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When Lambs Eat Lions – Book Trailer

A tall, mysterious white man moves into a neighborhood that is caught in a turf war between three rival gangs. He becomes a threat to the gangs when the residents begin to lose their fear of the gangs and they begin to lose members.

They plot to take this bible thumping interloper out, but soon discover they had made a mistake of biblical proportions.

Who or what is he?

The residents think he’s an angel sent from heaven.
The gangs think he’s a demon sent from hell.
The local clergy think he’s the Lamb returning as the Lion to usher in the End of Days.

Or is he something else?

A Flash of Light – Book Trailer

America is hit by an unprovoked nuclear missile attack by North Korea. While NATO works to deescalate the Nuclear holocaust, a mother, a mechanical engineering expert, and her two children race through panic-stricken cities in an attempt to reach their atomic bomb-resistant shelter in the mountains.

A second air blast over New York knocks out all the car’s electronics except for The Beast, the mother’s armored, custom-made, Dodge Durango Hellcat.

Can they make it through the marauding gangs who have taken advantage of the cities abandoned by the cops to protect their own families? Will the prototype regenerative fuel cell she developed last until they reach the Catskill Mountains and safety?

Hang on for the high octane, action-packed, death race to safety from the Next Name in Horror.

INVITED: Initium – Book Trailer

In 1631 Sebastian Barbaneagra and Bianca Lupei were in love and planning their wedding day. That is until an Emperor Vampire named Lord Lucian Dascălu appeared one night and informed Bianca that she was his heir. To ensure that his bloodline would continue, Lucian bites Bianca, thus transferring the curse to her. But Sebastian refuses to go through life without Bianca and voluntarily chooses to be damned with her. The lovers find a witch’s book that holds the key to ending the curse, but they must run from an army of Jesuit Priests who are bent on sending them to hell.

He’s My Man Now – Book Trailer

Winston Tucker lost everything when his cheating wife dragged him through a nasty divorce.

Turning to the bottle for consolation, Winston’s life begins to unravel, and when life has dealt him its last blow, and he’s about to give up, a gay young man walks into the bar and gives him a reason to live.

Seventeen & Seventy – Book Trailer

Alessandro was the first and only man that Claudia had ever loved. Then a fatal heart attack took the shipping magnate away from her. After falling into a state of depression, she started to waste away until a delivery boy lit a fire in her heart. Little did they know that their love affair would tear families apart, and reach the courts as outside forces try to prevent them from marrying.


A Ugandan scientist’s wife is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

In a desperate search to find a cure, he tests an FDA unapproved drug on Clarence, a Grauer gorilla. But something goes terribly wrong.

What happens when a 650-pound gorilla with the strength of 30 men, a 120 IQ, and a bad temper escapes from the research center that was about to euthanize him?

Man is placed on the endangered species list.

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MY NAME IS ROBERT! – Book Trailer

Robert Barton was born a boy who loved to dress up as a girl. That was his only crime.

When he was 16, five high school football players and a man raped and brutalized him for hours before dumping him in a vacant lot.

The day after he is found alive, the bodies of his assailants start stacking up in the morgue.

Detective Sylvia Gomez must find this avenging angel before he or she takes out the last player and its game over!

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The Safe – Book Trailer

The Coldwater Security Company has a technician who works with a burglary ring. He lets them know which clients have a lot of money and jewels stored in their safes. An elderly couple moves into a mansion in Cromwell, CT. He watches as they store jewelry and cash in the safe. Then something goes terribly wrong, and the old couple is killed. They thought they had an easy score. However, all they found was the combination to open the gates of Hell!

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