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What Is Truth?

The reader notices the first Carol Byers’s writing is meticulous. While writing, the author writes about even the most minute differences between the two religions. She takes pride in her knowledge of the Bible and makes biblical references on every page. In What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran, the author draws comparisons between the two religions’ differences observed, analyzing the Bible and the Koran and breaking down the various practices. The author goes above and beyond when explaining every detail. I love Carol Byers’s writing because she is passionate about religion. This is displayed in her in-depth research and how she states her points.

This educational book starts by giving the most essential comparisons between the Bible and the Koran. I like that the author simplified this part of the book for the reader, as it made comprehension easy. Next, the author discusses Prophet Muhammad, examines his character, and shares their beliefs about him. Carol Byers uses the ideal language and phrases when discussing the Muslim deity and also helps the reader get a true reflection of him. The book uses simplified language, a deep and insightful analysis of Christians, Muslims, and other religions, and closing remarks for the questions readers may ask.

Carol Byers’ writing will appeal to fundamental Christians and believers that recognize that the Christian God is supreme. The author uses multiple scripture passages throughout the book. By giving direct bible verses, she gives the reader a better reference point for where she is developing her analysis from. In addition, the author is conversant with the Bible, Christianity, and even Islam. This is evident in how she writes about the history of both religions, the steps Christians have taken over the years, and why religion is crucial in human existence.

Reading What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran was an enjoyable experience. The book is divided into two parts, with part one mainly discussing the disparity between the Bible and the Koran, while part two focuses on Islamic practices like marriage, faith, war, and peace. Each of the two parts had weighty topics that would motivate Christians, Muslims, and believers of other religions. Some of the most insightful chapters that I read over and again discussed subjects like the Muslim messiah, how Muslims fight for the cause of god in the name of Jihad, and the last day, salvation through Christ, and truth in Islam and Christianity.

As you read on, you realize that despite Christians and Muslims have a few similarities in how they worship, believers of the two religions have diverse ways of practicing religion. I also love that the author touched on Jews and their common beliefs.

What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran is like a summarized theology class. The author writes in detail and tries to reach her message to both believers and nonbelievers in the gentlest way possible. I rate this practical book a 4 out of 5 stars because the information in this book is clear and provides perspective on the end of times.

Pages: 409 | ASIN : B08CY7ZC9V

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