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The Energy Inside Valsin’s Choices

The Energy Inside Valsin’s Choices is an inspirational historical fiction novel that takes readers on a journey through the many lives of Valsin in an attempt to restore his “light” and atone for the transgressions of his past. The story begins in New Orleans in 1862 and focuses on the lives of Nabella, Eula, Valsin, and a detective named Rene. The story takes place in New Orleans during the Civil War and the Union occupation. Nabella is new to the city and dreams of a life where she has more freedom from the societal norms of the 19th century. Valsin’s choices during this time will impact him throughout his next ten lives.

I really enjoyed reading about Nabella’s journey and the beginning of the book. The character development was what I had expected of a fictional book. However, the main characters discussed above no longer play a role once the significant transgression happens. I wanted to know more about Eula and Rene after the events between Valsin and Nabella.

The book continues to document each of Valsin’s next ten lives. He is a new person in each life with little but growing knowledge of his first life (life zero). In life zero, his actions in New Orleans and specifically with Nabella impact the next lives as he works to atone for his crimes. The book relies on the concept of reincarnation and the karma that people take with them from previous lives into their next lives. I really enjoyed seeing the different aspects of each new life and the lessons he learned to cleanse his aura and become a better human in each of his next lives. The story explores choice and consequence in different and interesting ways and directly asks the reader questions, which slowly transitions this book from fiction to more of a self-help or spiritual book. This was a surprising transformation that makes this one of the more unique fiction novels I have read.

The Energy Inside Valsin’s Choices is an intriguing metaphysical story. I enjoyed how the story showed Valsin living through each additional life and learning how and why each life was chosen for him. I would recommend this captivating book to readers looking for a spiritually uplifting novel that uses thought-provoking themes to tell a meaningful story.

Pages: 378 | ISBN13: 9781956695007

Undercover Kittens

Undercover Kittens: A Kallie Collins Cozy Mystery (A Pet Communicator Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Lisa Shay]

Doctor Kallie Collins is a veterinarian and truly loves her job. She does, however, possess a talent that makes her an asset to her patients as well as Medford’s law enforcement. Kallie communicates with animals. She is able to hear their thoughts and pick up on any number of clues to their conditions as well as clues that can lead to solving crimes. Her skills are unmatched, and there is no one else around who can do what Kallie does. And then… Evie Branagan shows up in Medford.

Undercover Kittens: A Kallie Collins Cozy Mystery, by Lisa Shay, is the third installment in the Kallie Collins Cozy Mystery series. Main character, Dr. Kallie Collins, prides herself on her ability to communicate easily with the animals she treats in her office. Depending on their willingness to share their thoughts, she is able to diagnose, treat, and prepare owners for their aftercare much more easily. She is alone in this field with her talents until the day she hears that another animal communicator has opened up shop in her little town. Word travels fast, and she soon begins to hear more than she wants about her potential competition.

The premise of Shay’s book is fascinating–a psychic veterinarian who can extract clues from animal witnesses to crimes. From the first chapter, Shay sets the stage and pulls readers into Kallie’s life as both a dedicated veterinarian and an, at times, not-so willing detective. I have to say it is a unique take on the mystery genre and does entertain as much as it engages readers.

This third installment of Shay’s series is a quick read with very few parallel storylines. Readers will be able to get straight to the heart of the matter as the action moves rapidly once the initial crime is committed. Kallie’s personal struggles are a nice addition to the main plot of the book. She is a relatable character with quirks that help readers get to know her and her friend circle quickly. It is worth noting that the cover and title can be somewhat misleading when it comes to the genre of Shay’s books. Both cover and title would lead one to believe that these stories are written with younger readers in mind, and that is simply not the case.

I highly recommend Shay’s series to any animal lover who enjoys a good mystery. Readers who have pets of their own will appreciate the research and detail Shay puts into her books. The cast of memorable characters makes the Kallie Collins Cozy Mystery series a must-read.

Pages: 230 | ASIN: B09NMXZS5N

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A woman, estranged from her family, is living alone in a small, one-bedroom, apartment. Dr. Mitra Shahverdi has become numb to the fact that her work is an all-consuming addiction. Her non-existent social life has her spending the holidays alone. Until one warm night, Mitra wakes abruptly to a loud bang. A child, naked and scared, is huddled in her bathroom. With no memory of how he got there or who his parents are; and because it is the holidays, the police encourage Mitra to take the child in for a couple of days.

In Siamak Vakili’s novella, Motherhood, we follow the heartwarming journey of a mother who rekindles her love for her five-year-old son. The story is heartwarming and sweet, although the book’s description makes it seem misogynistic at first, once you dive into this heartfelt novella readers will find a beautiful story of a woman coming to terms with a desire for motherhood that was buried inside her.

In the beginning, it is touching to see Mitra warming up to the child so quickly and treating him so affectionately. The author depicts Mitra as someone who does not like children, but with how quickly she falls in love with the boy, it feels like she is lying to herself. I feel like she tries desperately to define herself as someone who hates children, because how else would she be able to justify leaving her child and husband in pursuit of her career. This makes the ending all the more sweeter, and the journey to get there is emotional and captivating.

There is definitely some interesting language used to describe the times when Mitra is coddling the boy, or discovering her passion for him. The description of motherly affection appeared sensual and intimate, “…his trembling body sent a shiver through her body which awakened a pleasant feeling in her … she felt warm inside, the sudden rush of blood turned her face crimson and her skin soaked in a joyful sweat.” The sensuous language is unique to a story about motherhood where I find it is normally found in more provocative novels. All of this presents this fascinating story in a writing style that I have yet to be introduced to.

Motherhood is an emotionally stimulating story that explores parenthood through a unique lens. Readers looking for a short story that feels very different, on a topic not often delved so deeply into, then this is definitely a must-read.

Pages: 72 | ISBN: 1639881891

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Guitar is the perfect book for you if you are looking to learn about the guitar. By reading this book you not only learn how to play the guitar but you also get to know the different parts of the musical instrument. Ken Jackson also shows readers how to hold the guitar, clean it, along with safekeeping instructions. Learning about the guitar is an interesting and fascinating experience. Like the author puts it, ‘there is more to just playing the guitar’. Clicking on the strings, knowing which fingers to use and which notes to hit best.

The best way to learn any instruments is by looking at the illustrations that accompany the text. There are plenty of images and illustrations that guide you as a reader when you are reading Guitar, and I liked how clear the images were. The reading experience is pleasant because one can easily understand which part of the guitar the author is talking about.

A few pages in one can already feel the love the author has for the guitar. Ken Jackson is passionate when he writes, and this translates to the amazing work he shares with everyone. The author reminds every guitar player, whether a rookie or expert, that there is nothing as soothing as having your instrument and playing any song you want. Owning a guitar is a wonderful thing. By knowing how to play the guitar, you can make a hobby out of it, play it for entertainment or even make some extra cash out of your skill. Ken Jackson’s book will help you realize that learning to play the guitar is not as complicated as some people may assume. All it takes is patience, concentration and passion.

I learned plenty of musical terminologies from the book. Learning the musical jargon and learning new phrases felt powerful. Ken Jackson did an incredible job introducing those that are not familiar with the terminologies. What I also enjoyed was how the author explained and defined the music terms in simple but comprehensive ways. This book is easy to comprehend as the author does not use complex expressions or images. I loved the surprise songs in the book. The author included tens of songs, and showed the reader how to play each of them. Singing the songs and practicing with the notes shared looks like a fun activity both for expert players and newbies.

Guitar by Ken Jackson has great vibes and cheers one up. This book is an exceptional starting point for anyone wanting to learn guitar as it is filled with practical advice and easy to understand instructions that will help level up your guitar skills.

Pages: 414 : ASIN : B08KWPFR5H

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Straight-up Revenge

Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence Author Interview

Vindictive follows a woman that discovers her past is all a lie, when she sets out to get revenge on those that used her she also becomes the hunted. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The origins of Vindictive date back to high school, when I was bullied a lot for being gay. I often fantasized about enacting elaborate revenge schemes to get back at my antagonists, but nothing ever physically materialized from those thoughts and daydreams. Still, it stoked the fire of creativity, building inside of me a desire to get my feelings of wanting payback down on paper. Writing, the path of storytelling, could be my scheme of revenge, my therapeutic way of dealing with feeling powerless. I wrote a thirty-plus-page melodrama about people getting revenge on other people for transgressions against them.

Decades later, during a house move, I discovered my hand-typed manuscript in a box and decided to finish the story. Having much more life experience, knowing myself, and possessing confidence, I was able to create a revenge story far beyond what I could have thought up at seventeen.

Jules goes through major changes in her personality the more she discovers. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

In Vindictive, I wanted to show that even an intensely unlikable character such as Jules had her reasons for why she invested so much of herself in acting cruel, vicious, and manipulative towards others, especially those who appear weaker and innocent of transgressions. Jules was not born this way; she is a creation of circumstances outside her control. Jules is intelligent, capable, ambitious, maybe more than a little self-centred, but she is not inherently cold or mean-spirited. I wanted to show how an act, or acts, of violence against someone with this kind of capability and fortitude, could push them towards a level of vindictiveness that only straight-up revenge could satiate.

Jules’s hidden depths of loyalty, friendship, and love emerge as her secrets begin to be known to others. The reader starts to understand Jules, maybe even empathize with her, and it is at this moment—a moment that will come at different times for different readers—when Jules’s humanity, her heart will be knowable. I hope that the reader will commence rooting for Jules to succeed in her quest for revenge!

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Of course, the theme that I wanted to explore predominantly in Vindictive was revenge. How far is someone willing to go to get it? What lines would they cross? Is it necessary to make someone suffer in the process of getting even, and how severe should their methods be? If innocent people get in the way, should someone alter or reassess their revenge scheme or plow through these obstacles. Is revenge at any cost valid or cruel? Does it depend on the severity of the betrayal, of the crime? Well, as it says in my book, “No form of revenge is petty; all revenge is reasonable,” but I will leave the reader to determine for themselves if it was all worth it.

Another theme that was important for me to explore was forgiveness. Can lesser evils be forgiven? And what does it take to gain access to one’s forgiveness? Are some people exempt from paying a high price for their transgressions due to feelings of love, of loyalty, or is it simply a matter of hypocrisy, unfairness or being selectively judgmental? Relationships are complex, and there are never easy answers.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next novel is tentatively titled Vengeful. It is not a sequel but a companion book to Vindictive. The storylines of both books take place over the same three days, and by the end of Vengeful, the two books will have converged into a cohesive storyline leading into my third, currently untitled novel. Many characters that take centre stage in Vindictive take a back seat in Vengeful, allowing the story to focus significantly more on the Bergé family, Stella Cartell, the mysterious bearded man, and several new and compelling characters. I am excited to include even more LGBTQ representation. I am tentatively looking at a late fall date of release for Vengeful, but nothing is concrete yet.

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The best revenge is revenge. Getting it is all that matters.
Jules Cartell has it all: wealth; beauty; a handsome, loving husband; a partnership in her father’s law firm; and the top executive position at one of Canada’s leading corporations, Cartell Worldwide. Aside from her secret, problematic desire for the married owner of the internationally renowned Château Bergé, Jules believes she and her life are pretty perfect. But the discovery of an unforgivable crime perpetrated against her family by her husband, Phillip, years before the two met sets Jules down the path of revenge. There is no option for forgiveness. Phillip has to pay. An eye for an eye.
It is said that when seeking revenge, you should dig two graves. Someone from Jules’s past, someone aggrieved by her actions, seeks vengeance for themselves. This is an enemy without compassion, without morality, without mercy. An enemy who will accept no restitution short of Jules’s death.
In the city of Fairporte, ON, secrets, lies, and betrayal can be found everywhere. As adversaries close in, will Jules get revenge before her past catches up with her? Unexpected allies may be instrumental to her success. They may also be the key to her very survival.

Flowers That Die

The Flowers That Die by Gideon Halpin is a must-read for any poetry lover. This profoundly thoughtful poetry collection mixes the modern Instagram style and a classic verse feel. Halpin discusses life and love in this collection through their keen use of the English language. They will take readers on a memorable ride of emotions. Each of the expressive poems will fascinate readers with the feelings and imagery that Halpin has written.

Like many poetry collections, this one has a variety of styles and subjects that will appeal to a wide range of readers. The varied topics will give everyone something to latch onto and contemplate. I enjoyed the poem Eyes of a Grandmother the most, while Tall Drink of Water might appeal to other readers more. Halpin did tend to use similar phrases in multiple poems; it can come across as repetitive or could be intentional to link the seemingly unrelated poems to each other. This caused several poems to blend together, extending the experience.

What readers will love most about this imaginative collection of poems is Halpin’s vivid imagery through writing. The author’s descriptive writing creates beautiful visuals that readers can imagine themselves in. The ability to take a reader out of the present and into the world you have written is a great skill that Halpin excels at. In addition, the lyrical style lets readers experience the world they have created. Even the poems that, on the surface, lacked direction produced vibrant imagery that everyone could see. Halpin truly knows how to bring their thoughts to life.

The Flowers That Die is an exceptional and memorable collection of poetry that readers will be able to dive into and take a journey through the words of Halpin. It’s the perfect book to settle in with on a warm afternoon.

Pages: 96 | ISBN : 1639881603

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Crazy Love – Book Trailer

Danny Fenton and Dawn Robinson are two twenty-something misfit dreamers. They have fled their down-and-out existence in backwoods Arkansas, hoping to make a new life for themselves in the big city of St. Louis. Leaving sketchy jobs behind, Danny is starting afresh as a private investigator while Dawn schemes to open her own restaurant, The Dawn of Good Eats.

But they soon find that it’s not so easy to outrun their past as dangerous and depressing connections catch up with them. Dawn finds herself unwittingly entangled in an illegal scheme that Danny accidentally exposes in an off-the-books investigative effort. With criminal activity that Danny can’t ignore, Dawn finds her dream threatened by the very person she loves the most.

How they find their way through this tragicomic clash of their desperate but endearing ambitions reveals the magic of their crazy love.

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Christianity A Flawed Religion

Christianity A Flawed Religion provides an argument on how Christian dogma keeps humanity in bondage to sin and a suffering world, and how to fix it. This insightful book provides readers with author Warren William Luce’s wisdom and thought-provoking arguments about Christianity and its tenants. This informative book presents details of the philosophy behind why Christianity, like many other religions, is flawed in some aspects. Among the chief reasons for this logic are the arguments of Trials and Tribulations, Change, Excommunication, and how man has inserted their views into the word of Christ. Luce presents a well-thought-out thesis for the arguments made and does a great job of expanding upon those ideas.

The beginning of the book entails a broad view of Luce’s life. It goes into detail about his upbringing, his family life, time in the war, and living a nominal Christian life– that is, being a Christian in name only, instead of abiding by the true teachings of Jesus. Among many arguments made, the details that hindered Luce’s belief in Christian doctrine consist of questions, the validity of his own beliefs, and how professing Christians in the world today do not mirror the Christians found in early church accounts and biblical scriptures. The book closes with a charge from Warren, asking who it is you believe: Christian theologians or Jesus. And if it is Jesus you profess in creed, then to live through the example He set, and the way of life He paved according to the Christian scriptures.

Luce has written a compelling book that brings up good points and ideas to support his argument that Christianity is a flawed religion in some ways. However, it seemed as if the views in this book were relatively negative, but ended with a challenge to the reader, and had plenty of scriptures to support the claims made. I would recommend this book to anyone who might be interested in exploring religion or challenging their own viewpoints of Christianity.

Christianity a Flawed Religion: How Christian Dogma Inadvertently Keeps Humanity In Bondage to Sin and a Suffering World and How to Fix It is a thoughtful book that will interest readers of religious dogma, spiritual texts, and philosophical non-fiction.

Pages: 248 | ISBN : 9781716028793

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