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The Blood Inheritance Novels Series Two-Book Set: Rise and Lost

The Blood Inheritance Novels Series Two-Book Set: Rise and Lost by [M. Ainihi, Tauseef Ahmed, Allister Thompson]

Amanda seems to be a normal girl in a normal world, but everything very quickly changes when she inadvertently releases a genie from a bottle – literally.  The djinn, or jinni, Erol becomes bound to her until death.  Amanda is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer to force her and Erol on a journey to find a powerful relic, but the more she learns about the dark new world she finds herself in, the more she realizes that she will do anything to stop him from getting it – including something unexpected!

The first of The Blood Inheritance Series by M Ainihi, Rise is a gripping read right from the first page. The characters are interesting and believable; and I found some of the relationships intriguing, particularly the one between Amanda and the jinni Erol. The realm that they are drawn into is dark and dangerous, and there are unexpected twists that are absolutely riveting. For me, the first two-thirds of Rise is the best of both the books. It is engaging and interesting with an enjoyable grit and plenty of dark magic.

This book is a combination of two novels in the Blood Inheritance Series. The story continues through the second book of the series, Lost. Amanda joins forces with two more female characters, Emily and Kiami, each with their own skills. Between them they seek to understand and control their powers and deal with a series of problems in their realms. Lost has more characters, more varied settings and a lot more action, so I found this story to be the more engrossing of the two.

This is an impassioned story that I heartily enjoyed but I did feel the writing style change between books and it took a while to get used to the adjustment. But once the adjustment is made it is easy to once again get lost in this dark fantasy novel.

This two book set in the The Blood Inheritance Series makes the overall story feel more epic. While the stories alone are on the shorter side, especially Rise, having them both together here makes the story arc feel more grand and the ending feels more satisfying. But I am a reader who loves fantasy series but hates waiting for the next book, so this is a gift to have both books already ready for me to enjoy.

Pages: 433 | ASIN: B0929FK8TT

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Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel

Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel by [M. Ainihi, Allister Thompson]

Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel by M. Ainihi is the first novel from the “Blood Inheritance” YA dark fantasy series. It follows the story of Amanda Garrett, a fifteen-year-old girl who lives in a small town with her father. The book starts off with a prologue set hundreds of years before the main story takes place, where we learn of the imprisonment of Erol, a jinn(genie), and the reason behind it. Hundreds of years later, while on a day trip in the woods with her dad, Amanda stumbles upon an ancient artifact she discovers contains a jinn(genie), which is Erol, that will change her life forever. Amanda’s life soon spirals out of control as she is sucked into a fantastical world where she’s orphaned, kidnapped, and forced to work for a powerful wizard who seeks a mythical talisman. All the while, Amanda harnesses dark powers unbeknownst to her. And as she sets off on her journey, Amanda learns about the creation of the universe, different mythical creatures, realms, and her own demonic ancestry. She has to deal with unwanted feelings and make decisions that will harm those she loves, some of which leave both her and the reader shocked.

Rise is an incredibly fast-paced novel, one-second you’re following the story of a joyful girl, completely unaware of the journey she’s about to begin, and the next you’re reading of genies, evil wizards, gods, and the creation of the universe. Although it is 160 pages it is extremely detailed and provides the reader with a good understanding of the characters and the realms they reside. As for the language used, it is fairly simple to understand, which makes it a suitable read for anyone. I did find a couple of spelling mistakes and redundancies but really nothing to fret over. The main character, Amanda, is very believable. She starts off as a naive young girl, happy to spend time with her father and worried over trivial matters. But as the story develops, so does she, as she becomes a troubled young woman trying her best to understand and control the dark powers and impulses within her.

Throughout the book, we get to see two sides of the same character and that makes it a lot more interesting. Other characters, such as Erol and Aden, also provide a refreshing break from what you might expect from a genie, for even though they want to do good with their powers, they also have secrets and desires that add complexity to what could otherwise be bland and predictable characters. M. Ainihi does a great job creating a beautiful setting, making you feel like you’re actually visiting the realms described. The theme is very fun and original. the author provides a different concept with the genies, as opposed to your typical vampires and werewolves. I very much enjoyed reading about these mythological creatures and all the lore behind them.

Pages: 162 | ASIN: B075PX97CK

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