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There Is A Lot Of Emotion

Shana Congrove
Shana Congrove Author Interview

Unleashed Chaos follows twins Jace and Jem who find their lives changed forever after the Chiang-shih demon is destroyed, freeing their evil half-brother Sebastian. What were some changes you made to this revised edition?

I believe you can always make a story better, no matter how seasoned the author is. And that’s exactly what I did in addition to a new cover, a new editor, and published it myself. Now, as I move into my sixth novel in the series, I have developed more skills as a writer—thanks to helpful tips from talented authors, a real editor, and gracious readers—especially when it comes to the fight scenes and the sizzling romance.

I enjoyed Jace and Jem Chamberlain characters. Who in Hollywood do you see playing them if this were turned into a movie?

Jace and Jem Chamberlain are my dearest characters. They started my story from the very beginning at the tender age of four. Since they are identical twins and all grown up now, their characters are very similar, although somewhat different in personality, like fire and ice. What actor do I see playing their parts in a movie? Well, that’s tough to say. My characters actually came from a “real” person that is not an actor. Sorry, keeping that one a secret. So, I’d have to say, they look a lot like Brad Pitt when he played in the movie “Legends of the Fall.” But since that was years ago, the actor in today’s time would be Charlie Hunnam. His voice would be great for Jace!

Your characters go on a deeply emotional and transformative journey in your novel. Is this intentional or incidental to the story you want to tell?

Yes, there is a lot of emotion in my novels between my characters. Lots of new budding love, new beginnings, revenge, and forgiveness. I definitely wanted to start this story with our everyday human emotions. In my opinion, it makes the characters believable and seem “real” to the readers. Although most of my characters are not human, they still share all the traits of humanity.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

In 2022, I will release my sixth novel of the Breedline series, The Curse, along with revised editions of Sweet Chaos and Total Chaos. In 2023, I plan to release the seventh novel of the Breedline series, Living Nightmares. In 2024, I’m writing a special edition of the Novels of the Breedline series, The Vampires in Manhattan. This book will take readers into the era of the mid-eighteenth century.

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Identical twins Jace and Jem Chamberlain, born of the Breedline species—a secret race of humans with the gift to change into wolf form—find their lives changed forever after the Chiang-shih demon is finally destroyed, freeing their evil half-brother Sebastian Crow of the demon’s possession.

As Sebastian moves on with his new life, evading punishment for his crimes against the Breedline, he uncovers a secret from his past, leading him down a dangerous path he hadn’t bargained for.

Meanwhile, Jace is fiercely determined to protect his beloved Tessa, who is pregnant with his twin sons, from Sebastian Crow and his recurring nightmares. Worried his dreams are visions of her death, Jace battles with the lesser of two evils: to seek revenge against his half-brother, or to surrender his fury before his thirst for vengeance destroys everything he loves.

Now that everyone in the Breedline Covenant looks forward to Jem and Mia’s wedding, a mysterious guest arrives unexpectedly with an extraordinary gift of healing. The question is… are they all prepared to deal with the unforeseen visitor’s dark past of running from a corrupt group of scientists obsessed with his rare abilities, or will they be driven to the brink of madness?

Unleashed Chaos/A Novel of the Breedline Series

Unleased Chaos takes place after the Breedline Covenant destroyed the Chiang-shih demon that had possessed Sebastian Crow, half-brother to Jace and Jem Chamberlain. Jace and Jem plan for their futures with their mates. But they have to contend with the possibility that Sebastian’s mate, Eve, is pregnant by the demon. There’s also the fact that Sebastian is still on the loose and has hooked up with his twin brother who is working with the scientists who have been experimenting on Breedline individuals.

Shana Congrove’s writing style makes this deep fantasy novel easy to read. Her characters are unique and well developed as well and I enjoyed the emotional turmoil around the mates. And through all of this the Breedline Covenant struggle to accept Eve’s and Sebastian’s twins. Will they accept the twins into their lives? This was something I was on the edge of my seat for. There are several events that happen after the twins are born that kept me engaged with the story.

There is a lot of conflict throughout this dark urban fantasy story. There is a lot of moving parts to the story and a lot of events that take place. Luckily the straightforward writing keeps us on track and always sure of what’s going on, which is a good thing because these are people going in all directions in this novel. I felt like this was the climax to a series finale of The Vampire Diaries, where a lot of the tension built up is released to entertaining effect.

While I did enjoy this story, I felt that Steven found himself trusting the Covenant a little too easily. With everything he’d been through with the scientists experimenting on him, I felt that it should have taken him longer to trust people he just met. But this is a gripe born out out of my connection to the character, as author Shana Congrove knows how to get you invested in what is going on.

Unleased Chaos is full of stirring characters inside of a realistic world, or as realistic as a paranormal action drama can get. Readers will be left wanting more of the drama and more of the conflict.

Pages: 329 | ASIN: B08WN4RHP7

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