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A Shock Factor

Danny C. Estes Author Interview

Danny C. Estes Author Interview

Mother Athina continues to follow Jim, a modern man’s soul trapped in the body of a medieval 16 year old girl, as he struggles with accepting his new place in life. How has Jim’s transformation changed in this novel compared to the two previous?

By this book, Jim has discovered he was always meant to be born a woman. Back in modern times, the female part of him was beat out of him by his father. With his discovery of his true nature, Jim becomes Athina. With her acceptance a whole new world opens up to her. Loving a man is a major step. Birthing children another and what they mean to her. With all these new adventures, Athina still must struggle with medieval culture and how they treat women.

The book opens with Athina in prison and her father trying various unscrupulous methods to get her out. What was the inspiration for the relationship Athina and her father have and how do you see it developing?

Chamberland is a normal thinking male in his culture. Back in those times high ranking women were used to mend grievances, even unto being married off to kings or prince’s to prevent war between two townships, provenances, counties, even kingdoms. This is the mentality I choose for her father. Still, I sought to show he loves his Daughter. A task made difficult to show as Athina always saw him as a big bully, like his modern day father. As for their relationship, a mutual respect will aid them to accept one another.

In the first book Jim is Athina, but now it seems Athina is taking over. What is the transition point for you? Will Athina always be Jim? Can their souls ever be separated?

In point of fact, Jim is Athina. This development happened in the course of writing the books. I wanted to present a shock factor, something new in each book that was unexpected. The final chain of events was this. Athina dies in childbirth only to be reborn in modern times as a man. Here, at the age of 41 Jim dies. Yet in Athina’s home world, only seconds have passed after her soul left her body before a master wizard reaches out for Athina’s soul and pulls her back into her body. But as Athina had been born and died in another reality, she has no memory of her first life in this time zone and place.

What is the next book in the series, where does the story go, and when will that be available?

Master Athina is the book title. In this last book, Athina’s trails come to a conclusion, at least for the time being. Athina must face capture by her worst enemy. She must work to save herself, her children, her husband, even the very land she calls home. She has many decisions, but in each case she discovers she truly only has one bad choice to choose. Her final conflict ultimately opens new doors for her future.

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Mother Athina (The Books of Athina Book 3) by [Estes, Danny]Former construction company owner Jim Sanders left behind the modern life he knew when a master wizard hooked his freshly-dead soul out of the ether and placed it in the body of a 16-yr-old girl, Lady Athina Burgundy. She now stands accused of treason.

Lady Athina faces her accusers with trademark honesty, bringing into question Lord Tallar White’s claim to Athina’s former home and its important seaports. For the good of the kingdom, her father and Lord Wendell’s father must wrest control of the border country from Lord White, who is fomenting a new civil war. Forced by politics to marry a son of the Blue Lands, she makes her choice and becomes Lady Athina Blue. If only being the lady of the house didn’t require jewels, tiaras and asset-baring fashions!

When Master Wizard Giddion returns with another mind-blowing revelation about her soul, Athina begins to see the larger tapestry. Assassins hide behind every post, putting her new husband, Lord Wendell and her other loved ones in danger. She now straddles an unprecedented level of power and influence over four major houses at once. She would give it all away to simply accept Wendell’s love and become Mother Athina.

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Hungry Monster Book Awards: November 2016

The Hungry Monster Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and The Hungry Monster is proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Gold Book AwardGold Award Winner

Bean Takes a Walk by Ann Bevans & Matthew Ethan Gray

Silver Book AwardSilver Award Winners

Mother Athina by Danny Estes

Game Over by Derek Eddington

Beyond Cloud Nine by Greg Spry

The Second Sphere by Peter Banks

Seed of Treachery by C.A. MacLean

Wolves Among Sheep by Steven Pajak

Chaste: A Tale From Perilisc by Jesse Teller

The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana by Katlynn Brooke

“When I look at a book, I see the history of books, old tomes with sacred knowledge. The authorities that controlled the books controlled the people. Books brought the old world to order. My books are how I bring my life and my thoughts to order, the only lasting way I can see to impart wisdom and ask questions.” – Jesse Teller author of Chaste

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Mother Athina

Mother Athina (The Books of Athina Book 3)4 StarsThere is only so much a person can go through. Danny C. Estes walked us through the incredible break-through Athina/Jim had before the end of the previous installment in the Athina series. In the previous two books Jim held on fiercely to his identity as a man from modern Los Angeles and it was only at the end of the second that Jim came to terms with being Athina. In Mother Athina Estes takes that development and cultivates it further as Jim truly becomes Athina in mind and body by the end of the book. We open with Athina in prison and her father trying various unscrupulous, misguided methods to get her out. Athina remains as she always had been: headstrong and determined not to succumb to the pressure of a convenient marriage. She fights for her innocence and is finally released from her cell. But in the end, is she truly free?

In the beginning of Mother Athina our protagonist is still very much against the idea of marrying any man, especially the one her father has chosen for her. She still rejects the idea of male companionship which alludes to the pieces of Jim’s identity still rumbling within her mind. In this installment there is far less emphasis on breasts and buttocks so perhaps the over-all attention paid to these parts of the female form in previous books were a tool to keep the reader aware that Jim was the one in control. Near the middle of the tale Jim has accepted he is a woman, he is Athina, and that he could try to have a relationship with a man. Estes refers to Athina using female pronouns more and more often as the tale unfolds which subtly hints to readers that Jim is slowly leaving. While there will always be a part of him within her, the truth becomes that Athina is no longer Jim, and she is no longer Athina. She is a combination of the two.

As if treachery and betrayal wasn’t enough for Athina to go through she must suffer loss. Athina achieves a fantastic breakthrough in discovering her feelings for Wendell and all he has done for her. The book is called Mother Athina for a reason and the brief happiness that envelops Athina is lost far sooner than it should be. She doesn’t catch a  break and it is the devastating loss she suffers at the end of the book which will rend relationships and steel her to her resolve much more than what would have happened if all had remained alive.

Estes does a good job showing the anguish Athina goes through during the loss of her son, John, and the deep loss she suffers near the end of the book. Our protagonist is no stranger to losing people she cares about and the development of her emotional response is that much purer in this installment than previous. No longer does Athina have to wrestle with being Jim as well as managing her loss; now she is allowed to be Athina alone and grieve with all her heart. Some relationships may never be recovered in the final book, but that remains to be seen.

This is a fantastic installment in the Athina series that will have readers eager for the final tome.

Pages: 234 | ASIN: B00VVMQ3G6

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