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What Happened on Saturday

What Happened on Saturday is an illuminating book that delves into the thirty-six hours between the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of the standout features of this book is the way it weaves together historical facts with compelling storytelling, creating a rich and immersive reading experience. I enjoyed this thought-provoking book as it presents a well-researched argument on the topic. Even though the author acknowledges that there is more than one interpretation the author provides plenty of facts, research, and personal experiences to bring clarity to a subject that many think is lost to time.

Author Trinity Royal uses easy-to-understand language throughout the book, which removes the scholarly veil which has shrouded the subject and makes it easy to understand and deeply compelling to the general public. If you are at all interested in the events that took place during the thirty-six hours between Christ’s death and resurrection, I highly recommend this book because it brings excellent lucidity to a short but important period in history.

This informative book provides a wealth of history and facts to support the research and personal experiences shared within. This is a must-read for theologians, and devotees, and will also be valuable to anyone with an interest in history. It is incredibly enlightening and reveals new insights about Jesus and his teachings. This is an impactful book that answered many of my lingering questions, offered profound new questions and answers, and helped me strengthen my spiritual connection.

I highly recommend What Happened on Saturday to anyone seeking to understand Christ’s life better, or to readers who have always wanted to know what happened between the time of Christ’s death and resurrection. What Happened on Saturday is a thought-provoking and engaging read that is sure to appeal to readers.

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Son of Man becomes Son of God

Son of Man becomes Son of God by Trinity Royal is a 10-chapter spiritual book that offers profound insights into the dynamics of the spiritual realms of Earth and heaven. The rendition of the temptation of Jesus Christ on Mount Hermon, the book’s primary focus, raises the veil beyond what transpired at the event. Instead, it illuminates the battle between God and Satan for possessing human souls.

With that backdrop, Trinity Royal raises essential questions about the cosmic significance of humans on Earth and, in the bigger picture, why our souls are constantly battled for by the devil. This engaging book explored Jesus’s mission as an emissary of Light on Earth and why the devil sought to tempt Jesus in one of His most vulnerable states.

Readers will begin to ask critical questions about their faith when reading this book. What does all this have to do with a believer today? What can they do? How are they supposed to navigate this new knowledge?

As readers delve deeper into the repository of new information they are sure to gain from this book, they will find a part that addresses a concern faced by many Christians who wish to directly communicate with God. How do they know what is of God and what is mere hallucinations? With the grave implication that comes with yielding to temptation, how do you know your tempestuous moments are real and not fragments of your imagination? Trinity Royal sampled a few answers to these while emphasizing the importance of preparation and how to prepare to circumvent all such situations.

The graphic details of this book, Son of Man Becomes Son of God, with scriptural backing for all theories posited, offer a delicate balance between science, theology, and Bible scriptures. While it has the potential to make you tremble at what could have been had Jesus Christ fallen to the temptations of Satan, it gives hope for the salvation of the human soul and equips you with the best tool for rebuking Satan and his demons.

Son of Man Becomes Son of God is a fascinating look at scripture and offers readers a unique perspective on the interpretations of the Bible. Focusing on questions that are rarely asked, readers will be enlightened on the deeper and more profound meanings behind the temptation on Mount Hermon. This thought-provoking book would be a good resource for those interested in theology and Bible studies.

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Christ vs Satan – Final Battle for Earth has Begun

The Final Battle for Earth has Begun, Christ vs Satan, by Trinity Royal, is one of the most extraordinary books that I have read this year. The concept of an ongoing war between good and evil, light and dark, that is hidden from the human eye is intriguing and the way that this provocative yin and yang is explained and explored in the book is fascinating.

The author describes the world we live in as a matrix, and in most religions, there is a pull for our souls either toward light or darkness. This book references Christianity, insisting that Satan is on the battlefield to wipe out our souls for judgment day. It perfectly describes the fall of Lucifer, the battle for our souls, why we are in this matrix, and most importantly, how to break off from the matrix that is seemingly designed for us to be controlled. It draws similarities from the Matrix movies, describing how we can take either the blue pill to remain oblivious to what is happening, or the red pill to be shown how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The author says that one can be in the Matrix, but not of the Matrix when describing ways in which it can be broken. A quote that sums up the purpose of this book is, “You can train yourself, through conscious mental effort, to go beyond the false illusions the spiritual Matrix inflicts on you and raise your mind to an awareness of the spiritual realities it keeps from you”.  This is an interesting parallel to Neo’s journey in The Matrix. The book continues to point out ways in which one can be manipulated by darker forces, and how to avoid them.

While I thought the book presents some interesting ideas, the book shapes scripture to convey its poignant philosophy. The concept of free will as well, which I think most religions are based on, takes on a new meaning and understanding through the interference of these forces in our lives. This is an interesting book that I would recommend for Bible study, or to anyone interested in Christian philosophy, Christology, or spiritual leaders.

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Dark Night of the Soul

If you are experiencing grief, heartbreak, or life-changing moments, then Dark Night of the Soul by Trinity Royal is the inspirational book to guide you through your strife. This educational book is the red pill to get out of a matrix of suffering and repetition of sabotage and terrible habits in life. The author takes readers into a rabbit hole of self-examination and querying their soul on what it requires and the reason behind any suffering. It goes through the stages of stage metamorphosis, which is quite a fascinating cycle.

One of the book’s most controversial topics is that there will be suffering during the darkest night of the soul. However, this suffering reshapes a person’s character into a shiny diamond. The book illustrates the reasons for soul searching, why we suffer from depression, what to do during this process, and the possible reason for any unexpected suffering. The book also demonstrates some practical and effective healing techniques.

This is a book I would recommend for anyone undergoing any soul searching, depression, or stuck in a ‘rut’ (which, given the last couple of years, I feel like we all are in some sort of trouble here). I feel that this book can be appreciated by people who are going through a tough time in life and are ready for a change. If one is not open to the ideas in the book, they may find it repetitive and a bit ‘new age’. If you are looking for your soul’s purpose, I will leave you with the words, “Diamond is a piece of coal that has been subjected to extreme pressure and temperature.” I hope you find the healing, love, and peace that this book desperately aims for.

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