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Boone and Jacque: The Brothers’ Odyssey

In The Brothers’ Odyssey, written by A.G. Flitcher, Boone and Jacque have been sent to another realm with their friend Shammy. Boone, Jacque, and Shammy know they must not stay still for too long in any place as danger follows them. The children search for Flint, who was separated from them earlier. Not knowing what treacherous paths are ahead, they go out into the darkness. Surviving an ocean, trees, sokas, and King Reeve, the trio manages to make their way back to Saddleton, or what is now known as New Saddalia.

The Brothers’ Odyssey is a phenomenal novel. This second installment in the series is even more exciting and thrilling than the first novel. This second book answered many questions that readers were left with at the first novel’s end. This epic fantasy novel is creative and has many unexpected twists and turns. It will keep readers guessing even more than the first novel. Flitchers great imagination takes readers into a world that is original and full of surprises. The action-packed story flows smoothly with little time for readers to catch their breath before another surprise or twist is revealed.

The wasteland realm A. G. Flitcher created where Boone, Jacque, and Shammy were transported will really come alive in readers’ minds. The detail written into the story made it very easy to make the words turn into images. For example, there is a scene where the ocean is turned into oil that is incredibly vivid.

In the last novel, readers were looking for Boone to explore his feelings more in-depth, especially those for Shammy. He was able to do that in this book. Shammy was also able to figure out her feelings for Boone as well. Jacque really seemed to be wise beyond his years in this book. He explored his own emotions and dealt with them while finding out about his family. This book tied up all the loose ends from the previous book. It will also leave readers wanting more.

The Brothers’ Odyssey is a riveting epic fantasy novel filled with adventure and action. Middle school, teenagers, and young adult readers will enjoy this fantasy adventure with some mystery mixed in.

Pages: 263 | ASIN : B08KRMFVRJ

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The Mountains We Climb

Anthony Baisden’s The Mountains We Climb offers readers incredible hope for their futures. As self-help books go, Baisden’s work is a true standout. His book has it all, from teaching readers to embrace the pain they encounter in their day-to-day lives to focusing on the vision they have for their lives. From cover to cover, Baisden uses a conversational tone to capture readers’ attention and keep them thoroughly engaged in his life story.

While Baisden’s work is short in terms of length, it is filled with genuinely invaluable information and advice. The author knows of which he speaks–the examples he gives from his own life are relevant, relatable, and memorable. He opens up about how he had no clue what he wanted from life at a young age. He shares his indecisiveness and even his complete lack of any direction for his future. Teens and young adults will find this relatable and draw them into the rest of the book. Its short length makes it ideal for young readers.

Readers will read about the pain Baisden experienced in his past that he openly shares. He is raw, honest, and totally forthcoming with every aspect of his history. His pain has impacted his life in many ways, and the fact that he is willing to share will stick with readers far past the last page.

There is an incredibly positive tone to all of Baisden’s advice. From his most painful experiences to his honesty about his own struggle with failures, he keeps his head up while successfully encouraging readers to do the same. It is easy to feel his positive energy radiating through his words. The lesson of, bad things happen but that does not mean you have a bad life, is presented to readers, not in a preaching manner but rather in a coaching manner.

The Mountains We Climb is a thought-provoking self-help book that teens and young adults will relate to. Young adults will also find this new-age motivational style a source of inspiration.

Pages: 52 | ASIN : B08VGCS984

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Duskborn Radiance: A Mother’s Question

Duskborn Radiance: A Mother’s Question is the first volume in the epic fantasy trilogy by Pasquale di Falco. It follows the story of three young people, Dominic, Caterina, and Amadeus, who live in a village of people who once wielded magical powers that disappeared long ago. However, they can’t ignore the magical powers that grow within them. As they learn more about themselves and come to terms with this growing energy, they are being observed from afar by a stranger, the Sorceress, who is keeping tabs on every single move that these three make and definitely has much bigger plans in mind for them. This spellbinding story keeps the reader gripped, figuring out how far the Sorceress will go to achieve what she wants.

Pasquale di Falco is immensely talented and does a great job of getting the reader involved in the fantasy world that they have created. The unique blend of fantasy and science fiction will make readers think beyond the traditional assumptions that go with these genres. The book has a combination of larger plot events and smaller character developments and sub-plots that are all equally intriguing. This book is a beautiful amalgamation of coming-of-age and epic fantasy with plenty of action and adventure thrown in while maintaining an emotionally charged storyline.

The beginning of this complex novel is thought-provoking and detail-oriented. All the characters are introduced and described in-depth right in the beginning, allowing readers to get to know them and understand their personalities. As they come into their magical abilities they must learn things their people have long forgotten and rely on each other to get through things. The bond they form is strong and readers will find their story stimulating and stirring.

Duskborn Radiance: A Mother’s Question is a riveting novel that will appeal to sword and sorcery fans looking for an epic adventure story that focuses on character development and never forgets to entertain the reader.

Pages: 352 | ASIN : B09BLKF78W

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Mystic of the Midway

Mystic of the Midway by A. A. Blair is a teen supernatural-suspense novel where the readers are taken on a journey in the small port town of Crystal Beach. It is here our protagonist, Effie, is involved in an accident and starts experiencing chills and hearing voices all around her. Shortly after a mysterious young girl starts following her but disappears when she try’s to approach. Effie and her friends decide to set out to uncover what is happening to her and why.

Effie’s life before the accident was normal, she had a happy family and normal childhood. Now, however, she hears whispers, knows secrets that she isn’t supposed to know, and starts having cryptic dreams that may be the answer to what is going on. One of the traits in Effie that is relatable to preteen kids is the struggle to express themselves. Effie doesn’t know how to explain what is going on and the feelings she has about the supernatural experiences. This struggle with her emotions and expression adds realism to the story. What child wouldn’t be afraid to tell people they hear and see things others can not. Seeing this in Effie makes her a dynamic character that readers will be able to connect with. Her determination to prove she is not making up the voices or the girl following her gives readers someone to root for, the desire to have her prove it is in fact all real.

A. A. Blair does a superb job with scenery and setting. One of the key settings is arcades. The author was able to accurately portray the excitement and energy from this venue. Included were old pictures that will help modern readers really get a feel for what these old arcade environment’s were like. It is like stepping back in time for older readers, they will enjoy the nostalgia.

Mystic of the Midway is a gripping paranormal mystery for older elementary level and early teens. With suspense and thrill, the author has really captured the emotion for the audience in the writing. The action was fast paced, the dialogue was relevant and entertaining, and the characters were written accurately for their ages. This is a great supernatural thriller that will keep kids engaged.

Pages: 136 | ISBN: 1592111181

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