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Unleashed Chaos/A Novel of the Breedline Series

Unleased Chaos takes place after the Breedline Covenant destroyed the Chiang-shih demon that had possessed Sebastian Crow, half-brother to Jace and Jem Chamberlain. Jace and Jem plan for their futures with their mates. But they have to contend with the possibility that Sebastian’s mate, Eve, is pregnant by the demon. There’s also the fact that Sebastian is still on the loose and has hooked up with his twin brother who is working with the scientists who have been experimenting on Breedline individuals.

Shana Congrove’s writing style makes this deep fantasy novel easy to read. Her characters are unique and well developed as well and I enjoyed the emotional turmoil around the mates. And through all of this the Breedline Covenant struggle to accept Eve’s and Sebastian’s twins. Will they accept the twins into their lives? This was something I was on the edge of my seat for. There are several events that happen after the twins are born that kept me engaged with the story.

There is a lot of conflict throughout this dark urban fantasy story. There is a lot of moving parts to the story and a lot of events that take place. Luckily the straightforward writing keeps us on track and always sure of what’s going on, which is a good thing because these are people going in all directions in this novel. I felt like this was the climax to a series finale of The Vampire Diaries, where a lot of the tension built up is released to entertaining effect.

While I did enjoy this story, I felt that Steven found himself trusting the Covenant a little too easily. With everything he’d been through with the scientists experimenting on him, I felt that it should have taken him longer to trust people he just met. But this is a gripe born out out of my connection to the character, as author Shana Congrove knows how to get you invested in what is going on.

Unleased Chaos is full of stirring characters inside of a realistic world, or as realistic as a paranormal action drama can get. Readers will be left wanting more of the drama and more of the conflict.

Pages: 329 | ASIN: B08WN4RHP7

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Hsing-I Chuan: The Practice of Heart and Mind Boxing – Book Trailer

Hsing-I is one of the true treasures of the internal martial arts. Based on ancient Taoist philosophy, it has both the capacity to be used as a devastating martial art alongside its ability to improve the health of a practitioner by promoting the circulation of chi throughout the body. Historically, its lineage is said to trace back over 900 years.

The internal martial arts is a subject discussed by everyone who practices kung-fu but is known and employed by only a few. In this book, Master James McNeil and his student, Andrew Jackson, present a comprehensive analysis of this unique internal art. Consisting of insightful information, accompanied by hundreds of photographs and illustrations it discusses both the theories and practice in a clear and understandable manner, making it a worthwhile read for all levels of practitioner.

Sharing with the reader and explaining the meanings of the deep Taoist philosophical theories pertaining to this art, Master James McNeil draws on over forty years of study and practice alongside his own unique insight into Hsing-I Chuan passed on to him by his teachers, Master Hsu Hong Chi and Grandmaster Chiao Chang Hung of Taiwan.

Whether you are just starting to learn Hsing-I or you are an experienced practitioner, this book will help enrich your practice and understanding in greater depth, the attributes pertaining to this ancient and beautiful Chinese internal art.

Never has this depth of information been printed in the English language on this subject and readers will discover the art of Hsing-I Chuan, enabling them to enhance their practice, improve their health and cultivate their spirit.

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