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The Given Trilogy

Mickey Martin
Mickey Martin Author Interview

The Guardian follows Lilliana into the outside world where she must fight for justice to protect her loved ones. What was the inspiration for the setup to the trilogy finale?

The inspiration for the set up of the finale, was simply to create an explosive read! I wanted the readers of The Given Trilogy, to sit back, after that last page had been turned, and process the entire journey they had just taken.

Did you plan Lilliana’s character arc through the series, or did it develop in unexpected organic ways as you wrote?

My writing is organic, and my characters development throughout, is the same. Lilliana told me where she wanted to go, and I showed her how to get there. It was exciting seeing where the entire Trilogy went, and how the characters arrived at their final destination. I truly had too much fun writing these novels…and at one stage, sat throughout a nineteen hour writing stint, because I could not stop. That is joy.

What has been the most surprising reader reaction to your series so far?

A Ninety year old tell me… “That was the most exciting, thrilling trilogy I have ever read,” – Thank you Liz Hicklin. Xx)

A seventy year old tell me… “I almost reached for the Valium reading your Trilogy,” – Thank you Patricia Lovell. Xx)

A 40 year old tell me… “Best Trilogy I have ever read,” – Thank you Sally Taylor. Xx

Do you plan to continue this story in other novels, or are you working on something different?

The Given Trilogy’s characters were loved and celebrated by so many, and I have had some keen readers beg me to weave more of their adventures into additional novels. And, I love making my readers happy, so that is bound to happen down the track.

But, for the time being, I am working on the, Victoria Collection. A series of novels, set in my home state of Victoria, in the beautiful Land Down Under – Australia. In this collection I am celebrating some of my favourite towns.

Book one of the Victoria Collection is, Soul Keepers of Glenormiston South, and will be launching in November 2021.

This is my first attempt at a paranormal romance which has ecological messages as I advocate for Mother Earth.

Book two is set in Noorat. Title: Obsidian Souls.

Book three is set in Inglewood. Title: A Chilling Summer in Inglewood.

Book Four is set in Frankston. Title: Sweet Water Creek.

So, lots of exciting projects ahead, as I get ready to launch an upcoming Anthology, titled, The Colours of Me, with Co-author, Kez Wickham St George.

This anthology includes eighteen women around our globe, and will bring the reader on a soul-fuelled journey that will leave a comforting mark on their heart. I’m proud to say, 100% of profits go to the ‘The Carers Foundation’ – Australia. More projects churn in my head every day, as I’m halfway through completing my Cert IV in Mental Health, and juggle a family and life during the Covid Pandemic. Wishing all peaceful days ahead, and in those times of stress – reach for a book. It always helps to escape amongst the pages of someone else’s journey. Xx Mickey

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The long awaited third and final chapter in the thrilling conclusion to Mickey Martin’s Trilogy of bestselling, The Given and Dark Angel
After spending a decade within the walls of her safe haven, The Given, Lilliana Night must flee her home at the facility and re-enter the outside world once again in her fight for justice and to protect the one she loves.
Lilliana has no choice but to leave behind all she knows-and the man she loves-in order to do her part to eradicate one of the world’s most vilest of criminals’.
Will her self-sacrifice for the greater good allow her to return home to her loved ones? Or will the evil that still walks the Earth be her ultimate undoing?
Decency dances on a dangerous stage with depravity and the results could be explosive.

Mickey has previously published The Given and Dark Angel, Books One and Two of The Given trilogy and is now launching The Guardian. The trilogy will be released in a box set, in the not too distant future.

The Guardian

The Guardian by [Martin, Mickey,]

The Guardian is the thrilling final installment of Mickey Martin’s “The Given” trilogy. These books tell the story of Lilliana, our kind, brilliant, beautiful protagonist as she navigates through various personal challenges within the Given facility; an institution established to cure and rehabilitate those who have suffered as a result of horrific crimes. The background of the first two books was rather restricted, being set purely within the facility, but this book switches things up by breaking out into the real world. Related to her new project establishing a series of safe houses for victims, the story opens with Lilliana headed on a world tour following her wedding to Damon (our handsome male lead). The rapid change of locations and the overall fast-pace of the opening makes it exhilarating from the get-go.

I found it so refreshing to see the characters engage within normal society, and found it made the story feel a little more familiar, touching on more aspects of reality as opposed to purely fiction.

Considering the trilogy as a whole, I would undoubtedly say the final book is my favorite. In the first one I adored the detail and depth put into painting the dark Given world and Lilliana’s various relationships. In the second book I enjoyed the attention paid to developing Lilliana’s love with Damon, with themes more romantic. There were aspects of both books I liked, but also disliked due to the heavy focus on certain characters or certain motifs.

However, in the last book Martin perfectly balances all the aspects I had enjoyed. There was just enough focus on all the characters, a good mix of romantic and sinister fantasy themes, the added diversity from location changes and much more. 

It became obvious to me throughout the book that Martin’s skill as a writer really developed over the course of the series. I felt in this final piece that the author found the true voice of the story and used it flawlessly to bring this book to life.

The writing, the tone, the pace- it was exciting and engaging. I loved the time I spent following Lilliana’s endeavors and am sad it’s come to an end. I won’t ruin the ending for you here, but I will say that I was highly satisfied with the trilogy’s conclusion and look forward to seeing what Martin releases next!

Pages: 444 | ASIN: B08QDTC9YJ

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All The Dramas that Unfurl

Mickey Martin
Mickey Martin Author Interview

Dark Angel explores the relationship between Damon and Lilliana as Damon comes back from being undercover and evil forces threaten their relationship. What were some new ideas that you wanted to explore in this book that were different from book one?

I really enjoyed writing this sequel to The Given, where both Lilliana and Damon have grown as individuals as they experienced some pretty major events while they were separated. I wanted to explore the strengths of their existing relationship, and its endurance to overcome the evil forces that tried to interfere with their relationship as they explore moving forward as lovers whilst navigating highly demanding roles and all the dramas that unfurl constantly on The Given’s grounds. The main difference I wanted to explore between Dark Angel, and The Given, was to showcase Lilliana’s strength as a mature woman who was confident within herself and her role, compared to that of a frightened teenager who was still trying to figure out who she was.

Damon and Lilliana continue to be intriguing characters in this book. Was there anything from your own life that you used to inform their development or relationship?

Absolutely. I have been with my partner for twenty-seven years, and our love and respect for each other has only grown as the years pass. I think with real love, true love, you can overcome anything this world throws at you. And that is what I wanted to get across with Lilliana and Damon’s growing relationship; if they stand together, they will not only survive, but thrive.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

That is too difficult to answer. I always get a bit of a giggle when someone is in trouble, and an unassuming character steps in and saves the day. No spoilers here.

This is book two of The Given Trilogy. What can readers expect in book three?

We’ve all read plenty of trilogy’s that have blown our mind with each instalment, and also, those that we wished had of stopped at book one. My goal for each book in The Given Trilogy, was to give my readers more than what they could expect. Book Three, The Guardian certainly delivers that, and I have received fabulous feedback from some pretty awesome readers over the past ten months since The Guardian was released, expressing their sheer delight. Although, I was told one lady almost required Valium at one point! If readers enjoyed The Given, and Dark Angel…they are going to LOVE The Guardian.

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Damon Night has left the Louisiana’s Given Establishment to work undercover in a fallen

world full of despicable mayhem. Partly to help the Officials eliminate an Underworld

narcotics epidemic, partly to escape his lust and overwhelming desire for Lilliana.

Existing day to day without him, Lilliana completes her studies, to then thrive in her role as a

leading therapist offering support to the mentally and physically wounded souls the outside

world has delivered to them. Between a hectic schedule, expected from the establishment, to

juggling free time with her friends, life flowed around her in a complex, yet meaningful way

as the years passed, longing for Damon’s return.

Five years undercover can do a lot to a man who had to fully commit himself to his role in

order to convince the black minds of society he was one of them. When Damon returns,

Lilliana hardly recognises the dangerous and unpredictable man who stands before her, but

when her eyes meet his, questions of who the man he has become, fade as memories of the

past ignite more than just an inferno of feelings.

Can Damon overcome the abuse he subjected himself, and others to whilst undercover, and

Can Lilliana forgive him his crimes? Just when they are so close to coming together, evil

forces weave their sticky web of destruction. Will they be able to finally overcome these

dangerous hurdles, or will they once again be forced miles apart?

Be That Strong Survivor

Mickey Martin
Mickey Martin Author Interview

The Given follows a young woman who is sent to a special establishment to rehabilitate, but navigating her own trauma is difficult in a place filled with volatile people. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

As an empathetic individual, I’ve always struggled with the injustice that occurs in our world. Despite those who inflict pain, terror and destruction, there are always those who are ready to light the way for the fallen, who selflessly go above and beyond to lend a helping hand – the never ending saga of ‘Good Versus Evil’. That was the initial set up for THE GIVEN – and of course, a colourful cast of lively individuals who explore their own roads to healing and recovery as they develop trust and form solid friendships; despite the trauma they have experienced. That’s what heals us all, in the end. Friendship and love. And that is what I wanted to fill The Given with, strong, resilient characters that no matter their past, were able to overcome the abuse inflicted upon them, and step towards a brighter future, if they believed they could have it.

Lilliana is an intriguing character that I enjoyed following. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

I’m a big believer on the power of a positive mindset, and the belief that with practice and setting an intention for our own lives, we can overcome any problem and reach for an abundant life filled with goodness, dear friends and healthy relationships. Our past – no matter what has hurt us or tried to cripple us…we can overcome it. We deserve that as decent humans, here for such a short time. I wanted to gift the reader with a protagonist who, despite all the hardships and trauma she endured, she still remained a loving, giving individual, who wanted to help those who had also suffered. Be a light and a friend to those in need, and not allow her past to twist her into an angry victim, but to allow her to shine and be that strong survivor, with a large, loving heart.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes that were most important for me to explore, whilst creating such a vivid world as The Given, were topics of mental health, resilience, courage, friendships, love and the healing benefits of animals and nature.

This is book one of The Given Trilogy. What can readers expect in book two?

Readers can certainly expect a lot more romance in book two, as Lilliana and all o her friends mature, as the years go by. There will always be external sources that trickle into life at The Given, creating drama and unseen complications for our cast to explore and overcome as they navigate their increasingly busy lives, whilst juggling their friendships and hurdles that life at The Given constantly throw their way. Book two of The Given Trilogy, Dark Angel, certainly delivers more action and thought provoking scenes that set up an explosive conclusion in the third book, The Guardian.

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The world no longer tolerates vicious, repeat offenders, and deals with criminals accordingly. The survivors of these heinous crimes are sent to private establishments around the globe, known as, The Given.
The Louisiana’s Given is run by the ever charming and handsome brothers, Damon and Cam Night who are obligated by their rule to mentor, protect and offer all the wounded a safe haven, a place to heal mentally and physically, whilst coming to terms with their new life. New Given must follow strict rules and an intense regime that comes with the gift of a superior education that only The Given establishments can offer.
Lilliana becomes one of the Given, after suffering a horrific event that separates her from her family forever and she finds herself thrust into a foreign world of volatile individuals, challenging situations and unyielding rules. Her unexpected attraction to Damon Night confuses her all the more, as she tries to deal with her trauma and get a grip on her undetermined reality, amidst the broken minds of society.
Damon is puzzled by the lure the beautiful Lilliana has on him, as he continues to run the family business in a respectful manner, expected of him with his responsibilities, but finds it harder to fight his growing, forbidden attraction to her. An unexpected desire that adds to the already challenging day to day running of The Given.
Can friendship, animal therapy, education, and love weave their magic around the souls in The Given, and in time, heal the abused and injured? Or does danger and tragedy strike once too often and tear their safe haven apart? To Whom Much is Given, much is expected.

Dark Angel

Dark Angel: Book 2 of The Given Trilogy by [Mickey Martin]

Dark Angel is the second book in The Given trilogy by Mickey Martin. The story brings us back into the mysterious world of Lilliana and her adventures within The Given institution- a place designed for victims of violent crimes to heal and find their new life purposes. The first book focuses on Lilliana’s background, recovery journey, and friendships. This time it’s more centered on her budding romance with tall, mystifying, and shockingly handsome Damon, the leader of the facility. The novel opens where the first ended, with Damon leaving suddenly after professing his love for Lilliana, to go on a dangerous undercover mission. Five painful years pass and he finally returns and our narrative unfurls.

The book follows a structure that is not simply beginning, middle, and ending, as the story is peppered with many miscellaneous events. I think this writing style feels far more realistic as it mirrors that of real-life, so I really liked this choice. The background events help to enrich and diversify the classic love story narrative and make it seem less repetitive.

This book upholds the fantastic writing standard of Martin’s previous work, continuing to be vividly descriptive and captivating. Characters and settings are depicted beautifully and the attention to detail is outstanding. Yet this novel felt quite different to the prior, due to having a rather different tone. The first book was dark and thrilling whereas Dark Angel takes a softer romance-based approach centered on Lilliana and Damon’s growing affection. Therefore I feel it would be more appropriate to label this as a dark-romance with a hint of erotica; the couple’s sex life being a large aspect of the story’s narrative. If you enjoy these genres, you will undoubtedly adore this book, but this is less of a thriller as the first book was. Having read about the characters in the first novel in such great detail, it was interesting to see them interact once again within a new narrative. Because this story is focused on Damon and Lilliana, the other characters I’ve grown attached to in the first book don’t get as much attention as our two main characters.

Dark Angel continues the riveting story from book one and adds a refreshing element of romance that make this novel feel different but equally as rousing as the first.

Pages: 358 | ASIN: B085VJX2VJ

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The Given

The Given: Book one of The Given Trilogy by [Mickey Martin]

The Given by Mickey Martin is a thrilling dark fantasy novel with generous helpings of romance and dystopian themes. It follows our protagonist Lilliana and her friends as they navigate through their new lives within “The Given” facility. The story takes place in a near future, where the justice system has been reinvented: those who have suffered as a result of crimes are sent to “The Given” to heal and find new purpose. With themes of rehabilitation and friendship, Martin focuses heavily on the dynamics built amongst the characters; their connections, history, and dreams.

The greatest charm of Martin’s writing is undoubtedly her character construction. Every character is fleshed out with rich details which make them alluring and interesting to follow. The novel is full of intimate conversations that vividly illustrate budding connections and relationships in a refreshing way. The intensity of their interactions emphasizes how crucial the theme of friendship is to this novel. It feels very satisfying overall.

Martin creates a captivating concept in this novel, and I enjoyed the narrative overall. It is well-structured and fast-paced and felt like much care was put into the backstory and world these characters inhabit. Her reconceptualization of justice is presented in a fresh and intriguing way that seems more realistic than other dystopian novels with similar premises.

Lilliana is an interesting character, but I felt like Lilliana’s recovery from her abuse could have been explored further. All characters adore her, she is intelligent and talented, and gains the attention of her crush from the first chapter. While it’s nice to see a main character thrive, I would have preferred to see Lilliana develop more actively throughout the novel, to succeed overcoming her traumas.

The Given is a dark fantasy story with fairytale undertones that give this dystopian novel a unique feel throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed Martin’s highly descriptive writing and the story’s atmosphere. It was heavy and dark at times, but generally it was an interesting and exciting read.

Pages: 298 | ASIN: B085VG9X83

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