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To kill, period.

Mace Berry Author Interview

The Witch Hunter General follows a cursed man who’s dedicated his life to killing dark witches by any means. What was the inspiration for the setup to this exciting novel?

The initial inspiration for the story actually came from a song from the British heavy metal band, Saxon, about the Salem witch trials. In the original draft, the story took place in 1692, during the time of the Salem witch trials, but as the story progressed and grew, I realized it needed to be futuristic. From there, it sort of took on a life of its own and in fact became easier to write since I could make the future whatever I wanted it to be instead of having to adhere to being historically accurate the entire time.

Victor is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind his character development?

Victor is a very stern individual, and completely unrelenting in his pursuit of dark witches. After being manipulated by his best friend and ordering the death of his wife, Victor shut down emotionally. He dedicated himself totally to the eradication of witches and was very reluctant to work with them following the peace treaty between the Inquisition and the World Tree coven. When I was developing his character, I didn’t really worry too much about whether he was likable or not. I just needed him to be someone who had suffered such an unimaginable trauma that he became driven by rage, hatred, and vengeance; motivated by overwhelming grief and anger to kill witches in whatever way he could. To kill, period. But on a deeper level, he’s also driven by the unanswerable philosophical questions: Why would a benevolent god allow this to happen? And: Is there a god at all?

I enjoyed the depth of the world you’ve created in this novel. What were some themes you wanted to explore in your story?

The biggest themes I tried to explore in this story were the concept of good and evil, guilt, and redemption. Oftentimes, good and evil are a matter of perspective. Not everything that seems evil is evil, and not everything that seems good is good. The theme of guilt played a very large role in this story and was actually therapeutic for me to write because, as a veteran, I’ve grappled with a great deal of guilt from my time in the service. Victor is consumed by guilt and it’s part of what makes him who he is: on the surface, a hard, unflinching zealot of the Inquisition. But underneath, a bitter, broken man languishing in agony and heartache. Going hand-in-hand with guilt, is redemption. Redemption was also a big piece of the story, and of Victor as a character, and in the end, the story is really all about Victor chasing redemption and whether or not he attains it.

Do you plan to continue this story in future novels?

Yes, it is currently planned to be a trilogy, which I am working on finishing now. But there will also be a few short stories tied to the novels to flesh out the world and characters a little more. There might even be a spin-off series later on, but that is still very much in the development stage.

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Victor Cain was a hero of the Crusades before being awarded the rank of Inquisitor General by King Richard the Lionheart. Adored by all his cohorts, and feared by all he hunted, Victor never could have imagined his new assignment as Witch Hunter General would lead him down the path to his own pain, misery, betrayal, and death. Manipulated by one of his closest friends into sentencing his own wife to burn at the stake for practicing witchcraft, Victor is plagued by guilt, heartache, and rage. But when he finds out the truth, he hunts down the man responsible and makes him pay in-kind. In a battle to the death, they both lose, and Victor is going to die unless drastic measures are taken by a kindly stranger.

Almost two thousand years later, Victor Cain is now the very thing he hunts and hates the most: a half human-half witch. Cursed with immortality, Victor has dedicated his long life to eradicating all dark witches by any means necessary, and for Victor, the ends always justify the means. But as dark powers loom, Victor, with his powers, magic sword, and his team – a young light witch with a dark past, a quick-draw with a silver tongue, and a retired Arbitrator with a guilty conscience – must summon all of his strength to face his past and bring justice for one of his own.

The Witch Hunter General

The Witch Hunter General: The Death Stone Coven by [Mace Berry]

The Witch Hunter General is a story of fear, manipulation, betrayal, and deceit. The book begins with a man named Victor who lets his wife die, alone and frightened because she was accused of being a witch. He is miserable, guilty, and angry at himself for what he has done.  Over time, he has managed to avenge his sweet Elizabeth, but can’t stop hunting down dark forces and witches due to circumstances during his grief. Living another two thousand years, he hunts with a team of faithful sidekicks. A complex man, and an imposing one as well, Victor makes sure that you know who’s the boss and who is willing to take charge.

Mace Berry has delivered an exciting dark fantasy novel. From the beginning this book is an intense read. At times the scenes with brutality were a little hard to get through but I realize the events were meant to propel the story, and the book would not have the excellent tone that I looked forward to if the author had not done so. A great example is Elizabeth. When the story opens, she is wrongly accused, and her town turns against her because of their superstition and fear. As you continue reading the story, you begin to get drawn in by these deep characters that are marred by events brought about by fear, superstition or betrayal.

I enjoyed the energetic and tense fights to the death which were skillfully executed. I thought Victor was going to die and empathized with him throughout the story. In my opinion, the author’s measure is how they make you think and feel throughout the story. In the first few chapters, I went from being horrified, saddened, to angry all in the span of mere pages. Mace Berry is a great author skilled with language that is emotive and moving.

Each character in the book had such a strong presence that I didn’t have a favorite character because I enjoyed reading about them all. I have read other books where the main character has a team to help him because, in many aspects, the evil is too much for one person, and in this case, he has three. Magnus, Arten, and Scarlett.  If you love supernatural stories with a twist, you would enjoy this epic fantasy novel.

Pages: 256 | ASIN: B088Q1RYD4

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