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The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms

The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms. by [Tony Jeton Selimi]

The Unfakeable Code(R): Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms helps readers improve their lives by becoming more authentic and changing their mindset. Author Tony Jeton Selimi writes with enthusiasm and with the intent to help his readers. While reading the book, you get to learn about every aspect of life; career, businesses, friendships, family and building networks.

In the introduction, the author introduces the unfakeable code to readers. He explains in detail what it entails and even explains some of the topics to be covered in the book. The introduction is where I connected with the author. Tony Jeton Selimi is engaging from the start. One gets the impression of having a real time conversation with him because of how easily the text flows. All chapters have content that will help you grow. Young readers, senior citizens, folks experienced in their careers and students alike have a lot to benefit just by reading this book.

The joy about reading this book is that the author gives fresh content with every new chapter. The author is diverse with his discussion and ensures that every topic or subtopic has enough material to help the reader understand. He understands that his readers are from different backgrounds and so he makes content that can be consumed by all. When reading about a particular subject, the author uses questions, real life examples and talks to the reader on an individual level to get his point across. At the end of the reading, the reader feels fulfilled and inspired to take the right step in their life.

There are many lessons in this book that the reader learns about. The major lessons that I found to be most valuable were how to be yourself and being bold enough to try new things. The author gave me a challenge to explore my potential, learn new skills and be productive at all times. The Unfakeable Code is a manual that will guide you as you navigate life and also helps you find solutions to real problems. The author is straightforward with his experiences and expounds on every issue. The Unfakeable Code has the potential to help you become a better person, improve your career, your mental health, physical health and personal relationships. The Unfakeable Code is an inspirational book that I recommend to anyone looking for a personal development path that is uplifting and illuminating.

Pages: 205 | ASIN: B0928MJ4XH

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Practical Advice Based on Experience

Annie Koshy
Annie Koshy Author Interview

How To Be Your BADASS Self is an easy to read guide that helps readers build a successful brand. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wish I had a book like this when I was starting my branding journey. Had I a guide like this, it would have cut down the time I needed to get my brand and personal message up and running. Each step in the book has been included because I have personally experienced or worked through that process.

Whether someone is a new entrepreneur, or someone who is finding it challenging moving into a digital world, this book offers practical advice based on experience.

What do you feel is a common misconception people have about branding and success?

Personal branding is often underrated, overlooked or haphazardly done. Consistent and persistent personal branding is about writing down a plan and putting actionable steps to getting it done.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I think one of the most valuable tips I mention in the book is the need to fail in order to succeed. That true success only happens if you have the courage to take that first step to move forward. It may not always look perfect, but you have made progress and that is moving in the right direction!

What is your professional experience and how has it informed this book?

This book is completely based on professional and personal experience. For someone who was not a brand or very well known when I started my journey, the living proof that I’m now a recognized brand is something that is proof that what I say actually works.

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Are you struggling with branding yourself professionally, in order to achieve your dreams and goals? Is your purpose unclear? Then you need How to Be Your Badass Self: A Guide to Using Your Inner Energy for Brand Success! Annie Koshy lays out the steps to turn your mindset and focus to building your brand and growing your business or career.
Start by tackling your mindset and growing your understanding of what you have to offer, as a brand and as a professional. Annie walks you through the process, giving you stories from her personal journey in the world of media and marketing. Get the tools you need to determine your strengths, create a call to action, and build relationships with your clients.
Each stage of building a brand is covered in How to Be Your Badass Self. Annie does not leave anything out, from your thoughts to your habits, and everything that contributes to the energy related to your brand. Once she guides you through the process of building a brand, Annie shares the pitfalls to avoid. By the end of How to Be Your Badass Self: A Guide to Using Your Inner Energy for Brand Success, you will be inspired to be your own badass self!

Evolve like a Butterfly: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership

Evolve Like a Butterfly: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership

Evolve Like A Butterfly – A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership by Mayur Ramgir covers a broad spectrum of areas relevant to the task of a leader. Supported by illustrations and quotes, advice is given on risk taking, adapting to change, accepting feedback and good communication. It also looks at the conditions in which innovation, incubation and prototyping can occur. Ramgir reveals the secrets to motivating others whilst continuing on a path of self-development, and shares tips on creating a legacy through leadership succession.

The book can be read cover to cover or dipped into as a reference guide for specific advice.

The author engages the reader with a warm and welcoming tone from the start. He then describes his mother’s own leadership journey and invites us to consider the definition of a leader before we move on to more complex considerations. It is a useful resource for anyone starting out in leadership or those wishing to transition to a more ethical approach.

The butterfly metaphor is used initially to good effect, although it is not evenly referenced throughout, it is revived at later points and thus not lost entirely.

Hidden in the book are useful nuggets of advice which may not be found in your average book on leadership in business from a mainstream perspective. Ramgir emphasizes the importance of remaining connected empathetically to the work force so that there is less chance that this bond is severed in times of change or difficulty. He also looks at what areas of self development might be needed for a good leader; and points out how important it is to learn from one’s own failures whilst forging an individual path.

The author suggests that ‘character’ is vital in order to lead an organisation or team through crises and adversity. However, he does not really flesh out what he means by the term which readers may understand in slightly different ways, in particular across cultural divides. Perhaps ‘tenacity’ or ‘staying power’ would be suitable descriptors of the qualities he intends to present.

Ramgir does not shy away from offering solutions to challenging issues such as the potential pitfalls of moving from being a member of a peer group to leading those peers; or managing the ups and downs of different points in the business cycle and consideration of the timing of risk taking.

While some sections seem to repeat themes such as communication and motivation, the additional detail reiterates the importance of these key skills in different contexts.

This is a useful reader for students and established leaders in business as well as those concerned with social good; it is relevant across the private, third and public sectors.

This book is an inspiring read and goes far in providing sound advice to current and emerging leaders. It is a recommended read for anyone passionate about safeguarding the future of the organisation and people with whom they work.

Pages: 250 | ISBN: 154428585X

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