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Honorable Profession

Dan Cahill is a former secret service agent that moves to Nevada to try and repair the relationship with his daughter that was long neglected due to his career. His daughter Meghan wants to help her political science professor Walter Becker win the Nevada presidential primary. Despite wanting nothing to do with politics ever again, Cahill agrees to help his daughter in her goals in order to rebuild a relationship with her. Albeit being retired, Cahill has a lot of experience with the ins and outs of the government and would be a great help to Walter’s quest for the presidency. But, will they achieve their goals?

Honorable Profession: A Novel of American Politics by Andy Kutler is a novel about how a retired Dan Cahill tries to mend his broken relationship with his daughter. To do so, he is aiding her in her desire to help her favorite professor become the president of the United States despite the odds weighing heavily against him. After being forced into retirement for leaking stories about diplomatic misconduct in the government, Cahill had developed a deep hatred for politics and promised himself not to get involved. He, however, ends up developing a liking for the college professor, which motivates him to help him win. More than a story about politics and drama surrounding elections, this is about a father and daughter. The political backdrop is used to bring them together in a way they otherwise would not have. Her ideas and his experience combined to make them a steller team that they never knew they could be.

The award-winning author, Andy Kutler, uses his vast political knowledge, gained while working under two senators, to accurately depict government operations. He is able to use the characters, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses, to paint a vivid picture of what goes on in the electoral system. It is a clear and intriguing look into what happens in the government and how elections are handled.

Honorable Profession: A Novel of American Politics is a riveting book that is perfect for readers who love political dramas that are grounded in reality. This is also a novel about building relationships and family, and readers looking for a modern and contemporary background for this thriller will be captivated from beginning to end.

Pages: 370 | ASIN : B09F3CG9MW

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Trust and Confidence

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Trust and ConfidenceThe 1998 Battle Between the Secret Service and Ken Starr is a historical look into the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. This in-depth analysis of the event started with author Jim Lichtman interviewing Lewis Merletti, the former Director of the United States Secret Service. This astute book gives readers an enthralling look into the political drama that unfolds when two factions of the Justice Department: Starr’s Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) and the upper echelon of the Department of Justice (DOJ) are pitted against each other. Lichtman opens this book with the thought-provoking epigraph:

If you have integrity, nothing else matters.”

“If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” – Senator Alan Simpson

This sets the tone for the rest of the book and introduces the reader to the theme. It is a book about trust and confidence, the basic tenets of the United States Secret Service. 

Merletti was an important figure in Starr’s investigation against the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, which was part of the much bigger Whitewater Scandal. This intriguing book is based entirely on personal interviews, documents from the personal files of the former Secret Service Director Lewis Merletti, and several other documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

The story is not just limited to Merletti’s encounters regarding the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal. It also covers how Merletti defended the report of his internal investigations on the raid by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) on a religious sect led by the spiritual zealot, David Koresh. Additionally, Lichtman discusses how Merletti fulfilled his role in the presidential detail and ultimately got appointed as the Director of the US Secret Service. This gives the reader a deeper insight into Merletti as an individual, what he stands for, and thus better explains the concept of trust and confidence around which the entire book revolves. 

Trust and Confidence is an intellectually invigorating read. This phenomenal book is recommended for anyone interested in political drama and wishes to dive deeper into the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal and look at its nuances as the book deliberately prevents the scandalous details of the extramarital affair from overshadowing the theme.  

Pages: 212

Animal Lab

On day one, the humans are gone.

A testing lab full of animals is left to fend for themselves when their humans suddenly vanish. The animals develop a new self-awareness; they start to think and act for themselves, and together they form a society in the absence of human oppression.

Rizzo, Cagney and Billie, three rats, bring together the animals of the lab to form a new nation, a constitutional democratic republic. Representatives are elected, and the government starts to form laws upon which to build their nation. Progress is forming and animals take on a new, wholesome way of life. Though peace cannot last forever, politics clash, murders run rampant, and crime is a new concept our characters are forced to face.

In Animal Lab author Bob Zeidman creates a world dominated by animals that represent the struggles we see in society today. This novel will engage readers in a philosophical discussion about American politics and how society can be viewed as a whole. Readers will find this book to be riveting and educational. The gradual development of the characters’ personalities as they form their nation and become more independent and free-thinking is captivating.

Billie and Cagney, two of the main characters in the story, are great examples. The two rats have been in an on-and-off-again relationship, but as they develop their rational thinking, through reading philosophical books, they quickly become inseparable. One of Zeidman’s characters remarks that they have practically become one person/animal. Though, as we get to the end of the book, we see Billie is no longer the shy little rat she once was; she turns into a domineering leader who controls and manipulates not only her partner but also the nation of animals in the lab. Cagney’s personality is mellow compared to Billie’s. But we can see how committed he is to Billie and would do anything for her, which leads him down an uncomfortable, immoral road.

Animal Lab is a quick read that packs an amazing amount of action and drama into the pages. Fans of political fiction and satirical fiction will enjoy this poignant novel. There are a few sensitive topics like the animals’ murders that could be upsetting to sensitive readers, but the overall theme of societal downfall and rebuilding will keep readers engaged. It has an uncanny resemblance to George Orwell’s Animal Farm so readers that enjoyed that novel will find this one a worthy read as well.

Pages: 149 | ASIN : B09HHMW3BB

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