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Extreme Vulnerability

Kris Girrell Author Interview

Learning to Feel is a personal story for you, sharing your path of emotional discovery and guiding others on how to do this as well. How hard was it to put this story out in the world for people to read?

This was a difficult book to write since it differs from all of my previous writing. I am accustomed to writing as a subject matter expert on topics from my field. Learning to Feel however was my first attempt to write a personal experience of exploration. Writing in a way that was not overly autobiographical (afterall the book is not really about me – but about the process of discovery) and yet revealing of the challenges I faced was a real tightrope walk. The most difficult part was when I  submitted the book for reviews. I experienced a moment of panic and extreme vulnerability I had not felt before. 

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

I think the things that are important drivers for writing Learning to Feel were a sensitivity for how so many of us today are numbed out by the pain, terror and violence evident wherever we look. At some point, many have just said “I can’t handle any more, so I don’t want to feel.” In addition, as a man who has been involved in men’s work and counseling men since back in the late 1970’s I am attuned to how men have been programmed not to feel and not to allow their thinking to be swayed by emotion. But the point here is that the warrior spirit is heavily attuned to emotions as part of our early warning system. SO I am hoping to reach a certain segment of the male population.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about feelings and emotions?

Many people say “I don’t let my emotions rule the day” meaning that when they get up and don’t “feel” like going to the gym, they summon the guts to do it anyway. However I submit that isn’t a feeling – it is a thought! And those folk, having denied their emotions, have also blocked access to their inner thoughts (the producers of emotions). I also think that many people believe that if they access their full array of emotions, they will be run by their emotions – that they will become “too emotional.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Emotions are natural and part of our evolutionary process. Everything we have as elements of our current life form has evolved for a reason and emotions are no exception. It is therefore incumbent on each of us to understand our emotions and the clues they provide about our thoughts and beliefs. That is where the real work is.

What is one thing readers take away from your story?

1. Emotions are natural and good. 2. Emotions provide us clues to how we perceive the world around us and therefore provide a path to how we can become more aware and effective in life by understanding our emotions and their antecedent thoughts and beliefs.

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Understanding the complexities of human behavior and emotional response is no real help when it comes to experiencing feelings. In fact, having studied psychology and emotions as a career got in the way. In order to reconnect to his feelings-or what might be called the experience of the emotional experience-the author had to peel back layer upon layer to unlock the many places where his emotive process had been stuck. Learning to Feel may be one person’s journey in emotional discovery, but it serves as a set of trail blazes through the dark forest of discovery for others to follow. Each chapter concludes with provocative questions for the reader’s own self-exploration.

Learning to Feel 

Kris Girrell takes the reader on an emotional journey through various stages of his life in Learning to Feel: One Man’s Path of Reconnecting to the Heart of Emotions. The author’s honesty about his personal struggles and triumphs engages the reader throughout the book. With personal experiences and insightful notes and questions, the author’s emotional connection with the reader is evident. Girrell’s passion for emotional intelligence and self-awareness is palpable throughout the book. He shares cherished moments with friends, family, and colleagues, making the reader feel like a part of the story. The affirmations in the book are particularly noteworthy, radiating positivity and showcasing the author’s intentionality with his words.

In addition to teaching readers how to deal with emotions, Girrell provides valuable lessons on molding young individuals into upright members of society. The author stresses the importance of being a role model and being deliberate with one’s lessons. The book also includes questions to ponder after each discussion, providing a reflective opportunity for the reader. Girrell’s use of tables and diagrams to illustrate his points is helpful and clarifies the text. By the end of the book, the reader gains a different perspective on life, human beings, and emotions. The book teaches readers how to connect with their inner selves, have better relationships with others, and communicate effectively.

The author’s inclusion of works cited and additional materials for further reading adds value to the book. Girrell’s phenomenal writing style and engaging storytelling make Learning to Feel: One Man’s Path of Reconnecting to the Heart of Emotions an exceptional read. This thought-provoking book is a combination of a memoir, a journey of self-discovery, and a self-help guide. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Pages: 170 | ISBN : 1957354267

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Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous

Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski’s latest book, Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous: 33 Keys to Creating Your New Life by Leaving Your Old Stories Behind, is a practical self-help guide that is destined to aid individuals dealing with personal issues, those hoping to better themselves, and people in need of a little motivation to keep going. The authors use their personal lives and the experiences of others as examples, sharing different human experiences and observations that made them great and that will make the reader more fabulous.

This step-by-step guide offers 33 keys that focus on specific aspects of human behavior, covering all possible areas that are critical in the self-improvement journey. But what is the fear of being fabulous? The authors define it as any way that you hold yourself back from being fully present in your excellence in any part of your life. This simple and clear-cut definition is excellent for introducing the reader to the topics being discussed.

Chapter one of the book is brilliantly written, with every discussion well-put and the main points given priority. As a reader, you automatically fall in love with the author’s writing style in the first chapter. Each key has a few mini topics and reflections that can help the reader ponder their life situation, applying a different style in their writing.

One of the most informative discussions is on the second key, which focuses on Jim. The discussion starts with the revelation of Jim’s mild stroke, which happened in 2016, and how it impacted him. Through this story, the authors enlighten the readers about being their inner critics. This discussion is a valuable lesson on how to overcome fear and celebrate one’s goings-on.

The keys are brief but gratifying, and the stories of both Jim and Judith are stimulating and a great feature in the writing. In addition, every introductory offers valuable lessons, including subjects like a failure, being nice versus being honest, regret, gratitude, handling disappointments, success, growth, and unconscious contamination.

Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous is a go-to book if you enjoy personal stories that come with life lessons. It is an engaging and professional self-help guide that will motivate readers to leave their old stories behind and create a new life. The author’s personal experiences and insights are an excellent resource for anyone seeking to improve themselves and their lives.

Pages: 230 | ASIN : B0BSFTSBGW

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Lived Experiences

Thusitha L. Perera Author Interview

To Help Just One follows three separate people who have mental health challenges and the road they navigate to get throughWhat was the inspiration for the original and fascinating idea at the center of the book?

There are two pivotal moments that provided the inspiration.

The first was about a year before I started writing the book. The experience of being able to tell my story as part of the panel discussion to start an open conversation on mental health in my corporate job . It was a special moment to own my story and I could see the impact telling it had on others. The number of follow up conversations I had with individuals about their stories showed me the healing powers stories can have. The prologue and epilogue use this experience as a vehicle for the doubts and positivity that comes wrapped with sharing your story.

The second was a few months before I penned the first word, when a friend shared experiencing depression for the first time in their adult life. They were still trying to understand the unfamiliar and uncomfortable place they had found themselves in and were far from discussing solutions. I had so much to tell them, yet no way to do it without adding pressure. A book became a safe way to give them comfort that they are not alone in what they are experiencing and hope that there is a path forward. They could choose which bits had value for them and which bits are simply someone else’s story.  

With the collection of lived experiences from myself and others, there was enough inspiration to thread themes and events across multiple characters. 

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

  1. Internal Acceptance – being comfortable with who you are, how you’re feeling and needing help
  2. Belonging – Finding in the right environment that is tuned to the right frequency and will help you thrive
  3. Simplicity – The little things whether it be acts, words, or moments that have a profound impact well beyond that point in time.  

If you dig deeper into the choice of words there are hidden easter eggs – musical and literary references – that have been chosen for the influence they have had on me and how they connect into the themes in this book.

What is one thing that people point out after reading your book that surprises you?

The way it resonates with a wider range of people than I expected. Jonathan, Tegan and Lawrence are based on specific sets of lived experiences and so I thought readers would possibly strongly identify with one character and enjoy the rest of the book as an interesting story. Yet I have found that more people find it easy to see a part of themselves in each of the characters and can relate in their own way across the entire book.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The working title is To Help One More: Stories to Serve | Stories of Connection | Stories to Release and will be part of the same universe as To Help Just One. Louise and Henry who had minor roles in the first book plus a new character Arthur will be featured. The characters discover the path to thriving from: the unhealthy company of alcohol; the consequences of bottling up emotions; the ease in which distance can be created between two people; and the personal cost that leadership can have. There will be a couple of the scenes that carry over, told from a different perspective and shed a little more light on the experiences of Jonathan, Lawrence, and Tegan. 

It will be available early 2024. 

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How does one find the path from barely surviving to thriving?

Make yourself a cup of tea and gently enter a world where Tegan, Jonathan, and Lawrence navigate the ups and downs of their mental health. The paths of childhood friends, work colleagues, and exercise buddies intertwine their stories.

Their stories will look to comfort. To help just one feel a little less alone in the world, hearing someone else’s story and sharing the thoughts and emotions. Injury strips Tegan of the life that she knows. Physical pain gnaws on her psychological wellbeing, introducing her to loneliness and isolation.

Their stories will look to provide hope. To help just one see that there is a possibility of finding a path forward, as the world feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable. The urges of gambling get the better of Jonathan, as he silently suffers paying a price much greater than the money lost.

Their stories will look to heal. To help just one be able to begin making sense of the world and become open to telling their story. The volatility and pace of professional life sucks away time and space from Lawrence. Overwhelmed and shattered, he is lost in a world where his qualities are a blessing and a curse.

Each find themselves barely surviving, though where they go from there will inspire an inner strength within us all.

Dream It to Do It

Howard Eisenberg’s Dream It to Do It features profound insights about humanity’s true nature and the natural spiritual resources that are our heritage but are frequently overlooked in our technology-dependent and materialistic world. The book delves into ancient wisdom traditions and recent scientific findings, offering compelling evidence of “the world behind the world” and the supremacy of consciousness. In addition, it contains a comprehensive, brilliant examination of various profound topics, such as how to envision and navigate alternative realities, how reality works, how thoughts become things, brain science and consciousness, the true basis of scientific discovery and invention, entrapment by the ego and the dark side, lucid dreaming, imaginal thinking, and much more.

Both new and long-time fans of psychological literature will find it easy to learn from the book because Howard’s words are pleasantly consistent and supported by much evidence. As they progress through the pages, readers will comprehend a new, more realistic side of core human beliefs and the notions that drive our thinking. Thanks to the book, I no longer regard myself as distinct from the things I experience and the elements that make the world—which has shown me how interconnected we all are and how to live accordingly.

This book contains fascinating statements and eye-opening, life-changing concepts from scientists, psychologists, philosophers, spiritual teachers, and psychics from various cultures and ages. It is also relatively straightforward and free of superfluous word fillers and meandering. As a result, reading the book is both a pleasurable and educational experience.

This compact, intelligently packed dosage of revolutionary information will spark a substantial shift in your perception of yourself and the world around you, ultimately improving your life significantly. Dream It to Do It is exactly what our current world requires to shock us back to reality and free us from our zombie-like reliance on technology and consumerism. Lovers of psychological works questioning their worldview will not be disappointed in this book.

Pages: 119 | ASIN : B09KFH3N76

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Triumph Over Trauma

In Triumph Over Trauma: Psychedelic Medicines Are Helping People Heal Their Trauma, Change Their Lives, and Grow Their Spirituality, the reader is educated about psychedelics, shown how to use them, and taught about facts that are not shared in schools and on the media. Randall S. Hansen uses 23 stories to demonstrate to readers the positive impact psychedelics have on humans and why more people need to be open-minded about them.

Psychedelics are recognized to be hallucinogenic drugs that sometimes alter one’s perception and cognitive processes. In this book, Randall S. Hansen, throws light on the basics of psychedelics, answering frequently asked questions, and stating unknown facts. One of the things I love about how Randall S. Hansen started his book is the Matt Zemon quote he shared. The quote reads, ‘I am convinced that psychedelics are not a panacea, but they can play a role in healing and connection, both for the people that choose to use them and for those that do not.’ This quote is inspiring, and it acknowledges the healing elements of psychedelics.

Triumph Over Trauma is an eye-opening read. The author starts from the basics, discussing the best psychedelic medicines for newbies, how to source them, positive effects, the different kinds of psychedelics, and even the dangers. Randall S. Hansen is candid in his writing and does not write about fantasies or unproven theories. This book is a great read and incredibly excellent for anyone dealing with trauma. Whether it is trauma from work, home, childhood, or any mental condition, Randall S. Hansen, in detail, writes about how psychedelics can help you.

This book is divided into four parts. Part one of the book is an introduction for those unfamiliar with psychedelics. The second part of the book is my favorite. In this part, the author writes about experiences with 23 people. These are real stories told, and one can feel the healing the people in the stories share. The positivity radiated through these stories is marvelous. I appreciate that their stories were not too long but short enough to inspire and radiate the positivity readers that are hurt and those that have been dealing with past traumas need. I mostly enjoyed the stories and transformation journeys of Ryan, Todd, Charles, Hunt, Alexandra, and Jessica. Part three is on microdosing while the last part has the author summarize, and mention other vital information not discussed in the book.

Randall S. Hansen’s book is the ideal for your healing, wellness and positive transformation. After reading this book, you get a new perspective of psychedelics and feel refreshed. I recommend this book to readers that are struggling with traumas, those seeking treatment, and readers that are curious about psychedelics.

Pages: 290 | ASIN : B0BNLWHSHL

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Mind Candy

Your mind is a powerful tool that will either get you moving or have you stagnate in one position for a long time. How do you ensure that you take the right path in life and make weighty decisions? Does your general perspective of life influence your lifestyle? How does your subconscious mind control you, and what can you do about things you are not in command of? In Mind Candy: The Code to Program your subconscious Mind to Achieve Any Goal, Felicia Pizzonia takes the reader on a commanding journey of the subconscious mind. The author writes about mental wellness, setting and achieving goals, having a different view of things, embracing what is beneficial, and dealing with obstacles along the way; It all starts with your mind before anything else.

Even before getting to the main content, the reader is welcomed with an excellent foreword from Dr. John Demartini. This forward was crucial as it prepares the reader for the author’s discussion. From the foreword, my main lesson was self-discovery and self-love. I like that Dr. Demartini briefly wrote about the author and shared gems about living a rewarding life. The first chapter of the book felt like a continuation of the foreword. I appreciate Felicia Pizzonia for starting with an easy-to-digest topic; success. In this chapter, the author extensively writes about how to achieve success and be a winner in all you do. The points the author gives are realistic and level-headed.

Each of the topics Felicia Pizzonia wrote about was critical. From discussions about the conscious mind, receiving information, analyzing situations, changing one’s mindset, learning from experiences, setting goals, creating habits, taking care of your mind, body, and soul, and personal growth, among others, Felicia Pizzonia has advice on everything one needs for their well being and personal growth. One thing you are assured after reading this inspirational book is that you will expand your brain capacity and accomplish your goals within a set time.

I enjoyed Felicia Pizzonia’s writing and the phrases she used to enable the reader to comprehend the discussion. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Your purpose isn’t meant to be another’s, just as their purpose isn’t meant to be yours.” The laidback tone in the book, arrangement of the chapters, separation of the various topics, and the warm and friendly language used by Felicia Pizzonia is encouraging. As a reader, you get pleasure from reading the book as you take hold of the knowledge being shared.

Mind Candy: The Code to Program Your subconscious Mind to Achieve Any Goal is the perfect book for you if you want to change how you view life, explore a bit of the liberal side and learn about your conscious mind. This is a wonderful book for young adults who are thinking about college and career paths and older adults who want to improve their own lives and take control of their futures.

Pages: 172 | ASIN : B07ND2NWG9

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The Decision to Kill

When a crime is committed, numerous questions are asked. But if that crime rips apart the very core of a family, the only question to ask is why? When everything about who you are and who you love is torn apart, what have you got left to stand for? And would you overcome all the pain and sorrow to see justice prevail? Would you fight for your family? Is blood thicker than water? And in the end, could you say that you still love after so long of feeling nothing but hate?

The Decision to Kill: A True Crime Story of a Teenage Killer and the Mother Who Loved Him is brought to us by Leslie Ghiglieri. It is a memoir and true crime book that documents the investigation and murder trial of Dwayne Weir, a 16-year-old boy accused of murdering his father. The author shares all the gruesome details surrounding the case but does so in as respectful a manner as she can. The story is told from the perspective of his mother, Cherie. She talks us through the whole story, their lives, the events leading up to the murder, and what happens after.

The author has included real courtroom accounts and expert testimony on not just the actual murder but the mental state of Dwayne. What I really enjoyed about it was the use of actual letters written by Dwayne. This really gave an insight into his mental state and showed how far he retreated into the dark corners of his mind. But this tale is as much about his mother if anything. Her quest for the truth and her battle to understand is almost too hard to bare. Her struggle to move forward and reconcile her feelings for her son after what he did is heartwrenching. This is a story no mother ever wants to be a part of.

The Decision to Kill is an emotionally charged biography and true crime story. This gripping story will engage readers as they follow the tragedy and follow along as the family searches for the answer to why. A must-read for any fans of true crime.

Pages: 340 | ASIN : B09ZNKF28B

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