of the next installment.

Cyclops Conspiracy: An Adam Weldon Thriller

Cyclops Conspiracy: An Adam Weldon Thriller by [William McGinnis]

Writer William McGinnis says that Adam Weldon is his favorite character, and indeed he does feature in a number of McGinnis’s action tales. Weldon is a MacGyver type – an ex-Navy SEAL who can turn any tricky situation to his advantage. Unlike MacGyver, however, he does so with a gun in one hand and in the other, an encyclopedic knowledge of how to kill someone bare-handed, Jack Reacher style.

In Cyclops Conspiracy, Weldon teams up with his girlfriend, Tripnee, an FBI sharpshooter, and an alluring drone expert called Sophia. Together, they set sail to prevent World War III.

The action takes them around the Greek Islands and, eventually, all the way to the White House as they attempt to foil the plans of Islamic extremists set on jihad. McGinnis clearly knows his way around a yacht, and most of the action takes place in and around boats, either theirs or those of the terrorists. The limited space on the boats makes for claustrophobic and interesting fight scenes, and clever escapes which the author takes full advantage of.

There is little description of the islands or the coastlines as seen from the water. The plot could be set just about anywhere there is a sea. McGinnis draws on the Cyclops / Greek mythology connection as well.

Throughout the book, the people are beautiful and the bad guys are very bad; the men are tough and resourceful, the women are mesmerizing. Tripnee and Sophia can little more than tolerate each other, a friction caused by jealousy over the attention of Weldon. This is a cliché that offsets the two strong female protagonists. Where there are scenes featuring Sophia attractively tinkering with her guns, I would have enjoyed seeing them be more integrated and vital to the plot.

While the characters were engaging and perfect vehicles to deliver entertaining action scenes, I look forward to seeing them developed further in future novels as they’re interesting characters, but I feel we’re only scratching the surface.

For fans of action-adventure novels there is plenty of violence and threat and lots of shooting with heads disappearing into red mists and a clever twist at the end. Cyclops Conspiracy is a thrilling action novel that will appeal to fans looking for a straightforward story with relentless action.

Pages: 179 | ASIN: B08YXDYB7N

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