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White Knuckle Dance

White Knuckle Dance by [Andrew Cockburn]

White Knuckle Dance by Andrew Cockburn is a romantic novel filled with suspense, drama, and secrets. Dan sees himself as a regular guy working a regular day job, with no importance of any kind. He and Mary meet at a work function where they hit it off and his once normal, uninteresting life is turned upside down. While the two have a relationship, Dan discovers more things about himself that he didn’t know about before. He suspects there is more to Mary than what she allows other people to see and the more secrets he learns about her, and her about him, emotions are explored and vulnerability exhibited. Games begin and stakes are raised even higher and this leads to the white-knuckle dance around discovery, risks, and power in which we are not certain who will end up as the winner in this deadly game.

Andrew Cockburn incorporates local dialect within the book that gives the reader a connection with the native region in which the story is set. Direct speech has been richly used in the book to personalize the connection between the reader and the characters. The vivid description of events helps create imagery that is fully realized and helps fuel the reader’s imagination.

This is an emotionally charged story that focuses on the main characters riveting relationship, and this is the true gem of this story. I love how the chemistry between Dan and Mary develops and evolves over time. Guilt consumes Dan and this is what pushes him to seek therapy years later since he lost his mother. Introducing Mary in the book plays a major role in helping Dan finally open up and let go of some of the guilt he has been feeling for a long time. Their relationship serves to assure Dan that he is not the cause of his previous failed relationship. This is an impassioned story, that is beautifully written, and places compelling characters in various emotionally precarious situations.

White Knuckle Dance expertly balances mystery, chemistry, and suspense in a way that in an eloquent and fascinating way. This is a romantic suspense novel that surprised me on many levels, and stayed with me long after I put the book down.

Pages: 201 | ASIN: B08XY6VC2D

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My Own Growth and Inner Conflicts

Glenville Ashby Author Interview

Glenville Ashby Author Interview

In your book In Search of Truth: A Course in Spiritual Psychology you provide insight into death, the afterlife and the purpose of life itself using your knowledge. Why was this an important book for you to put together?

For close to a decade my column on religion, philosophy and culture has enjoyed tremendous success. Over the years my views have changed, a refection I believe, of my own growth and inner conflicts pertaining to life, God and spirituality. The book conveys this conflict and what I refer to as, the evolution of spirit. I selected some insightful articles that are sure to evoke strong reactions in support of, and against my beliefs. Scores of articles have been left out but I do feel that this work, despite its paradoxical tenor is systemized and thematic.

Given the growing spirit of individualism in the face of excesses by the so called religious, I think the book is very timely and in many ways, a product of the cultural zeitgeist.

This book was about faith, but wasn’t directed at any one faith, and I appreciated that. Was this intentional or is this where your understanding leads?

Spirituality, religion, faith in something bigger than self, or faith in one’s own strengths, are part of our constitution. It is important for us to recognize and respect the divers opinions out there. Uniformity of thought in any discipline or pursuit, is counterproductive and an enslavement of the human spirit. More than ever, with the revolution in communication, we have a unique opportunity to learn from each other.

This is a collection of selected writings. What was the process like in selecting and putting this book together?

Great question. I could have looked at readers’ response to articles when they were first published and selected those that were most popular. I guess the result would have been an anthology or compilation of best articles based on ostensible appeal. However, I featured the most thought-provoking writings, those that buck the trend and allow for critical thinking and introspection. This is where I am at in my evolution, and I wanted to share my inner turmoil as I wrestled with life’s mysteries. At the same time, I was able to convey moments of self-assurance and the joy of self-discovery.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

The book raises soul searching questions on so many subjects that we have grappled with since the dawn of time. What is truth? Is there an afterlife? Is suicide ever justified? Is reincarnation possible? Are there limits to human potential? I also delved into transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies…and of course, eastern spirituality. This is an eclectic offering that will definitely stir debate.

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In Search of Truth: A Course in Spiritual Psychology: Selected Writings 2013 - 2018 by [Ashby, Glenville]In Search of Truth: A Course in Spiritual Psychology by Glenville Ashby is an anthology of the author’s work. Ashby is a scholar in Philosophy and New Age Thought who first became involved in finding answers to the mysteries of spiritual life when his mother passed away in 1980. The culmination of his search resulted in a collection of writings with the latest, In Search of Truth, being something of a magnum opus that spans from 2003 – 2018. Ashby offers insight into a host of common questions from enlightenment and reincarnation to suicide and the hour of death, covering a plethora of topics in between, from the evil eye, to the third eye, to keeping an eye on the spiritual world (including a section on Ouija boards). 

This is a fascinating collection offering something different than your usual books on spiritual psychology. It is fully accessible for those who may want to refer to it time and time again for spiritual guidance. If you are looking for an intellectual and stimulating read, with an openness to many different outcomes, look no further than In Search of Truth.

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