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Passage Of Time

Passage of Time (Seeker of Time Series Book 3) by [Buckler, J.M.]

Elara Dunlin has a hard time as she tries to leave behind her relationship baggage. She has the responsibility of handling a ruthless dictator threatening to ruin the planet despite the turmoil in her heart. Single events change the trajectory of different people’s lives. Everyone from Elara to Cyrus and others will face different paths. Despite the hurdles on her path and her own immense fear, Elara forges forward. Can Elara make it out of the abyss? What will come of Cyrus? Does Zenith stand a chance against tenacity and unity?

Buckler’s third installment in the Seeker of Time series is definitely a step up from the other two. As the story intensifies and plot thickens so does her writing prowess. Even the reader’s relationship with the story and the characters gains depth with every installment and reaches a new high with this third one. There is a lot that was left unresolved from the second installment.

The sheer amount of detail and engagement in this book is simply astounding. The author’s prowess with language and imagery is brilliant. She has a talent for creating an easy rapport between the characters and the reader. You will enjoy the pace of the book as well as the adventure that colors every page.

The characters are well developed, with depth and multiple dimensions. Elara is an especially likable character. Her tenacity and positivity are inspiring if not challenging. Cyrus on the other hand is not exactly likable but he serves his purpose pretty well.

It is lovely that while this is a sci-fi story the author also gives the characters a life. You are able to see their lives as regular beings rather than those with huge responsibilities to the planet. As the reader you get a real glimpse into Elara and Cyrus as beings and not just vessels of supernatural powers.

This is a very interesting book. The plot with all its twists and turns is incredibly entertaining not to mention effective at relegating the reader to the edge of their seat. Despite being a book meant for young adults, this book will appeal to everyone.

If you are lucky enough to come across the series for the first time then you will enjoy bingeing on the entire series.

Pages: 678 | ASIN: B07WFW6T85

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Seeker of Time

Seeker of Time by [Buckler, J.M.]

Seeker of Time by J. M. Buckler is an enthralling and fascinating story of science fiction, relationships, and action. Seeker of Time follows the paths of Elara, a young and relatable protagonist whose struggles with navigating the social scene in high school. This should be painfully familiar to any reader who has attended high school in the United States. Cyrus is the handsome and athletic high school star and newfound friend to Elara, and Jax is a mysterious and enticing visitor in their lives. The novel merits a solid four-star rating (I’m tempted to say four and a half!), lacking only in that it cuts the action at the end too short, though admittedly Buckler does lay the scene for a perfect sequel.

As Buckler weaves readers through the intricate details of their lives, readers will almost forget that the novel is a work of fiction as Buckler is so skilled at crafting realistic yet mesmerizing story lines and characters, leading me to feel as if I really knew Elara, Cyrus, and Jax. The character development is where Buckler truly shines. Though the protagonists are young adults, ranging between eighteen and early-twenties, Seeker of Time does not feel like a novel just for other young adults. Reading about the struggles of high school from the perspective of two high school students is a refreshing breath of fresh air, and I experienced genuine amusement and terror as I watched some of the high school scenes unfold, feeling lucky that I am now beyond the terrors of angry and vindictive foreign language teachers. The main character, Elara, is superbly developed, and watching her character mature throughout the novel is engrossing, as readers watch her progress from shy and reserved into a strong protagonist they will cheer for her. Cyrus and Jax are also well-developed, multi-dimensional characters, ones that readers will surely want to learn more about in the sequel to Seeker of Time.

The mélange of the world as we know it and the supernatural that Buckler has invented tie together seamlessly. Buckler does an excellent job of quickly but not hurriedly explaining the otherworldly aspects of the novel, which allows her to progress the novel’s pace without leaving readers confused. The worlds that Buckler has created felt entirely unique to me, like nothing I have ever read before, which made the novel truly delightful to read, and I found myself rapidly flipping through the pages to find out what would happen.

Seeker of Time is action-packed and quick paced, yet I found the finale to be somewhat disappointing. Buckler introduces what readers will understand to be the main goal of the story approximately halfway through, so I was disappointed to reach the end of the novel and find that the action I anticipated would have to wait for another installment in the Elara, Cyrus, and Jax series. Though perhaps that is not a true flaw, as I was simply too excited about what was going to happen. Regardless, in Seeker of Time J. M. Buckler has created characters and worlds that will draw in any fan of fiction and leave them satisfied, intrigued, and perhaps even questioning their own worlds.

Pages: 240 | ASIN: B075MNZ7TB

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Lost in my Imagination

J.M. Buckler Author Interview

J.M. Buckler Author Interview

Stillness of Time follows the adventure of Elara and Cyrus as they try to make their way on a mysterious planet which holds secrets they may not want to learn. Where did you want to take the characters in book two of your Seeker of Time series?

In Stillness of Time, I wanted to whisk my characters away from Earth and let them loose on an emotional roller coaster in a new world. The book series as a whole is about self-growth and discovery, but Stillness of Time is where the characters begin to face challenges that test their mental and physical endurance. In book two, Cyrus is more emotionally sound than Elara. I wanted the reader to see how their relationship evolved when things took a turn for the worst. Every character faces a struggle in Stillness of Time and the ending is the tipping point that sets the ball rolling for the third book in the series.

One thing that stands out to me in Stillness of Time is the creativity embedded in this world. What was your inspiration for creating such an imaginative world?

My inspiration for creating an imaginative world stems from my love of the unknown. As an only child, I would play in my room or the outdoors lost in my imagination. I would visualize far off places and pretend that I could travel to them in the blink of an eye. I always wondered if there were planets like ours with people like us living on them, and I would spend hours daydreaming about the ‘what ifs’ in life.

In your novel I picked up some inspiration from other science fiction novels that I thought played well in the story. What were some of your sources of inspiration for this book?

My inspiration for this story came from within. I enjoy science fiction but funny enough, I have never read any science fiction books other than my own. I do appreciate a good sci-fi film though and LOVE Star Wars.

Will there be a third book in your Seeker of Time series? If so, where will the story go in the next book?

Passage of Time is the third book in the Seeker of Time series and is set to release in the fall of this year. So far, it is the longest and most intense book in the series. The adult content gets kicked up a notch and the combative scenes will leave the readers on the edge of their seats. Characters are faced with their toughest challenges yet, and the final battle with Zenith takes a twist that readers will never see coming.

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“I had to believe the good in life always prevailed. I had to believe that in the end, the truth would triumph.” Mystery, danger, and heartache are all things Elara must face now back on Aroonyx. Jax continues to reveal dark secrets that challenge her and Cyrus’s trust, pushing them farther than they ever thought possible. Can they keep their identities hidden from Zenith and the Collectors? New and mysterious friends help the twins through their darkest hours while enemies lurk around every corner. Eventually, Elara and Cyrus discover things are not always as they seem. Unsure of their fate, the twins form an unbreakable bond that over time will be put to the ultimate test. Elara’s relationship with Jax evolves to a whole new level, only to be challenged during a life-changing night. Presented with a difficult choice, Elara is forced to make a sacrifice that alters the course of her future forever. Does she have the strength to accept this new fate? Can you truly love someone enough to let them go? Stillness of Time is the second installment in the Seeker of Time series. Filled with danger, adventure, romance, and heartache, the plot twist and turns around every corner, sending the reader on an emotional roller coaster that leaves them breathless, longing for more.

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Seeker of Time Book Trailer

Elara Dunlin never imagined how much her life would change after moving across the country at the start of her senior year of high school. Who is the mysterious man with the deep blue eyes that follows her everywhere she goes? Strange events begin to unfold, causing Elara to question her own reality. The predictable and simple life she has always known dramatically changes on one cold, fateful night…the night when the elusive blue-eyed man finally approaches her directly and shares information that completely turns her world upside down. Eventually, Elara realizes that she has to tell her only friend, Cyrus, the truth about the mysterious visitor. Will he believe any of it? The elusive man continues to reveal dark secrets about her troubled past, adding a new dimension to their growing relationship. Is she willing to place all of her trust in this one person who pushes her physically and emotionally farther than she ever thought possible? He had warned Elara that her life would change forever, but does she have the courage to move forward?

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Stillness of Time

Stillness of Time (Seeker of Time Book 2) by [Buckler, J.M.]J.M. Buckler’s Stillness of Time details the adventure of Elara and Cyrus as they try desperately to make their way on Aroonyx with the help of Jax, their guide and mysterious friend. Aroonyx, a planet void of insects but rich with plant life, hides secrets the twins, Elara and Cyrus, cannot comprehend and may not want to learn. Jax, the man responsible for watching over them and bringing them through their travels unscathed, seems to hold more than his share of the secrets embedded in Aroonyx. As the two prepare to face Zenith, the ruler of Aroonyx and a deadly force in his own right, Elara and Cyrus learn they, too, possess their share of secrets.

The beauty of Aroonyx is undeniable. Buckler has created a phenomenal setting for this otherworldly novel. The characters’ fascination with the land and water matches the readers’ awe in the authors’ descriptions of the landscape. The setting in Stillness of Time immediately caught my eye and played an important role in holding my interest in the plot in the initial chapters.

I enjoy levity in most any genre and, for the most part, Buckler maintains a serious tone throughout Stillness of Time. One scene in particular provides a much-needed break from the long sequence of tense events. When Cyrus mistakenly drinks Maragin and hallucinates for hours about a moody imaginary monkey companion named Rico, the feel of the book changes for the better. Though Buckler could easily have omitted this lengthy bit of lightheartedness, I truly appreciated the stretch of joviality with the characters.

The gifts bestowed upon the characters by the author are something to behold. Each time Elara and Cyrus engaged in the passing of energy through Elara’s body, I was amazed. Not only is this a unique gift, but it is one I have not seen before in this genre. Buckler has hit upon a wonderfully simple defensive skill for her protagonists. It was a fascinating process to watch as the two perfected the method and put it to use to defend themselves.

Buckler, without a doubt, uses the element of anticipation to her advantage as she builds tension from one chapter to the next before the final meeting with Zenith. I found myself dreading this final moment as much as Elara and the rest of the cast of characters–an excellent sign of effective writing. Jax, the former tenth member of Zenith’s evil Inner Circle, has never been replaced. The spot left vacant and ominously waiting to be filled helps build suspense as the story progresses and the journey to face Zenith gathers steam.

I am giving Stillness of Time by J.M. Buckler 5 out of 5 stars for its uniqueness and engaging plot. The characters within are memorable and relatable. I recommend Buckler’s work to any science fiction fan who fancies action over romance. Though Buckler includes elements of romantic relationships, the focus of the book centers around three intense characters, their unique skill sets, and one harrowing journey to overpower a madman.

Pages: 392 | ASIN: B07B6BWR83

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Seeker of Time

Seeker of Time by [Buckler, J.M., Buckler, J.M.]

What begins as a typical young adult novel evolves into a fantastical adventure. Seeker of Time by J.M. Buckler presents us with a protagonist most young people can relate to: Elara feels isolated, like she doesn’t fit in. Not only with her high school classmates but also with her family. Never feeling like she truly fit in, she comes across another student, Cyrus, who has been nothing but kind to her. But there is more to their relationship than Elara and Cyrus are prepared to understand. They aren’t just classmates; they aren’t just your typical high school students. No, these two have an even greater destiny waiting for them than what an average person will experience.

Buckler does very well with her world building. At first, the book feels like a coming-of-age story where Elara will find a way to fit in with those around her. The prologue should have been a dead giveaway for this, but the chapters that follow don’t dive into the fantasy aspects of the tale until much farther into the book. Buckler takes her time developing her characters and building the world that the readers are going to get drawn deeper and deeper into.

The dynamic and difference between the two protagonists Elara and Cyrus is necessary not only for the current story line, but for any potential future books. They are similar and yet opposite enough that when Buckler goes on to explain the extraordinary circumstances to their existence, it makes sense. If they were too similar or too opposite it would have ruined the balance that is necessary for these characters further on in this world. This is not easy to do, and it is laudable that Buckler is able to accomplish this.

There are some formatting, spelling and punctuation issues that detract from the story at times. These can be solved by a good editor or by spending more time on the editing process. By no means do these errors detract from the story itself, but they are disruptive when they occur. Another downfall to this book is the pacing. If readers are looking for a strong fantasy element, you will not find it right away in this book. But if you have the patience to wait it out, you will be rewarded.

Seeker of Time by J.M. Buckler is a fantastic entry into a well-developed fantasy world. While the pacing can be a bit slow at times, the payoff is a well-constructed world with a rich history. Descriptions and characters make sense: the way protagonists Elara and Cyrus react to the truth about their lives is refreshing. The reality of the experience is sure to help readers identify with the characters on a personal and emotional level. Buckler sticks to parameters she has outlined for herself in how this book and this world is going to develop. The ending leaves just enough intrigue that a second installment, or more, in this series would be welcomed.

Pages: 330 | ASIN: B075MNZ7TB

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