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A Tragic Moment

Kevin James Breaux Author Interview

Kevin James Breaux Author Interview

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail follows Sabrina, an ex-starlet fairy, as she is trying to put her life back together when the inventor of a new drug is hunting her for her wings. What was the inspiration for the setup of this novel and how did it change as you were writing?

I wrote the first draft back in 2007. Then polished it in 2009. It was being shipped to agents from 2010-2014. It had lots of interest. Even had a movie production company interested… Ug…that was a tragic moment for me. It came down to my book and another book. The other book was picked and a movie was made. If I only had an agent at that point…

The inspiration was all the celebrities on the news going through similar problems. It was unavoidable for a while. You would turn on the TV or surf the web and see more and more articles appearing. I used to live on that Perez Hilton website. So I had a lot of celebrities to pick from.

For a foundation, I used Paris Hilton’s life and the image of Joanna Krupa for inspiration. Joanna was the looks and all that was good with Sabrina. Paris was all that was bad. 🙂 Nothing against Paris Hilton. I actually respect her.

As I was writing it, and later revising it from draft to draft, I softened up Sabrina. Made her a touch more likeable.

Another large inspiration for this novel is my love for the White Wolf Publishing RPG systems. I love how they paint a picture of otherworldly beings living in plain sight. I wanted to write a novel like that. And I wanted to have a vampire character that did not run around biting people, instead he used what he knew best from his time living: guns.

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail is about more than just fairies, it has vampires, the undead, shapeshifters, and other magical beings. All the creatures introduced are well thought out. What was your favorite character to write for?

I love writing Sabrina. I’m not gonna lie, she is one of my all time favorite characters to write. I have such a clear image of her in my head it is like I have met her in real life. She is sexy and snarky. She is driven by her desires. She is not afraid to tell people what she wants or needs. But she is also very vulnerable. And has issues that she is working through. I think she is growing very well in the books. Wait until you read book two. And later, book three.

I felt that many of the relationships between the characters were complex and intriguing. Were these planned out or did they happen organically?

I started off writing them with a plan, but they grew organically. And they really blossom in book two. Life is full of complex relationships. And this book was meant to feature that and then add to that the fact that some of these relationships involve beings that are not human. Creatures of life in love with those of death for example. A love conquers all feeling.

This novel ends on a great cliff hanger. Will there be a second novel? When will it be published?

I think the cliffhanger is great too. Like a TV show season finale. It leaves you wanting more. And there is much-much more!

Book two is called: TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES. It picks right off where ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL ends. Like minutes after.

It will be published this Summer. I’d say May/June 2017.

The sequel will open up the world. It will also have a lot of great character development and back story. Readers tend to love Moselle. She is a secondary character, and you will learn more of her past and be set up for a future story with her taking a larger role. You will also be introduced to more members of Cade’s undead family.

I am very proud of this book.

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One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail“America’s population is slowly dying due to an epidemic, and Alexander, an ancient, immortal shaman, has medicine that can heal people. It has one small side effect—Alexander’s able to control the minds of anyone taking the drug, nicknamed “dust.”

Alexander plans to take over the country once dust is released to the general public, crushing anyone who stands in the way. He needs just a little bit more of a certain magical ingredient to make the medication work properly: fairy wings.

An intelligent, stunning fairy, Sabrina was also America’s sweetheart—until a video of a crime she was involved in surfaces, nearly destroying her. A year later, she’s finally ready to step back into the spotlight. Together with her bodyguard, Mira, a water spirit in human form, Sabrina’s prepared to start over.

Things are starting to look up until she meets Alexander in a club and goes from social outcast to tortured captive in the blink of an eye. Will she be able to escape the evil shaman and his mind-controlled slaves in time to save herself and everyone she cares about?”

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One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail

5 Stars

The media loves a good story, and what better than one of a sexy model, party girl, drama queen, and spoiled brat? That is Sabrina London, or at least that was Sabrina London. Now the starlet has settled down, quit drugs, gotten her life together, and is ready to move on. If only her family hadn’t disowned her, oh and did I mention she is a Fairy? Keven James Breaux has created another world filled with magic, ancient history, and modern drama. One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail is about more than just fairy’s, it has vampires, the undead, shapeshifters, and other magical beings. Sabrina’s dream of settling into a new normal and moving on with her life is interrupted when the creator of a new nicotine addiction drug, DUST, pursues her in an attempt to cut off her fairy wings. With the help of her otherworldly friends and one human Sabrina must attempt to stop Alexander Kintner.

Kevin Breaux sets the novel in Los Angeles, not too far into the modern future. Sabrina is a socialite with her bodyguard and friend Mira living in luxury, but she is unhappy. Her father disowned her after a video of her breaking into a laboratory and having sex with her boyfriend and vampire Cade made the media rounds. Vampires and fairies are supposed to be mortal enemies but love knows this not. Sabrina is still deeply in love with Cade. Sabrina’s other good friend is Moselle; Moselle is part of the ancient undead. The human involved in this unlikely group is Jackson, he works for Moselle’s father in advertising and he falls in love with Moselle, she feels the same way, their love is also forbidden under the traditions of the otherworld’s. The relationship dynamics of all the characters are complex and while the love stories are secondary to the action plot of dismantling Alexander Kintner’s DUST operation they are useful in learning the history and culture surrounding the otherworldly.

One of the great things about this novel, is the history. Breaux manages to weave into his story line ancient Egyptian mythology and facts. There is great detail presented into how the otherworldly are created and it is explained in a manner that is fluid to the story line so you don’t feel like you are reading a dissertation in the middle of your novel. It is told through personal experience of the characters and given a strong emotional component not just a sterile list of how to instructions. You really get to know the characters through these flashback memories and they advance the story line as well so you can better understand why some of the characters respond as they do. Breaux brings the reader into their world, he presents the information as deeply hidden secrets in the world of the otherworldly and emphasizes the dangers of this information getting out into the hands of mortal humans.

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail is an engaging book that will leave the reader turning the pages to see what happens next. Kevin Breaux is able to tap into the reader’s emotions to draw them in and give them a real connection to the characters. Jackson the human in all this is relatable to many. His reactions as he finds out more and more about his new friends is believable. Breaux ends this novel with a cliff hanger leaving the reader to wait for the next installment to see how things continue. I think this is going to be a great series for Breaux.

Pages: 319 | ASIN: B01EB65RJM

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Jacob’s Odyssey

Jacob's Odyssey5 Stars Jacob’s Odyssey by Russ Melrose is about the beginning days after the Zombie apocalypse has occurred. When you hear Odyssey, most people think of the famous work by Homer detailing Odysseus’s adventures returning to Ithaca after fighting in the Trojan Wars. The more generic definition of odyssey is a long trip filled with notable experiences and challenges. Both of these apply to Jacob in this novel. The novel starts out with Jacob on his way to see his brother Alex. The zombie virus has hit world wide and they have plans to wait out the trouble at their cabin in the woods that they have been prepping for emergencies. Things go bad right from the start, Alex who is a local police officer has contracted the virus. Jacob stays with him through his finial hours praying it’s just the flu. When it’s clear that his brother has turned Jacob starts his transformation with the hard choice of killing his brother. This novel takes you through Jake’s transformation of a passive easy going fifth grade teacher to the killer and hero he becomes.

The beginning chapters, after Jacob realizes he is on his own, detail his plans for escaping from the Salt Lake Valley that has been his home. The story takes place in the Salt Lake Valley neighborhoods. The zombies are everywhere and thanks to barricades and mass exodus of people trying to escape all the roads are blocked with abandoned and crashed vehicles. This makes driving out of the Valley impossible. There is a lot of narrative on Jacob’s mindset and his plans. It can get tedious at times reading though this but it builds up so you understand who Jacob is, and how his transformation in the second half of the book takes place.

Running for your life from zombies can be a lonely experience. Jake is fine with being on his own. He has to survive finding homes that are empty and learn how to avoid the zombies that are learning to hunt in packs, also he encounters an “alpha” that is more human than most zombies, making him more deadly. Jake has a good plan and it works out well for him, right up till he gets a call from Sarah. From there on his solitary journey is now mingled with Sarah, her daughter Becky, and their friend Raj. This is where the book turns from being strictly survival and you go deeper into Jake’s personality, his history, and see his growth. The relationship dynamics between Jake and the other three main characters develops quickly, as they are together less than a week. This is not a romance story but the depth of the relationships parallels the danger they are all in.

Russ Melrose does an excellent job providing the reader with the fear and thought process involved in surviving the zombie virus. He touches on the source of the zombie virus being anything from a terrorist action to an intentional population control action by the government. I didn’t care much for the conspiracy theory Russ interjects but I can see how it pushes the plot along, and leaves the story line open for further books should he choose. Overall Jacob’s Odyssey is a well written novel, original, and has enough action to keep the reader turning pages.

Pages: 308 | ASIN: B00PDED4RY

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Nobody Has Dared to Explore

photo of andrewThe Bloodless is about a small makeshift band of soldiers and weapons experts that take on the evil GoD Labratories. What was your inspiration for GoD Laboratories and how they bring about the undead?

A lot of the inspiration was drawn from big box companies of today. Some media companies basically do what they want and while there are people who object to their practices, there isn’t much that can be done to stop them because of their deep pockets that afford them virtually unlimited power and they supply services people need. GoD is like that but in a society that has seen science replace almost every deity based religion on the planet, they are practicing what people believe in. So a level of support is there for them but as with any company, they overstep their bounds and take things too far. On one hand they provide critical services to society (i.e. cures for diseases, life extending drugs, and research that benefits nearly every aspect of life) but the other hand delves into parts of the natural order that nobody has dared to explore for mostly ethical reasons.

The Bloodless did a great job in delivering action packed zombie killing fun. How did you balance the blood and gore inherent in zombie novels with character development that we see in successful franchises like The Walking Dead?

There has to be an ebb and flow to any story that is told. When I’m writing I try to think of concerts. In any good concert you go to you will notice that the music selection is varied in a way that lets the audience catch their breath. I, too, want my audience to be able to catch their breath so I try to change it up after an intense moment of combat or violence. Also, things need to be explained, motives and causes, so you can’t just have it be balls out all the time. Readers need to understand the intent behind the characters’ actions/choices, so making sure those moments are included is a big part of my writing.

Justice started out as a hard pragmatic scientist and then develops into more of a hero type. What do you think were some of the defining moments in his characters development?

Simply put: loss. Loss is a huge motivator/catalyst in anyone’s development. First he lost his wife and son, usually that is enough to drive anybody to do whatever it takes to right the wrong. Then he loses the love of his life, Crist, which he feels somewhat ashamed of but knows it to be true. But it’s also his successes. Successfully infiltrating those substations based on plans he developed helped him realize his worth. He deals with the loss in his own way but understands that its inherent with the role he has taken on. A lot of times leadership roles are thrust upon the protagonist, it’s not often you see those characters put themselves into the role, there is definitely a learning curve with Daniel but like any good scientist, he learns best from trial and error.

Zombies are a popular fiction today. How does The Bloodless stand out from the rest?

I think a lot of zombies that are popular in media these days are typically born from a virus, something that is transmitted from a bite or scratch or some type of physical contact. The Bloodless are different in the fact that the genetic structure of a person is being altered and the only thing spreading the “disease” is The Cloud. I think the only similarities that exist are the fact that the body had to be dead at some point and the mindless desire to kill. Classic zombies are driven by the need to feed on fresh human flesh, but the Bloodless have something else driving them, an outside influence rather than instinct. Also, there are two levels of “undead.” One is those who were reanimated within GoD labs, those are the people who regained the ability to talk, think, and feel and have a superhuman ability to generate. Two; are those who were born from The Cloud, these are the mindless killing machines. Both play an important role, roles that will be further explored in the upcoming installments.

I hope the series continues in other books. If so, where will the story take readers?

I am actually nearing the end of the writing phase of book 2 out of a 3 book series. At least 3 books. I am not sure if the series will extend into anything beyond 3, we’ll have to see how things progress. I can tell you that the second book aims to tie up most of the loose ends from the first book and that there will definitely be a final showdown between Daniel and Mendel, because there has to be, right? It’s hard to say anything without giving too much away but I definitely go into more detail about the backgrounds of the individuals fighting alongside Daniel Justice. There is also a brief foray into the world outside the tiny bubble around the GoD campus, which makes for an interesting contrast. However, if you want to know more, you’ll just have to read the next book which I am hoping to have out mid to late spring.

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The Bloodless: AwakeningThe year is 2100-something, Daniel Justice is just another geneticist working for GoD Laboratories, a big box, publicly traded biotechnology company. Then one day he proved that resurrecting the dead was not only possible, but economically viable. Back in the old days, this would have been a massive ethics debate, but in a world where religion is all but extinct, the conversation is a whole lot different.
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