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The Phoenix Career Principles

The Phoenix Career Principles is an enlightening book that individuals looking to find entrepreneurial success should read. There are gems of wisdom that will help you navigate your career and enable you to achieve much more than you thought you could. Author Tony Pisanelli chronicles his career journey, the lessons he has learned over the years, and the challenges he has faced. I love that from the beginning of the book, the author uses the analogy of the phoenix rising from the ashes to enable the reader fully grasp his message.

In this educational book, readers will be advised on approaching obstacles in their career path and what to pick or drop. Tony Pisanelli teaches the reader about when to let go of the past and when to embrace the future. This book answers for budding entrepreneurs, novices in the corporate world, folks about to retire, and employees who are dreaming of being employers at some point in their careers.

I enjoyed The Phoenix Career Principles for many reasons, but one of the features that stands out from other business books I have read is how he broke down every chapter. Pisanelli starts by giving a little background of himself and shares bits of his employment life. I relished his storytelling and personal recollection. As one reads on, the chapters become more profound and more interesting. His diction is excellent.

Every chapter in the book has some prudent words for the reader. The chapter that I loved the most was on mastering transition. In this chapter, the author clearly illustrates how you can transform careers, have side hustles, and be like the immortal phoenix, among other things. In between his narration, Tony Pisanelli will pose a thought-provoking question that will make you stop reading for a minute to reflect on your career path. I love that the steps he shares are practical and relevant to real life. Even when he is discussing serious issues about securing a job and keeping it, Tony Pisanelli finds a way of bringing in some humor. The light moments in the book made the reading experience exciting.

The Phoenix Career Principle is a must-read if you want to keep climbing the career ladder. From this book, you will gain skills to become the best version of yourself as an employee and possibly even land that top position you dream of. The author is inspiring and will teach you what you were not taught in the classroom. My favorite quote from the book is, “The ideal career is about inspired purpose, not just financial survival.”

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Crimes of Rumba – Trailer

Crimes of Rumba is the hottest, epic combination of business, politics, music, and of course, crimes behind the predatory conduct culture that has glamorized the worst corporate malpractice in US cultural history. As a matter of law, order, and economy, the state administrations intolerance and crackdown on musicians dissent and opposition to the colonial music cash crops production is authoritarianism at best and without precedent in the worlds history of colonization and music. This legal truth and material facts-checkings operation is the blunt, exclusive disclosure of the sources and methods used for the cultivation and autocratic harvest of music cash crops in the Belgian Congo, which were economically engineered from and back to America for its consumption through misinformation, disinformation, deceit, and fraud. Not only is this the tale of the utmost scam that has been very fully funded to defraud the worlds collective memory of rumba, it is the hefty price that our humanity has dearly paid for without consent for Foniors crimes of rumba for decades. Silence has been complicity at worst from the people with knowledge of the case against rumba. Not only are the material facts and consumers rights violated and suppressed, along with musicians copyrights for decades, the morally repulsive glamorization of the fraud has brought creative freedom in the worlds music into disrepute. A lot of readers will discover Thierry Antha with the publication of Crimes of Rumba, Volume I of Congo Music. But this international journalist carried decades of excellence in covering the Congo and Haitis politics, business, and entertainment. His professional and personal ties with all the most famous Congolese musicians in advocacy, promotion, and production of their musical works have crowned him the best authority with respect to the Congo musics history. Contrary to all the spinning, posturing, and work of fiction for rumba, Thierry Anthas expertise and dedication to exposing the truth behind material facts and laws related to Congo music from the Belgian Congo to the Congo is second to none. Embark in this riveting literary journey to discover how Socit Gnrales authoritarian harvest of music cash crops has shattered and destroyed lives and careers for its economic gain in the Americas. Without censorship, Crimes of Rumba, Volume I of Congo Music exposes Foniors victims long overdue rebuttal, which is long way apart from the reality of its predatory conduct culture and its propaganda of rumbas fake-outs.

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