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Real-Time Earthquake Tracking and Localisation

After the tragic earthquake that hit China in 2008, both George D. Daglish and Lurii Sizov came together to create early warning seismic software. Readers get an in-depth look at the work they’ve done as well as the testing they’ve done.

Both authors provide a wealth of knowledge in their book, and their experience shows. Some readers may find this book overwhelming at times because of all of the information that this book contains, but the authors also take the time to explain it to the reader.

The mathematical equations in the book cover algorithms to calculate and determine where epicenters and hypocenters are active. If you are not a mathematician, some of these concepts can be confusing, but the authors do a great job breaking them down for those new to the concepts. The provided formulas are explained with enough information so readers can follow along and understand what is being discussed. The authors offer theories and provide evidence to support their theories making this plausible.

I did feel as though I was reading a textbook written by professors, but surprisingly the topic was interesting. The seismograph images included in the book are interesting to look at and would be helpful if this is your field of study or if you are interested in earthquakes. Both authors also include their test parameters to show what areas have earthquakes and if the software will detect an earthquake in that region. The software both Daglish and Sizov are working on to assist with the early detection and prediction of earthquakes is commendable as it can save thousands of lives and be used in many countries.

Real-Time Earthquake Tracking and Localisation: A Formulation for Elements in Earthquake Early Warning Systems (Eews) is an educational book for those who are interested in science, specifically earthquakes. There is an abundance of testing, evidence, and documentation in this book that can be used by someone in this field of study or those just wanting to learn more about the technology being created to help save lives.

Pages: 395 | ASIN : B07MHTK6ZZ

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Our Trees

If you are interested in biology and nature, Our Trees: Botanics, Beliefs, & More is definitely the book for you. In this book, you will find a compendium of trees that include past beliefs from ancient Celtic cultures and what the trees represented. You can also read about the medicinal properties and uses that the tree can offer to this day.

This fun yet informative book is also family-friendly and even has activities for kids. These games will encourage children to want to know more about the green giants that surround them. I definitely recommend reading this incredible walk through nature.

This book is aesthetically pleasing and is also very informative. Readers will definitely learn a ton about what trees can offer us. I love a book that is written with the goal of educating today’s youth and Our Trees does exactly that. While I enjoyed the book, I would have liked a deeper explanation of the Celtics Runes, because I found them so fascinating and I wanted more information.

I also enjoyed that it is an interactive book. The fact that the book has activities and games for all of the family to enjoy takes the learning experience to a whole other level. The games are a great recreational activity but they also reinforce the knowledge that is spread throughout the pages of this wonderful book.

I would even recommend it to teachers for their classrooms. You could do a whole week of activities for your students from the ideas in this amazing book. The short story at the end of this illuminating book also provides a thought-provoking narrative that will give children plenty to ponder after they put this book down.

If you are a fan of nature or are curious about learning more about trees, don’t miss out on Our Trees: Botanics, Beliefs, & More. This is an enlightening and informative book that provides an interesting array of facts about trees.

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This Is An Inspirational Text

Author Interview

Kelvin and the Age of the Universe is a compilation of writings on the history of Astronomy and its influence on history and cultural development. How much research did you undertake for this book and how much time did it take to put it all together?

I was in Prague in 2020 (during Covid time) and wrote two essays in quantum physics and astronomy, that are part of the book.

The first essay “The connection between Larmor formula and Niels Bohr model in the 2-D cross-sectional views of an atom” is an elaborated text on electrodynamics and quantum physics.

This is an inspirational text. Larmor formula phonetically means “love formula” in French (my mother language). The introduction is a journey in time, with a presentation of portraits of notable personalities i.e. W. Rowan Hamilton, Ludwig Boltzmann, James C. Maxwell, Charles-Augustine Coulomb, etc. providing historical support to the text.

I wrote the second essay ” Connection between the cosmic horizon and the ladder to the hypersphere” in the spirit of my travels in Greece and North Africa. The philosophical inspirations are presented in the first chapter of the book dedicated to ancient astronomies, covering the classical period, Hesiod and Greek mythology, the Ptolemaic period up to the renaissance.

For the writing of the chapter on ancient astronomy, I referred to some on my notes, my visits to the British museum, and travels in South America.

Did you find anything in your research that surprised you?

Yes, quite few things surprised me.

For example, the finding of an elementary formula for Planck’s constant, a fundamental constant of physics, that matches so closely the actual measurements. A large portion of the tiny difference between the predicted Planck’s value from formula and measurements, can be explained by the relativistic effect of the electron, i.e. by a mass gap adjustment of the electron.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

​​​I had new ideas coming. I recently added a new chapter to my book, which now has 7 chapters. This chapter is dedicated to the Hubble’s constant. It’s main contribution is the derivation of a formula for the Hubble’s constant from the time-invariant Schrodinger’s equation.

The Hubble’s formula matches most accurate measurements of the constant, and provides some insights on Hubble’s law from a quantum perspective.

My ambition is that “Kelvin and the Age of the Universe” be a reference for quantum astronomy.

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This booklet is a compilation of texts from the author covering a variety of themes as the cosmic-distance duality, the cosmological ladder, quantum electrodynamics, the connection between Bohr model and Larmor formula, the ladder to the hypersphere, the connection between the cosmic horizon and Bohr radius, ring theory, etc.

Kelvin and the Age of the Universe

Kelvin and the Age of the Universe is a compilation of writings by author Yuri Heymann. This book is a compendium of Heymann’s knowledge and covers several different topics, all under the umbrella of astronomy.

This well-researched book begins with a history lesson that takes a deep dive into the Mayans and ends with the Renaissance. Then, Heymann craftily explains in detail how Astronomy has evolved over thousands of years. For each culture and society talked about, we learn how these societies contributed to the field of Astronomy and how Astronomy contributed to their cultures and religious beliefs. For example, it is fascinating to read how ancient Greek and Egyptian mythologies were impacted by astronomy and vice versa.

The historical section of Astronomy is also the most accessible to novices. Heymann does a good job writing on a level that most can comprehend. Many of the topics covered in the book are well researched and make for an interesting read. I feel that readers should have some basic knowledge of physics and astronomy as Heymann goes into specific astrological theories.

Heymann’s writing is concise, to the point, and still captivates the reader. Some of the equations and technical language can be a little intimidating to the less experienced, but Heymann makes his work as accessible as possible. The author never assumes his reader is as knowledgeable as him, and for the most part, many of the topics are explained in great detail. His arguments are well made, and absolutely everything is aided with evidence. For anyone looking to read further, his reference lists are extensive.

Kelvin and the Age of the Universe is an interesting read for anyone interested in astronomy. This intellectually invigorating book includes fascinating historical elements of physics and astronomy, making this book a unique blend of historical documentation and advanced theoretical astronomy.

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The Truth About Dietary Supplements

The Truth About Dietary Supplements by author Mahtab Jafari wants you to lead a healthy lifestyle where you understand that whatever you consume builds or destroys your body. In her book, the well-versed author extensively discusses dietary supplements, how to take them and what works best for everyone. Dietary supplements are crucial because more people are taking supplements every day to boost energy or improve their immune systems. This book is informative and touches on areas that pharmacies do not discuss when selling supplements.

As a Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the author is knowledgeable about medicines and their effects on the human body. Anyone reading this book will understand that the author is not discouraging the use of supplements but instead advising on how to use them as misuse of supplements may have adverse long-term effects on your body. The author uses facts and statistics to argue her points allowing readers to analyze the facts without a lot of conjunctures.

Mahtab Jafari is engaging in her writing. While reading the book, one can virtually feel Jafari’s presence and get the impression of having a one-on-one consultation with her. After reading this book, readers will change how they take supplements and think more about their health by being selective with what they consume. The Truth About Dietary Supplements is the book readers need if looking for guidance on the truth about supplements, what science can back up on the validity of taking supplements, the role the media plays in informing or encouraging the use of dietary supplements, and much more. This book will, in addition, benefit pets as the author also discusses supplements taken by pets.

The Truth About Dietary Supplements is informative and enlightening and will captivate readers on topics such as science, health, diet and fitness, and mental health.

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The Covid-19 pandemic took the world by surprise. Nations were caught unaware and people scrambled to find ways to slow down the spread and stop the rapid loss of lives. There was a lot of misinformation, technical information mixed in with the truth. Scientists were busy studying and passing on information as quickly as they could to a world of people trying to grasp what was going on.

Dr. Hugues Fidel Batsielilit watched with the rest of us as the world crumbled from what seemed like a common flu. The only difference is that he watched with an expertise’s eye. He saw how the world reacted and the different measures countries took to protect their citizens. Dr. Batsielilt focused his interest on Africa, Haiti and the US Virgin Islands. His aim with this book is to analyze the response of both people and governments as well as the lull after the height. He also aims to make some projections, provide the reader with some idea of what the future might look like from an expert’s point of view.

The one thing you will note about this book is the detail with which this book is written. The author is direct and provides all the information to his readers. He makes sure that readers have the full story and the data to fully grasp what he is discussing. This combined with in-depth research leads to the revelation of interesting discoveries. Not all the discoveries he found were beneficial, he uncovered a lot of conspiracy theories and discusses those as well in order to debunk the myth for readers.

COVID-19 AFRICA, HAITI, AND THE U. S. VIRGIN ISLANDS by Dr. Hugues Fidele Batsielilit approaches the pandemic from a critical and scientific eye. As someone that has a medical and emergency management perspective the author has provided readers with information in a nonbiased and objective manner with a logical flow and clear explanations. These are important qualities in a book about a sensitive subject whose available information is either too technical or insufficient and designed for sensationalism. He has provided the reader with a simple explanation and analysis of the situation.

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How Did It All Start?

As human beings, it is only natural to wonder where we came from and how we came about. It is only natural to wonder about the Earth and its history. Biku Ghosh has contributed to the conversation with an enlightening book that provides an exploration of the origin of the earth that the average person can understand. The author Biku Ghosh has done extensive research and provides a lot of great ideas to ponder.

This book reads like a campfire story session. It contains different origin stories from around the world, from Africa to Europe and Asia, and I found them all to be fascinating. It provides interesting insight into the beliefs of different communities. Although, a common element is a deity as the originator of the world. The Slavic creation story is especially funny in that it suggests that mountains came about as the devil coughed and fell over while trying to scamper away.

The author seems committed to presenting a well-rounded book. He begins the book with the scientific basis of the history of the planets. It also provides a historical account of the evolution of human beings. He ends the book with a catalog of interesting facts about Antarctica like the Blood Falls and diamonds floating in the air, for example. All of this is intellectually invigorating and provides plenty of food for thought.

Like all human beings, the author admits that no one really knows much about where everything came from and what was there before the Big Bang. His is a simplified account of what is known about the origin of planets and evolution. He strikes a delicate balance between scientific lingo and symbolism making the book more palatable.

How Did It All Start is not a menu of conspiracy theories, it is a museum of beliefs and scientific findings. It is a literary presentation of conversations we have all had in our heads. It is an excellent source for interesting tidbits to share with friends over wine under the stars.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: 183819178X

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Are birds like humans? What are they really like and where did they come from? Are we really so different, or, as parallel species, can both birds and humans join equally in the care of our beautiful world? A preview and reflection on the latest findings about what birds – and we – ultimately are. Prepare to be surprised, illuminated, and delighted.

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