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Joseph D'Antoni Author Interview

Joseph D’Antoni Author Interview

Captive Threat is a genre-crossing novel with elements of espionage, mystery, and crime as well. Did you start writing with this in mind, or did this happen organically as you were writing?

I began the novel with the basic plot and ending in mind but the plot got more complex and took unanticipated turns as the issues and characters developed. As a writer my view is you have to know where you’re going but keep an open mind as your characters and plot take on a life of their own.

The characters in this novel, I felt, were intriguing and well developed. What was your inspiration for Wade’s character?

The Wade Hanna character as with most of my characters was inspired by real people I have known or worked with over a 40 year career as a forensic expert and having grown up in New Orleans. Each character takes on traits of different people I have known in the past.

What I enjoyed most in this story was the portrayal of complicated human emotions. What themes did you try to capture while creating your characters?

Much of the emotion in my characters comes from their unique personalities and how they interact under different levels of threat. The two main characters throughout the series are Wade Hanna and his co-agent and lover, Megan Winslow. Their relationship as agents often tests their personal relationship as lovers. In each novel I try to bring out the best or worst of their professional relationship and how that affects their personal relationship. Always ups and downs but in the end they are there for each other although not in the ways obvious to the reader. In many instances, Megan, for example takes the lead and can be stronger than Wade. She brings to bare a unique, tough feminine prospective to a clever, instinctive approach under the devious watchful eye of, Leo, the Black Ops commander.

This is the fifth installment in the Wade Hannah series and it leaves me wondering, where will Wade end up now?

Wade and Megan continue as a team in the sixth novel. Currently, I have two more novels planned for the couple as they continue their heart throbbing assignments while maintaining their personal relationship. The novels will venture on different types of assignments in different countries as they engage political espionage and mystery as they face an uncertain enemy and each other. Each novel will test character flaws of team members. Novel 6 has the added burden of Megan’s physical recovery from wounds suffered of her near-death experience in Captive Threat. Beyond the next two novels is unplanned and anybody’s guess. It may be another episode with these characters or an entirely new set of characters and plot. Stay tuned.

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Captive Threat (The Wade Hanna Series Book 5)Award-winning author Joseph D’Antoni continues his Wade Hanna pulse-pounding, black-ops mystery series. 

As the Vietnam War concludes an MIT professor, contracted to the NSA, leaks U.S. military secrets to the world. He is now America’s #1 traitor. Abducted by Soviet agents, he and his family are traded to North Vietnam. 

Wade Hanna’s partner and lover, Megan Winslow, is forced into a witness protection program run by Army Intelligence. Haunted by PTSD flashbacks of her last mission Megan discovers she is being used as “bait” for another covert operation. 

Escaping the witness protection program Megan finds sanctuary with Wade in the deep swamps of Louisiana. Wade is selected to head the mission to capture or terminate the #1 American traitor. To avoid being left behind in the swamp Megan must convince Wade she is fit for the new mission. 

Wade’s covert intelligence team infiltrates the guarded jungle monastery where the professor is being held only to find their team is vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the opposition. Planned extraction of the target becomes impossible as Wade’s team faces imminent termination of the entire squad. 

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Forever and a Night

Forever and a Night3 StarsNathan is a vampire with a bunch of conflicts on his plate. First, the female feral vampire that turned him into a vampire, Isabella, is after him. He is getting older, and his friends are worried because he is exhibiting some of the characteristics that vampires show before turning feral. One of those characteristics involves Mia, a human woman that works as a sous chef at a downtown New Orleans restaurant. Nathan needs to sort out what he is feeling for Mia while being cautious of another return from Isabella. He offers Mia a job to be his personal chef, but she isn’t sure about his reasons for doing so. Mia is trying to resist Nathan’s flirtatious advances because she suspects that he isn’t much of a Christian man. However, she learns a lot more about him once she begins working in his home.

This novel has an interesting mix of Christian romance and fantasy. While many are probably sick of the vampire character thanks to mainstream media, this is a refreshing take. Mia and her values are an inspiration, and watching her navigate the conflicts with poise shows the strength of her beliefs.

The secondary characters, though, are a bit lacking. As an example, Julia and Dimitri are a married vampire couple that live with Nathan, but they don’t add enough depth to the text for me to be interested. They don’t play a large role in the plot, besides the fact that their son is a lookout in Nathan’s employ. Yes, they do have other minor roles, but they are mostly utilized to help give a voice to what Nathan and Mia are thinking. Even a competing love interest with a character named Christian has only a minor effect. That leaves a lot of the plot’s weight on Nathan’s and Mia’s shoulders, and they are not consistently able to bear that burden.

Isabella, the feral vampire, seems to be a manifestation of a worldly person. Someone who has turned from God and given in to their worldly desires fully. Her first meeting with Nathan involved a marriage proposal because she “only wants the lifestyle and prestige” she would get from marrying him. Her actions worsen throughout the novel when she learns of Nathan’s feelings for Mia, and her desire to get what she wants brings danger to anyone that tries to get in her way. The choices forced upon Nathan through this conflict show the same consequences that many Christians face in their lives.

Overall, the story is good. It is interesting to watch Nathan battle with his own mind, trying to do things the right way, fighting his innermost desires and looking for answers. Mia struggles with the temptation of lust, but keeps her children in the front of her mind to keep herself strong. While the story is put in the frame of vampires, the Christian principles shine through and provide a wonderful message to any of those that would care to hear it. Grammatically, the text has a few minor problems, but they do not cause so much of a distraction to take away from the messages.

Pages: 398 | ISBN: 1682070530

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