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Dry Heat

Things are not going so well for Joey Blade. On the night of his birthday, the girl he lost his virginity to, Mallory, tells him she’s pregnant. While at the high school bonfire, there is an explosion. Joey flees with his current girlfriend Wendy and her drug-dealing friend TJ. In their race to escape the explosion, they wind up in a police chase where TJ shoots at the police cars. The ensuing crash leads to Joey being arrested while Wendy goes free and TJ has disappeared. Once getting out of jail, Joey enlists the help of notorious gang leader Chico Torres to find TJ and – ultimately – redemption. 

Len Joy’s chaotic novel Dry Heat doesn’t hold back when it comes to colorful terms and edgy commentary. Joy accurately portrays the stereotypical teenager from the late nineties that you find in cult classic films of that period. There is a feeling of nostalgia that readers in their late 30’s and early 40’s will identify with. The early scenes of this action-packed novel offer a foreshadowing of the rest of the book. Excitement and drama fill the pages to come, and readers will have to hold on because it will be a wild ride.

This enthralling novel feels like a cautionary tale for teenagers. A story where every wrong decision imaginable is made. Readers may find it is all too real and relatable, encountering a situation that is too big for their age. At one point, author Len Joy describes Joey’s day as a disastrously mishandled situation, which is the perfect way to describe it. Reading this shocking at times novel will give readers the feeling of watching a car wreck in slow-motion. You are hooked; you know it will happen; you just have to read and see how it all plays out.

Joy took time and care to flesh out the characters and make readers develop an emotional attachment to them. They all have a bit of the classic high school stereotypes in them, something many readers will identify with. There’s Darville, the rich kid; Mallory, the tragically promiscuous girl; Wendy, the snotty prom queen; and of course, the hero Joey, the jock. Yet, throughout the story, they grow, change, and transcend what we have come to expect from their assigned stereotypes. We learn that they’re human, which every good novel should achieve.  

Dry Heat is a coming-of-age novel that will attract readers interested in crime thrillers and suspenseful action drama. With edgy dialogue and action, readers will be turning the page of this riveting novel to see if Joey can get himself out of the mess he is in.

Pages: 313 | ASIN : B097TT97SQ

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Judge Ed

Judge Ed by [Ted Rose]

Judge Ed by Ted Rose is an adventurous modern novella. It, as the name suggests, follows the story and life of Judge Ed who lives in paradise. Judge Ed is a fast paced, gripping tale of mystery, drama, and ambition that is sprinkled with dollops of romance. Small chapters, stunning character arcs and a tale of an almost celebrity like judge at the center is bound to urge readers to keep turning the pages. Once you begin reading, you’re certainly going to be hooked on this exciting adventure with Judge Ed which will eventually lead him and the readers to the exciting yet mysterious paradise land of South Florida.

The character of Judge Ed is charming, intelligent, certain, solid yet unpredictable and complex which provides this novella with strong roots for the story. He is a strong character who is really good at what he does, hence its easy to connect and root for him from the beginning of this riveting novel. You will cheer for his highs and certainly feel sad for the unfortunate things that will come to his path as he is riding the high horse of success. The language and the flow is impeccable and the descriptions are written in such a way that you can easily visualize the scenes. This novella is exciting and dramatic with a really good plot and certainly has all the qualities to turn into a mini television series which people will certainly binge watch.

The best part of the story personally for me was the glimpses of the landmark trials and how quickly the story unfolds in multiple layers, giving you enough to understand what is going on but at the same time keeping you guessing. Judge Ed by Ted Rose is a captivating legal thriller that slowly builds up tension in a story that has a satisfying conclusion.

Pages: 122 | ASIN: B085495ZGT

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