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Kelvin Kettle Author Interview

Kelvin Kettle Author Interview

Spikes is a supernatural thriller following two detectives as they investigate gruesome murders. What was your inspiration for the character of Spikes and the serial murders through the novel?

The Spikes character is a beautiful young woman who dresses in leather. I’ve always been fascinated with attractive women who dress in leather. How leather makes them look powerful, seductive, dominant and even hypnotic. I’ve studied the world of BDSM over the years. It can be fascinating, exciting but also frightening. There are not many women in real life who are serial killers as far as I know. My thought was what if a beautiful young woman who dresses in leather has some serious issues with men because of her abusive past and she turns out to be a serial killer? A man is captivated by her beauty, by how hot she looks in her leather outfit, but little does he know she’s a psycho. In the world of BDSM, it should be played safe between partners. A man or woman should be able to fully trust their partner when participating in kinky acts. Use a safe word if it gets to be too overwhelming. Spikes likes to play but she takes it to an extreme level that turns fatal for her victims. A dominatrix almost always uses a whip for dominant sessions. So I thought what if a dominatrix like woman used a whip as her weapon of choice to beat her victims to death?

Detectives Quint and his partner Bill are well developed characters. How did you build their relationship through the story?

Detectives Quint and Bill have been partners for a few years. They’ve been through a lot together. Even though they may bicker at one another they still stick by each other and back each other up. Quint has a dark past that he struggles with every day. Bill has been there with Quint through good times and bad. They are more than just partners on the job, they have grown to be friends who care about each other. They don’t hold any grudges, and if it came down to a life or death situation, either one of them would lay his life on the line to save his partner and friend.

There is a very chilling way that justice is met out from Morrigan and her followers. How did you develop this concept and how did it change while writing?

Goddess Morrigan and her followers are an evil sadistic bunch of women. The idea was to show just how evil and powerful they are by having victims perish in various violent acts. Morrigan is based on the mythological Goddess Morrigan. Her wrath is to punish those she chooses that deserve to be punished. Her followers help her carry out  these punishments in any way they see fit.  Through out the story, either Morrigan or one of her followers is smiling or laughing when carrying out the punishments on their victims. That is because it amuses them in their own twisted sadistic way. It is a satisfactory evil that they live and exist for.

What is the next book that you are writing and when will that be published?

My next novel is going to be a different story about Goddess Morrigan. A sort of spin off of Spikes. I’m calling it, Morrigan: Phantom Queen. I hope to have it finished by some time next year. The story is about a girl named Adriana who conjures up Morrigan from the dark ages by carrying out a ritual with her best friend Elaine. She calls upon Morrigan to help her and Elaine act out revenge on a sadistic group of girls who have made their lives a living hell. Adriana wants to possess the same powers as her idol Goddess and make herself powerful and fearsome.

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SPIKES (A Horror Novel): If looks could kill... by [Kettle, Kelvin J.]Detective John Quint is assigned to a brutal murder case in which male victims were beaten to death with a whip. He soon discovers that a beautiful young woman who dresses in black leather is a suspect. The murder case becomes plagued with elements of the supernatural. It proves to be something far more complex and deadly than anything Quint has ever encountered before…And he later discovers that his own life may be in danger.

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Spikes (A Horror Novel)

SPIKES (A Horror Novel)4 StarsMurder, revenge, supernatural powers, and some mystery are what Spikes by Kelvin J. Kettle will bring you. This short novel will leave you questioning what is real, what is in people’s minds and how do all the pieces fit together. At the center of the story is the Goddess Morrigan, who is known to be a shapeshifter, fearsome, strong, and vindictive. She is also known as the Goddess of Crows and to deal out punishment to those she feels are deserving. Knowing this piece of mythology helps the reader to understand this story better, it is not covered in the book so without this knowledge there are some pieces that don’t make a lot of sense.

The story takes place in Boston. The focus is around several police officers and a mystery woman that no one can ever remember clearly. All they remember is that she is beautiful and wears leather. It starts out in the prologue with Karen. She is clearly abused by her father, physically and sexually. Kettle than jumps to modern day with detective John Quint investigating a murder. While at the murder scene he notices a crow watching everything, it spooks him, this is our first look at Morrigan. From here we follow a choppy story line. Kettle jumps from one scene to the next with no transitions and little connection among the pieces. Eventually they all fall into place and you see where it was going but you are clearly following multiple people in their own world separate from the other characters.

While investigating the murder Quint’s partner, Bill Jennings, is introduced. Most of the story revolves around Quint and Jennings’s investigation of the murder. You learn who Spikes is and how she became the person she is now. Through flash backs and hallucinations, you learn about Quint’s past and how he ended up caring for the character Peggy. There is a very chilling way that justice is met out from Morrigan and her followers. They go through a lot of trouble to hide their identities and keep their members safe.

Over all it is a short novel, and a quick read. This is a dark story that is not for the person looking for a happy ending. It is a fascinating introduction to the Goddess Morrigan and her powers. It will challenge the reader’s perspective to follow the different paths the author takes and see where they all meet up in the end. I felt that Spikes was written so that there could easily be more spin off stories that add to the character of Spikes and Morrigan; or I hope so, because I want more of these characters.

Pages: 112 | ASIN: B01HRBUHQQ

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