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Missing: A Finn Delaney New York City Mystery

Missing: A Finn Delaney New York City Mystery Book 1 by [Bryan, Robert L.]

Mystery readers who love New York: this book is for you. Missing: A Finn Delaney New York City Mystery introduces 25-year-old Finn, a fifth-generation police officer from a family that reveres the NYPD. When an unlucky accident ends his NYPD career, Finn becomes the next best thing: a Private Eye. Finn’s new career is off to a rocky start, complete with threadbare office and octogenarian assistant. Luckily, Finn quickly moves beyond the so-called “cavalcade of crazies” and stumbles into his first serious case. Follow Finn as he searches for a missing person who NYPD claims is not missing at all.

In Missing, Robert L. Bryan explores duty, loyalty, and friendship. He also plumbs the depths of vice that simmer in the city: corruption, greed, and crime. Bryan hits his storytelling stride as the details of the case unfurl. The plot moves quickly with confounding clues, hints of danger, and a parade of compelling characters.

Bryan has a knack for provocative characters. Finn’s apparent lack of self-determination can be frustrating—he seemingly rode a conveyer belt from booties to NYPD blues—but he develops into a likable main character. Early client stories, like the time Finn tailed a cat, are charming but lose something in bullet point format. The reader groans when Finn’s most pressing professional dilemma involves a desk chair and cheers when he finally lands a case.

Still, Finn is inscrutable. Other characters respond to him with generosity and affection when he shows none. I think the women in Finn’s world would benefit from added nuance; they are often one-dimensional. Finn’s father is a bright spot: unwavering in his support and helpful when Finn needs it most. We should all be so lucky.

Fans of the boroughs will enjoy devoted descriptions of Queen’s minutiae. Every intersection is noted, every landmark observed. Do I see a Finn Delaney walking tour of Queens in my future? Yes, please.

The book doubles back at times with Finn uncovering clues already revealed; in one notable situation, Finn hits upon the lynchpin of the case twice in seven pages. The book is lightly sprinkled with errors in grammar and punctuation. Despite these minor distractions, Missing is a satisfying mystery and a good read.

Pages: 197 | ASIN: B07L9DBXDN

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Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.

Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.5 StarsMirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C. is an enticing book shrouded with romance and mystery. When a mysterious man named Harrison Rossetti is in Rome working for the US government, he has a chance encounter with journalist Hannah Littleton. Their lives are changed forever as an unexpected love blooms. While preparing for their wedding, Harrison is called away for a top secret project leaving Hannah alone with her fears. Harrison is then swept away in an unexpected, dire situation. Life or death decisions are made at every turn. The country’s security and future are at stake. Meanwhile, Hannah befriends Harrison’s longtime friend, Pope Josetta; unfortunately, under some less than desirable circumstances.

Follow the unexpected twists and turns of this mind – catching novel. Edward Galluzzi leaves you on the edge of your seat. His use of imagery and vocabulary captivates the audience and places them directly in the hair tingling situations. Friendship, Love, Sacrifice and Duty are all highlighted within these pages. While Harrison is portrayed as a secretive man, it is evident that he is a loyal companion once you break through his shell. He is committed to the people he truly cares about. The use of friendship adds an additional dimension to the story line. You find yourself feeling for these unexpected friends. The story of Harrison and Josetta, for example, leave a sense of awe and respect. The relationship between Greg and Harrison tiptoes on the line of professionalism and friendship. This leaves the reader questioning the next move from each.

Love sets an undertone throughout the story. Galluzzi does an exceptional job at catching the hearts of readers and leaving them longing for their own Harrison and Hannah love story. My heart ached for the lovers amidst their separation. While the love is admirable, it can reach peaks that I wish would dive a little deeper, at times you find yourself absorbed in a passionate moment eagerly awaiting the next move only to be left hanging. Sacrifices must be made, especially in Harrison’s line of duty. Sometimes, ones that break your heart and leave you feeling empty. I do wish some of Hannah’s fears and doubts would have been expressed and explained a little deeper. Harrison’s emotional responses to such sacrifices were held on the delicate balance described in ways that rendered the reader sympathetic.

The sense of duty is noble. All sacrifices were made in the wake of duty and respect. An empowering sense of patriotism coupled with disbelief on just how far someone might be willing to go in the name duty continually engulfs the reader.

As stated previously, the twists and turns of this novel keep the reader consumed. The mind is constantly trying to skip to the next scene to find out what happens. I personally found it to be a quick read simply because I had to know what happened next.

Pages: 256 | ISBN: 0981024610

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