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Hope and Belief

William L Harben Author Interview

I’ve Been Waiting follows a narcotics detective who, at the request of a beautiful woman, investigates an unsolved mystery and encounters paranormal activities. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Well, this is a good question. I guess I was going through some difficult times personally. With the loss of family members, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Parents passing away, I guess you begin to question our very existence. You begin to wonder, is there something out there beyond this life, or is this it? So, with each passing of a loved one, a deep sadness begins to fill your heart. I feel that this was the place I was in at the time, and then I started having this reoccurring dream. It was the same dream, over and over, becoming more vivid each time. So, I started telling people about the dream.

The dream was about this guy walking down the street in an older part of Boston. The street was dark with high buildings on each side. It was a dark night with a slight fog that had rolled in. I had a feeling that the guy was aimlessly walking down the street, heading toward his favorite bar. As he got closer to the bar, he noticed this very attractive woman standing on the street corner under the lights. For whatever the reason, he was drawn toward the girl, and as he approached, he asked her if she was lost or needed help. She looked back at the guy and said, No…I’m waiting for you.

So, that was the dream. What exactly it meant, I didn’t know, but I finally decided to write it down. Writing it down made me realize that this guy, who became John O’Roark in the book, was lost. He had lost everything, his family, his self-worth, his career, and everything he ever believed in. However, I knew that this woman, who mysteriously came into his life at just the right time, would help him find his way back.

John is an interesting and unique character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Once I wrote down the dream, I had to go back and determine just what happened to this individual. So, I asked myself what tragedy could occur in a person’s life to make him feel the way he feels and put him in this situation of feeling totally lost. The most important thing in this world is your family, and if anything were to happen to them, you would be devastated. In knowing that, then you ask yourself, how would you respond and what would you do if something happened to your family like what happened to John’s family in the book? So, this is the direction I went within the book.

What was strange was when I started creating the different characters in the story. For instance, Dex, the stutterer came out of thin air, but he’s a big part of the story. Once I had the characters in place, the story just took off. It was as if I was just along for the ride, typing away as I saw the scenes play out.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I would say that the overall theme of this book is about hope. It’s about an individual who is in complete despair, lost, and alone in his grief with no sense of purpose due to his circumstances. Yet, on an unexpected meeting with a mysterious woman, his life begins to turn around as he embarks on an incredible journey that allows him to overcome his hardships and find a new purpose in life. It’s about the hope and the belief that he will be together again with his family someday and that, for now, he has much more to do in this world as he realizes that his new purpose is to help others.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I have several books in mind and have written the outlines for each. Obviously, this book has an ending that leads to another journey for John’s character. So, I’m in the process of outlining his next adventure.

Two other books that I am working on are: “Frantic Panic” and “The Family Secret

These books have no release date and are in the early stages of development.

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Haunted by his own guilt, John O’Roark, an undercover Boston narcotics agent, and his stuttering partner, Dex, embark on a ghostly journey as they pursue an old unsolved mystery that will ultimately change their lives forever.

John, a dedicated family man with two kids and a beautiful wife, blames himself for the senseless assault on his family. After which, John’s only intent in life was hunting down those responsible for the attack and seeking revenge. In doing so, he becomes lost and alone as he begins to question and doubt all that he believes to be true.

Until he meets a young and mysterious woman named Angelica, who begins telling him a compelling story about her friend who has been missing for years. Reluctant to take on a missing person’s case, he simply can’t resist being pulled into her captivating plea for help. With the aid of his old partner, Dex, the three set out for the mountains of Colorado to uncover the truth about the missing girl, only to discover that Angelica isn’t who or what she seems to be.

I’ve Been Waiting

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I’ve Been Waiting by William. L. Harben is an exciting mystery and paranormal novel taking place in Boston and Denver. The reader follows the life of narcotics agent John, who is working on a dangerous case when his life takes a dramatic turn.

John is going down the path of revenge-seeking when Angela, a beautiful and angelic woman, meets him in a bar and entrusts him with an unsolved case dear to her. Feeling this case is more than he can handle on his own, he seeks out help from an old co-worker. John contacts his old partner Dex, and together they go on this dangerous and unknown journey that will take them to Denver, where they have no idea what they will encounter as they unravel this mystery.

William Harben has written a fast-paced novel that will hook and keep the reader’s interest with each new page. It’s an excellent one-shot mystery novel that can be read quickly. The writing was really pleasing, with just the right amount of description and dialogue. An interesting character trait of Dex is that he suffers from a stutter. True to character, Harben writes the dialogue with his stutter. I feel some readers may find this to be distracting after a while, but it is part of what makes Dex’s character interesting and not a stock cookie-cutter detective.

The plot is well structured and will keep readers intrigued up until the very end, making this a book that is unpredictable. This story is reminiscent of the TV show Supernatural, with a similar vibe to it with two guys hunting down a case that has some paranormal aspects.

John’s family is briefly mentioned. While his wife is named, his children don’t have a name whatsoever. It dehumanized them a bit despite their important role in the story. Nevertheless, this was an interesting approach to their characterization.

I’ve Been Waiting is a fascinating and thrilling read for those who enjoy a great mystery thriller. The action keeps readers engaged as the mystery takes twists and turns. A spectacular paranormal mystery novel for those that love the unexpected.

Pages: 251 | ISBN: 9781639851676

Falling in Love with the Steampunk Sub-Genre

Wolfgang Edwards Author Interview

Wolfgang Edwards Author Interview

The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies is a genre-crossing novel with elements of a science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy as well. Did you start writing with this in mind, or did this happen organically as you were writing?

My idea for The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies began when I was falling in love with the Steampunk sub-genre and I knew I wanted to write a series of short stories set in a fantastic, fictional university with the themes of sci-fi and fantasy that are often seen in Steampunk. As I was developing the stories I quickly realized that I wanted to incorporate paranormal and horror elements in order to give the book a darker edge. I was also in the midst of reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft, which has certainly had an influence on my writing.

The story is divided into a number of different perspectives from each character. What was the inspiration for your characters and what themes did you try to use?

It all started with my friends from college. I have been very to lucky to meet a lot of interesting and diverse people with a wide variety of backgrounds and studies, which inspired me to write about a cast of characters who are all very different, but still wind up becoming the best of friends. The deeper themes of these characters wrestling with inner demons and overcoming fears and flaws actually stemmed from my own darker thoughts and fears, and over the years of writing and editing, the characters also took on lives of their own, evolving into the people you see in the final draft.

The University is an intriguing place that rivals Hogwarts and begs to be explored. How did you set about creating this imaginative world?

As a child I was definitely inspired by J.K. Rowling, so there is an element of Hogwarts about the University, but primarily this world began when I was actually in college and shortly afterward. I was – and continue to be – amazed by the latest breakthroughs in science and the fantastic expressions of artists of all mediums. As I began brainstorming ideas for a Steampunk University I could not help but imagine impossible, dark twists on real studies of arts and sciences. The world that the University is situated in is even more exotic, as it is inspired by the rich diversity of our own real world, as well as history and of course, sci-fi and fantasy elements from a life as a bookworm.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The sequel to The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies is still in the first draft stage. I have it all outlined and I am plugging away at writing it, one day at a time. The characters from The University will be traveling abroad – but I am not done with the University itself. I have an anthology book in mind with another variety of short stories set at the University, exploring more of the dark and creative studies there. The first sequel is undoubtedly at least a year or two away, but I am working on it as fast as I can. I am very excited to share my writing with my friends, family and anyone who enjoys sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal fiction.

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The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies (Students of Madness Book 1) by [Edwards, Wolfgang]At the University of Corporeal & Ethereal Studies meddling with unknown powers can be dangerous work. Courses in arts and sciences experiment with supernatural forces to solve the mysteries of the universe, but when school projects go awry, the students may discover more than they would like to about the madness of the cosmic ‘Beyond’.

Eight interwoven stories follow students whose school work, social lives and inner demons crash together, leading to fantastic and horrible experiences, supernatural powers, and a fuller understanding of the dark depths of their world.

Classes include subjects such as time travel, alchemy, oneironautics, psychedelic transformation, rogue automatons, cosmic ghosts, reality-warping crystals, and more.

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Greymoon River Road

Greymoon River Road5 StarsOh, wow! This story elicited so many different emotions in me! Normally I’m strictly romance stories kind of girl, but I enjoyed reading this from start to finish. It was very well written. The characters all had depth and layers which are awesome. I felt bad for Martin having to go through that mess with his ex-wife Alexis and not being able to see his twins. That was horrible for him. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with that.

At first I thought Danielle was way too controlling and I couldn’t understand her intense hatred for Martin. The more I read the more I understood. I started to sympathize with her. It made sense why she was filled with such hatred. I would have probably reacted the same way. Betrayal eats at you like a poison. Though I had hoped she would come around if only to free herself of that hatred. Everyone deserves peace in their lives.

Arnold and Cindy’s love is what we all secretly want. To have someone love you for that long is amazing. To wake up knowing this person loves your flaws and all. Yeah, they struggled from time to time, but they stuck with each other through it all. What relationship doesn’t have its ups and downs? That’s how the strongest relationships are built. The situation between Jeremy and Nana was sad. I kept expecting him to mess up and say something.

The more I read and found out about the feuding between the Thompson family and the Fosters the more I was torn between siding with one or the other. They were both wronged. To keep it going for eighty years though was a little much. They put their own children through something that had nothing really to do with them. In a way, I get it and in a way I think it should have been settled. Just like Maree, Justin, and Martin did in the end. That gesture showed how they had grown as individuals. Something I feel their parents should have been able to do.

Overall I liked how each character was in some way, shape, or form intertwined with each other. The way they interacted was very believable. They acted just like a normal family or small town would. They had drama, suspense, murder, love, and family togetherness. Then add in an 80-year long family feud and it all makes for an amazing story.

The author, Ian Bradshaw, did an excellent job of pulling emotions from everywhere. With every turn of the page you discovered a new twist. When you thought you knew what was going to happen something changed that made you rethink. Just when you think this character is going to be the one you cannot stand something is revealed that makes you understand why they are the way the are. May not have started out as my normal read, but I am glad I read it.
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Pages: 318 | ISBN: 9781742845432

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