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The Question, by Greg Siofer, is a captivating and enigmatic story that follows the extraordinary journey of Nairb and his wife. One fateful day at work, Nairb uncovers his incredible abilities: the power to heal, manifest objects, and even manipulate supernatural occurrences. As they strive to maintain a semblance of normalcy, they soon realize that their newfound powers come with unforeseen risks. Together, Nairb and his wife must navigate these perilous events while guarding their secret from prying eyes. This mysterious narrative is a delightful choice for enthusiasts of suspenseful and action-packed novels.

The concept behind the story is exceptionally imaginative, drawing readers into a world where the extraordinary intersects with the mundane. The characters are skillfully depicted and offer a fascinating exploration of human nature. While some aspects of the characters’ reactions could have been more realistically portrayed, the progression of the narrative, starting from Nairb’s job and its subsequent upheaval due to his newfound powers, was engaging and well-executed. Notably, when his wife accidentally shot him, the absence of immediate panic before discovering his ability to heal himself contributed to the unique and unexpected nature of the narrative. The inclusion of supernatural elements in the storyline proved to be a captivating aspect, leaving readers intrigued and wanting more. Expanding upon the origins or causes behind these powers would undoubtedly deepen the narrative’s complexity and further engage the audience.

The Question exhibits a creative premise, along with well-developed characters and a suspenseful plot, ensuring that readers will be fully immersed in the story. With interesting character reactions and a unique plot this gripping book has the potential to become an absolute must-read for fans of mystery and action genres.

Pages: 168 | ASIN : B0C414CCGR

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An Interesting Psychology

Igor Valec Author Interview

Igor Valec Author Interview

Damnation is a thrilling dark fantasy novel that follows King Lortar as he finds himself surrounded by enemies. What was the inspiration for the setup to this novel?

Loosely, the Warring States period of ancient China.

Asuf was an intriguing character that I enjoyed following. Your book is filled with interesting characters, who was your favorite character to write for?

Princess Alerise. She has an interesting psychology and fun dialogue. Plus I have a thing for tomgirls, villainesses, and blondes, and Alerise just so happens to tick all those boxes.

The characters inhabit a world with a rich backstory. How did you create the backstory for this world and what were some themes you wanted to capture?

From the ground up. First the geography, then the ecology, then the peoples and their cultures, then their histories.

As for themes, I wanted to show a harsh people bred by a cruel and uncaring world—but more importantly, I wanted to show how kindness, however small, can exist even in a world that punishes the kind.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The sequel to this book will most likely be available sometime in 2021.

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Damnation: A Grimdark Fantasy Political Drama by [Valec, Igor]An Empire fallen. A kingdom beset. A family divided. When King Lortar discovers a savage cult performing heathen rites, he’s forced to battle a foe he never imagined: his own son. Surrounded by enemies, Lortar is trapped in a world of treachery and betrayal, where mercy is vice and malice is glory.

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Zertone Book Trailer

Evelyn Anderson is a normal teenage girl who thinks her life is boring. She goes to school and lives in an ordinary, suburban neighborhood with her parents. The only excitement in Evelyn’s life comes from practicing martial arts.

Evelyn soon finds herself working at a boating company with her father’s friend, Chuck. It is out in the open ocean where Evelyn discovers that she has a thirst for adventure. Her life suddenly changes when a storm sweeps her into another world. There, she meets a boy named Sam who becomes her comrade. Together, they set out to find Ferjian, a powerful being who wields magical powers, but rumors say that they are evil demons who love to murder and destroy.

What will Evelyn and Sam discover about this world and about the Ferjian they are seeking? Read and find out!

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