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Who Says, Women Can’t Lead? – Book Trailer

This book is about a biblical topic that is probably as controversial now as it was when Christ walked the earth.

What it has to do with is whether a woman can be called by God to any of the leadership positions in the church.

The traditional perspective that a woman is to be subservient to church authority; to her husband in the home; and the conjecture to males in the leadership positions of society has permeated culture for thousands of years.

I believe there is a worldwide audience of men and women in church, the political realm, and the home that would be interested in finding out if there is an alternative view to this biblical perception that would present a convincing case by providing both circumstantial and direct scriptural evidence that would support a women’s ordination in the church, her rightful place in the home, and her capacity to assume leadership roles that have for so long been against cultural norms.

Could an argument be made that might support such by providing both circumstantial and direct Bible scriptural evidence?

Join me in the search for the truth in this matter.

We will begin a thorough study by looking at those Jews who were called to the service of the priesthood, followed by some of the other positions of leadership such as Judges, Kings, and Prophets of the Old Testament, and ending with looking at those who were called to the leadership offices of the New Testament church, while including all that is in between.

In connection with this, we will revisit the many reasons that have been used in the past to support the conjecture that only males are called, such as Adam being created first by God; Eve being formed from his rib and being made to be his help meet; the husband designated as the head of the home; Jesus only appointing males to be his disciples and the slogan that this is the way it has always been.

You’ll find this study enlightening, thought-provoking, and with the presentation of earth-shattering direct evidence that will turn traditional views about this subject on their head.

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The Spirituality Puzzle

The Spirituality Puzzle: What causes someone to become a child of God and have assurance of eternal life? by [JAMES RONDINONE]

For many people, the acceptance of spirituality, and an understanding of the vastness of eternal life, is a mystery. In a number of cases, there is less of a willful rejection of religion and God, and more a confusion around the topic in conjunction with our often busy and distracting lives. The Spirituality Puzzle by James and Renee Rondinone seeks to grapple with what it means to form a relationship with God, through careful case study considerations.

Not only does each chapter of the four sections, outlining the path to salvation, translate what can often be overwhelming in religious text into simple words that are accessible for everyone, but it also provides bible verses for reference as a tool to contextualize the statements being made. It strikes a comparison between what is commonly believed across ages to be the defining features of a spiritual individual, what the churches say, what is realistic given the lives we lead, what the scriptures say, and how to find a cognizant balance to inform your behavior, beliefs and life.

The book is not simply a means of enlightenment, but also a stepping stone towards religious education. While outlining the reasons to cast out doubt from belief systems, it also explains certain practices – such as baptism and holy water, for instance – the origins and the importance of such, but also the implications of not having been baptized and the effect this has (or the lack thereof). The authors are quick to remind the reader of the value of interpretation over what is being said on the exterior. Given the age of the scriptures, it is important not to take every word at face-value, and to apply them into the meaning they were meant – the book helps with this.

The breadth of scripture used for reference throughout The Spirituality Puzzle is wide, which in a less thoroughly written book could make for convoluted reading. However, the authors are quick to circle back and reiterate both important and relevant information where necessary. This ensures that, like a puzzle with many pieces needed to build a bigger picture, the pieces continue to slot into place at the right time so that understanding comes as a whole, like viewing a completed puzzle.

Though dealing with weighty topics and complicated historical scripts, the tone is light and conversational, achieving an overall sense that the book and reader relationship is that of a nurturing, helpful one and not a preaching or superior one. It’s written in the first person, with anecdotes, and these make all the difference in ensuring the book is read in the way it was intended.

Pages: 185 | ASIN: B081D621D6

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The Spirituality Puzzle – Trailer

Are you walking on the right road? Are your religious convictions solely based on your feelings, traditions, and upbringing rather than on scripture? Are you someone who has been traveling on a religious road, but find that something or someone is missing? Are you doing this and doing that for God, but find you are not satisfied? Is the God you are following seemingly a far distance away? Did you expect God to change you, but the changes never took place? Maybe the reason is, the gospel, the good news, the salvation message you have accepted will not cause you to have a personal relationship with God. This book will present four different salvation messages each of which proclaims that if you follow them you will find God and there will be a better place waiting for you at the end of your life’s journey. Well, I have good news for you. Each of these salvation messages will be scrutinized according to scripture and either be supported by such or not. It is important that all of us have deep convictions on this subject that are based solely on the scriptures, and not on what we think or feel is right, or on what we’ve been taught by even the closest or most respected people in our lives. Whatever conclusion is reached, you will have the opportunity to respond and have a personal relationship with God in time, which can bring about changes in your life from the inside out. If what I have said is resonating with you, then I am waiting for you to join me on the right road.

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Abuse Of Trust: The Hidden Conflict Of The Abuse Of Power Within The Church

How a church wrongfully uses the Word of God to their own advantage for the unreasonable exercise of power and exploitation.

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My Search For The One True God

Searching for life’s meaning and purpose? Tired of looking for God and never finding Him? There is a God who wants to change your life!

Are you searching for meaning and purpose in your life?

Are you tired of searching for God and never finding him?

Are you involved in a faith that tells you what you have to do in order to be a follower of God, but leaves you in a place where this God has never come into your life in a personal way?

This book is about helping you find and receive the one true God into your life so that you can experience his presence (e.g. love, joy, peace), and have assurance of eternal life.

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